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Saturday, September 21, 2013

[WoT] JWoT 2

This is going to be even less about tanks and WoT then the previous entry.

Today was the first public day with lots of visitors and cosplay festival. To the pictures!

Japanese are queuing for WoT PC and Xbox 360

WG booth staff

One of Girls und Panzer gals is playing WoT


Now to the cosplay!

Funny creature!

Sad creature..

It was the device that got my attention. 360deg tablet holder

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Well, the breaking news (as promised) from Tokyo Game Show 2013 is obviously the announcement of Japanese tech tree. A good English source would be here.

Tech tree itself.

And some other images to go with the above.

TGS has begun.

The main entrance

WoT banner

Type 95 and its crew

WG Japanese office

Dream team

WoT target audience in Japan (PC)

Target audience as well, even though somewhat older (Xbox)

WoT has met Girls und Panzer. What would be the outcome?

Honestly, this was the best Gree had at its booth


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

[WoT] Update 8.8

What's your opinion on the newly-released 0.8.8 for World of Tanks? Online numbers, CCUs and such stuff across all regions, were a good indicator that the update was well received, however the devil is in details. What you liked and what you didn't?

  • New mission interface in garage
  • New statistics tabs
  • National voiceovers
  • Tundra map
  • Redesigned Komarin, Swamp, and Serene Coast
  • New Soviet medium tanks
  • New German tanks and rebalanced VK30.01 and VK36.01
  • New Chinese tanks (anyone?)

Anything else?

PS: I'm in Japan now, expect some interesting pictures and breaking news.
PPS: Rolling out 0.5.3 for World of Warplanes for RU/CIS region. EU and NA to come.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Churchill in Action

When you mention the name Churchill and World War Two people will always think of the British prime minister. Or if not that, then the tank. However there is a third Churchill from the Second World War. He was sometimes mistaken for being a relative of the prime minister. In 1944, he was sent to a concentration camp by the Germans for being a political prisoner. He promptly escaped. His full name was John Malcolm Thorpe Fleming Churchill, also known as "Jack Churchill", or "Mad Jack".

Jack Churchill was commissioned in to the Army in 1926 and served with the Manchester Regiment during the Burma Rebellion of 1930-1932. In 1932 the Regiment returned to Britain. However, as is often the case with men of Churchill's character, he became bored. One parade he made the sin of showing up carrying an umbrella. When his commanding officer asked him why he was carrying that item, he simply replied "Because it is raining". As You can imagine his army career took a down turn during this period. Eventually in 1936 he resigned from the army.

To keep himself occupied he took up archery, fast becoming an expert, and eventually representing the UK at the World Archery Championships in 1939. However as the Second World War started Churchill immediately re-enlisted with his old unit.
Churchill at the Championships in 1939
The Manchester's were sent to France as part of the BEF. Churchill, a dyed in the wool eccentric normally carried his Longbow and a Scottish broadsword with him in place of the normal equipment. When his commanding officer asked him why he carried the sword he got the reply "In my opinion, sir, any officer who goes into action without his sword is improperly dressed."

In 1940 during the German Blitzkrieg Churchill secured his place in the history books, and started a war long career of daring deeds. At the village of L'Epinette Churchill's company was assigned as rear guard. The job of rear guard is always a difficult one. You have to hold off a much larger force while all your mates run for safety. But if you hold on too long the larger force will squash you.
Churchill's company set up an ambush and waited. Soon the Germans approached and were sheltering behind a stone wall. Churchill opened the ambush with a prearranged signal. He shot the German NCO with his long bow. As the German fell Churchill's men opened fire from two directions catching the Germans utterly off guard and driving them back.
When the Germans attacked again The British fought them off, with Churchill personally manning two of the companies machine guns. However as night fell the company was surrounded. Churchill's inspiring Leadership allowed him to lead the company in a break out attempt, and they managed to get through the German lines and rejoin the Regiment as it retreated to Dunkirk. For his actions at L'Epinette Churchill was awarded the Military Cross.
In the fierce fighting at Dunkirk Churchill was hit by German machine gun, luckily it was only a single bullet in his shoulder.

Back in England, another long spell of boredom appeared to loom on the horizon. When Churchill saw a call for volunteers go out. It gave no details, just said the duties would be extremely hazardous. Churchill lept at he chance, and found himself joining the Commando's. Churchill had many exploits with the Commando's. Far too many for this article, so I might come back to some of his other adventures in a later article. I do however want to skip ahead to his actions at the Salerno Landings, which won him a DSO.
Churchill on the Far Right of the picture.
The Germans held the village of Pigoletti. No2 Commando was tasked with capturing the position. Mad Jack led the attack. In the darkness Churchill and one other man, a Corporal Ruffell, became detached from the main body, but they carried on advancing.Two German Sentries enjoying a smoke were horrified and surprised when a sword swinging lunatic came tearing out the darkness yelling "Hands up!"
In shock both Germans immediately surrendered. Seeing some Germans in a nearby courtyard Churchill left Cpl Ruffell to cover him and the prisoner's and charged the Germans alone. Again shock and Churchill's overwhelming presence caused a whole German mortar crew to surrender.
Churchill then took one of the German sentries and led him around the village. Every time a German position or another sentry would challenge them Churchill's captive would give the password. The password allowed Churchill to approach the new German and pounce on them causing their surrender with his sword. At the end of it all Churchill, almost alone had captured 42 Germans plus a full Mortar position.
Before you judge that German Soldier too harshly remember its very hard to resist when an unpleasant person with mean intent is prodding you in the kidney's with a 3ft sword!
Returning to friendly lines with all those prisoner's his Commanding officer asked him how he'd done it. Churchill gave a reply that reflects his world view:
"I maintain that, as long as you tell a German loudly and clearly what to do, if you are senior to him he will cry 'Jawohl' and get on with it enthusiastically and efficiently whatever the situation."

Churchill's exploits continued until Germany's defeat. But what about the Japanese! Time for some Katana Vs Scottish broadsword fighting? Churchill got himself posted back to Burma. However as he got off the train in Rangoon the news of Japan's surrender arrived. Churchill joked to a friend "You know, if it hadn’t been for those damned Yanks we could have kept the war going for another ten years."

After the war Churchill continued his adventures. Such as becoming Jump Qualified on his 40th birthday and leading a Parachute regiment. Or learning to surf and building his own boards, eventually becoming the first person to Surf the Severn River and its tidal bore.