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Thursday, May 3, 2012

[WoT] In Development: Vol. 5

With the "soviet" 7.3 update fast approaching live EU and US servers (RU release has just taken place while you still have some time to grin IS-4 :)),

the development team is now switching its focus to the next step, namely 7.4 update. The upcoming update is supposed to be more than just a content patch.

While the exact content and features for the next update, which is 7.4, is still to be finalized and extended.
  1. Extension of French tech tree
    • SPGs:
      • Renault BS
      • Lorraine 39 L AM
      • AMX 105 AM
      • AMX-13 F3 AM
      • Lorraine 155 (50)
      • Lorraine 155 (51)
      • Bat. Chatillon 155 (features cassette reloading or autoloader)
    • TDs:
      • Renault FT AC
      • Renault UE 57
      • Somua Sau 40
      • S 35 CA
      • ARL V 39
      • AMX AC de 100
      • AMX AC de 120
      • AMX 50 Foch
    • MT:
      • Renault G1R
  2. New premium vehicles previously available only to supertesters:
    • Soviet premium heavy tank of tier 8 Object 252/IS-6
    • German TD of tier 8 JagdTiger mit 8.8cm KwK 43 L/71
  3. Two new maps:
    • Wide Park. This map is based on Munich landscape and contains a large city part.
    • Airport/Airfield. The map features airport located in the desert.
In addition to that we can expect a bunch of new premiums available for supertesters only until 7.5. 

Also at this stage a lot of work is being done on the following stuff:
      • multiple UI improvements, especially the design of tank trees
      • new camo patterns
      • new game modes - Assault and Counter battles, both entered the final production stage
      • new sound effects
      • improvements to the current team damage reimbursement mechanics
The updates of the 7.4 current status will be provided closer to its release date.