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Thursday, May 31, 2012

[WoWP] Closed Beta Begins

World of Warplanes hit closed beta in NA, EU and Russia!

We have unleashed into the skies 59 warplanes of three different types. Steel birds from the release tech trees of all three nations – USSR, Germany, and USA – are now battling for Supremacy on unique 4 maps, spraying bullets, dropping bombs, and firing rockets into a variety of ground targets.

We have implemented several game control modes to suite both experienced and novice pilots. Also there is an initial tutorial scenario to help newcomers get to grips with their warplanes, teaching them the nuts and bolts of basic aviation.

The development is far from reaching its final stages. The most exciting times are ahead. We will be improving gameplay, introducing more warplanes, polishing the existing features, and adding new ones. And we hope to work with you, shoulder to shoulder, to create a truly great game.

Some important notes: 
  • All alpha testers automatically get access to the closed beta.
  • All applications made during the alpha are valid for the closed beta. Moreover they are elgigible for priority processing.
  • During closed beta we will be gradually inviting more and more players. Don't give up if the invite hasn't arrived right upon the start. It takes time. :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

[WoWP] Questions and Answers. Session 2.

Questions and answers session for World of Warplanes. The user questions (italics)  were gathered on EU and NA official forums. The answers (bold) are brief and concise to save your time. If something needs clarification, ask in comments.

To your Qs: 

when is wop going to be ready for all of the public to play?

Open beta is planned for later this year. Closed beta starts on May 31, we will be inviting more players since then.
Do the Dev team ever plan on implementing Tessellation into their graphics models which would lmprove detail of models and effects 10x over what is currently in world of tanks and planes?

Tesselation is something WoT (with lots of small objects) can benefit from, as for WoWP, currently we are neither using nor planning to use this. 
hello i got some questions u might be able to answer (sorry for bad english )

1. do u guys have plans for adding heavy/med bombers (like b25, 17,29, pe 8 etc')?

maybe u can arrange a bomber tree which every bomber can be controlled by more then one person , one pilot and one control the turrets?

2. is there a way to change controls? ( if i use to ASDW keys and arrows keys to manuver i got no spare hand for firing with the mouse)

*somewhy i cant login right now and check if i realy cant change

3. will clouds be added? they can be usefull to hide, like trees in WOT

4. last one, there are any plans to make modules get damaged during battles from enemy fire? (flaps, guns, ammo, etc')

1. Probably some of them can be added as NPCs.

2. Yes, controls can be changed in menu.

3. Yes, clouds are currently one of the high prioroties. They are supposed to make the gameplay much deeper, brining more tactics.

4. Some things can be damaged (visually and gameplay-wise) even at this stage. 

how many players one battle can take in this game?

Battles are up to 15vs15. Just like in WoT.  

Will there be a tool included to create custom skins for aircraft? If not, will the files of the skins be editable in photoshop?(like DDS files)

It will be possible to edit skins however since they are supported server-side, all you changes will be visible to you only. 

Ok aside from joystick support will the flight dynamics for say, Mouse and keyboard, be arcadeish and like that of this game called Heroes In the Sky (HIS)?

The game is fairly arcadish and supports keyboard and mouse (apart from gamepad and joystick).  

what is the best way to play wowp? ie. joystick, keyboard, gamepad? and what brand or type is best suggested?

Depends on your preferences of course, most of the players use various KB+mouse combinations.  

Q1: Do you plan on adding commander planes / scout planes/ mother planes into the tech tree ? like the planes that command other planes, send coordinates, jamming radars, spot, etc. like the Bristol Blenheim or the Dornier Do 215? These planes were used as motherships, reconnoise airplanes, light bombers.

Q2: About Flak cannons and AA guns, I have seen in the overlord blogs that they are in the map and that can be destroyed, but do they fire upon enemy aircraft or they are just decoration ?

Q3:Can we turn our engines voluntary or just when they get shot?

1. Definitely not in the tech tree directly. Such planes can be added as NPCs for PVE modes or tutorial. Regular tech trees will be more conventional, with some exceptions of course. Just check out that F5U :)

2. They fire upon enemy aircraft. There are two types of AA guns at the moment, light and heavy ones.

3. You can voluntary turn off the engine to increase your maneuverability.

Will there be a cockpit view? Dogfighting games aren't dogfighting games without a cockpit view.

We are not planning to add a cockpit view to the game.  

Will there ever be any Canadian planes? premiums perhaps?(like in WoT) a Canadian Spitfire would be nice, we had alot of those, and some of the wars' greatest aces were Canadian : / 

Quite possibly. As premiums. :)  

Can we Upgrade T10 planes in WoWP? I would love to change those 4 20mm into Mk108 or even MK 214 

That's not 100% decided yet. Possibly they will be upgradeable.  

i have one question about RAM Memory.
How much RAM consumes WOWP ?
I have Win 7 - 32 bit (i want change to 64) and 4 GB RAM
What detail i can run with Graphic card GeForce HD 520 ?

4GB should be enough for medium settings at least, the graphic card is somewhat weak, borderline allowable to launch.  

Will there be british planes? like the spitfire and hurricane

Yes, British planes are in in plans. Spitfires and Hurricanes FTW!  

Calculations for 3D movement are way more complicated. I would be surprised if final requirement were not significantly higher than WoT

System requirements will be similar to the ones we have got in WoT, nothing extraordinary.  

I assume there are AP and HE shells for most of the Guns.
Is any Type of Gold Ammo Planed? And what will be then?Better AP/HE shells or even Incendiary Rounds? And can we set a Explosion timer for Rockets? Will there be any kind of ballistic drop or does the game handle that automaticly like in WoT?

Currently we have got only one type of ammo - regular AP rounds. Other types of ammo are also planned for future. In addition to that we are thinking of such feature as customization of cartridge belt, ie it will be possible to create your own ammo setups like 1 AP, 2 incendiary, 3 HE, etc
The game accounts for ballistics automatically.

Hi, do you develop native application for MAC OS? 

WoWP is being developed solely for PC at this stage.  

I was digging through a topic, but couldn't find my question - will alpha tersters get any profits in future stages of development of WoWP just for participating in the alpha stage? If yes, are there any conditions of receving such profit (i.e. certain number of battles played or something like that)? 

We appreciate the contribution of our alpha testers and won't forget their input.  

I have applied me for the Alpha.So my Question is ,do I have to apply again for the closed beta? 

No, you don't have to do that.  

I have a question too. If players participated in closed beta, will their stats be resetted when "normal" verision come, like in WoT? Or they will keep stats and planes which they had in beta?

In release version everyone will start with a clean sheet.  

I applied to Alpha on February, do i get a Notification on my Forum Profile when i get an Invite? and What happens if i accidently delete my invite, is there still a notification on my Forum Profile? 

You will get an email notification once you are accepted. Even if you delete the message, you will still be able to play. All you need is to DL the game.

If your question is not on the list, you can ask in comments to this post or in the respective Q&A thread - EU or NA

Questions and Answers. Session 1.