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Friday, November 4, 2011

October 31 - November 4 Poll Results

6561 players expressed their opinion in the recent poll voting for their favourite contests and events.

Everyone knew the winner from the very beginning (yup, it was obvious indeed : )), however the results appeared to be completely one-sided with 94% (or 6189) of voters supporting bonus specials (x5 exp, and such). Greedy-greedy tankers!! :)

Tourneys/champs and in-game contests (MVP, Kill the Courier) got 2% of votes each, while only 63 players gave their voice to creativity contests (video, photo, literary etc) which is extremely low.

On a serious note, you must have noticed that bonus specials has become rather frequent lately.

As always a new poll is up (might reveal the performance stats to support or confront the results when the poll ends :) ).

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Community Portal for EU

The new community portal, redesigned similar to the current Ultimate Conquest website, has been released for US server a few weeks ago and is being released for RU server at present, and now it is planned for launch on EU for the upcoming week.

You can check out the new appearance here.

Please note that the community portal release will lead to several changes in Clan Wars mechanics
  • If a province has no direct connection to the clan headquarters (or through other provinces), then the clan will no longer earn income from the specified province. If a clan does not have a headquarters, they will not earn income from owned provinces.
  • If a clan currently owns one or more provinces on the Global Map, it cannot apply for landing.
  • If there are multiple attacks scheduled for a single province, attackers must first fight against each other. The winning clan will then face the owner of the province in the final match.
These changes will be implemented in advance of 7.0 update due to many of them being web-based changes, rather than changes taking place on the game server itself.