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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

[WoWP] Meet the Dev Team

WoWP developer Persha Studia, located in Kiev (Ukraine), currently comprises around 150 people involved in the project. Of course, the Minsk HQ side (WoT dev) provide any necessary support and assistance, the development is Kiev-based. Let's take a look at wheres and whos.

The new office does look more like a bank or some kind of financial institution. :)

However, it's not the building but people that matter.

Lead game designer Ivan Kulbich holds a game design meeting with his team.

Oleg Gotynyan is WoWP development director with extensive experience in both software development and game industry. This guy has got tremendous organizational skills.

Some photos of the team:

Going through references:

Coding hard :)

What game is he developing? o_O

THE mighty QA. Bugs won't come through. :)

Also check out latest Q&As on both: EU and US sides.

PS. Latest poll results (votes / %):
Tier 10 meds and tank destroyers in WoT?

Yeah! Bring them in!  - 1915 (75%)
There is no place for them in game  - 449 (17%) 
I don't know / don't care - 202 (8%)   

The new poll is up.