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Friday, October 28, 2011

Thoughts on the Upcoming 7.0

The major 7.0 update that has been in development for quite a while has almost made it to the finish straight, awaiting public tests (though it may take up to 3 weeks). Initial preview of 7.0 update can be found in the In Development section of the official websites.

I won't repeat the info given there, only share my thoughts on the key features and less noticeable stuff.

Massive Hitbox Overhaul

Nearly 30 vehicles (Tiger, VK 3002 DB, IS-3, IS-7) will get their hitboxes changed to ensure more accurate damaging mechanics. Tiger tank will finally get more detailed armor layout featuring 16 groups and benefit from skirt armor.

Map Debugging

Seems that we haven't done away with them so far, but this is definitely step in the right direction. It is going to be much more difficult to get stuck now. 

Multi-cluster technology

It might not bring noticeable changes especially for EU and US players at the time of its introduction. But it is going to be extremely useful in two ways:
  • it will help us cope with overload of RU server (in peak times it has more than 235k players) allocating the load between several independent servers within RU region
  • the feature has really great potential and it would be impossible to merge clan wars or enable account transfers without it

Customize it!

The camos announced as a a part of vehicle customization functionality long time ago finally arrives in 7.0 (there will be lots of screenies in the days to come). As for horns, we are still thinking of them. :)

Tiered Companies

Instead of one single company battle mode (10/90), we are getting 4 - 4/45, 6/50, 8/90, and 10/150 (where 10 - max vehicle tier, 150 - max team tier points).

There will be separate restrictions on light tanks and SPGs. E.g. for 4/45 submode it is planned to restrict both SPGs and LTs to tier 3. 

Report it!

Being harassed in-game or noticed some unfair play? RMB click on required player in team list, choose complaint type, and submit it! Customer support will see to it ASAP.

Mini-map v.2.0

Highly anticipated improvements, no doubt. It will be possible to scale the mini-map, toggle it on/off in battle, adjust its transparency, and we also added markers for Help!, Follow me! and Attacking! commands.

Tracers, anyone? 

They are back, however not exactly the way they used to work.
  • for LTs, MTs, HTs, TDs: tracers will be shown within 25 deg / 445 sector in the direction of the gun
  • for SPGs: tracers will be shown for tanks that are within view range in howitzer mode
For sure we would like to reintroduce 100% tracer effects, however safety and fair play are even of major importance. So as to combat cheating, we have to bring them back this way.

Don't rage quit!

If you leave the battle before it ends (and your vehicle is safe and sound), it will be locked until the end of the battle, giving your enemies chance for easy kill (exp/credits). If somehow it makes to the end of the battle, the tank will be blown up automatically. Full repair costs, yes. :) 

Balance Above All

They will be many balance adjustments in the upcoming update, the detailed patch notes will arrive upon the public release. Now I'm going to stop on a few curious things.
  • T-44 is getting LB-1 gun (for 2nd turret) with the same specs as of T-54 barring RoF (slight decrease). This is aimed at bringing the tank on a par with the other tier 8 MTs (God help my poor M26 :( ).
  • Conical gun will be nerfed on VK3601H, Tiger is getting this gun as it is now.
  • Changed shells for 8.8 L/71 gun. Yes, damage increase is planned. However the current DPM will be retained.
  • IS-3 is getting a new turret for stock setup, the existing stock turret goes to top setup. T-10 turret is reserved for future. :)


New special effects including shots, hits, explosions are coming to provide better visualization. In addition to it we are introducing in-game colour-blind mod and option to disable smoke effects to ensure smoother performance.

More details will come in the weeks ahead.

We've hit them hard!

There will be changes to penetration mechanics. First of, we are reducing the normalization parameter of AP and APCR shells, therefore the effectiveness of sloped armor will see an increase.
Also the new mechanics for HE will be in place (defining the spot with the thinnest armor to burn through), ensuring more realistic and credible penetration and damaging.

October 22 - October 28 Poll Results

6333 players expressed their opinion in the recent poll voting for the tanks they looking forward to.

The majority of voters (42% or 2661 of them) are especially waiting for the revision of Soviet and American heavy tanks  (i.e the introduction of M103, T110, KV-4, T-150, ST-1, T-10). The 2nd place was almost equally divided between secondary TD lines for all factions (20% or 1270 votes) and British tanks (19% or 1228 votes). Only then comes initial package of French tanks planned for this year getting 14% or  886 votes. 5% of players look forward to other vehicles, perhaps they are interested in some sort of exotics like Japanese tanks or waiting for premium SPGs and TDs.

In general the poll results coincide with tank release priorities, apart from the fact the French are coming first, as it was promised.  Unconventional designs, oscillating turrets, automated loading, high tier light tanks - French really have something to offer to most fastidious tank aesthetes.

As always a new poll is up.

PS: Take a look at the current poll on the Russian website, the question is "Do you like Malinovka map?", the top answer is Yes, the bottom one is No. Tastes differ. :)