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Friday, March 25, 2011

Release Prices for Gold

1. Only designated gold packages will be available (5 per server), ie it won't be possible to purchase custom sum of gold.

2. Gold packages will provide progressive discounts. The larger the package, the cheaper the gold in it.

3. The Gold available per 1EUR - 215-300 (depending on the package for EU server),  per 1GBP - 252-353 (depending on the package for EU server), per 1 USD - 179-250 (depending on the package for US server).

Gift Tank for World of Tanks CBT-participants

M4A2E4 is going to be a gift tank for the participants of WOT closed beta.

M4A2E4 is a tier 5 US medium tank [premium].
The two M4A2s built by General Motors Corporation in 1943, both featured a wide track torsion bar suspension. The first tank was completed on 22 July and the second on 15 August. 
Preliminary specs:
Hull: 64/38/38
Turret: 76/51/51
Gun: 75mm M3L/37

Historical image

In-game model

Note! Gift tank will come along with extra garage slot.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

World of Tanks Pre-orders to Start March 24

World of Tanks pre-orders will be available March 24. The details are to be revealed tomorrow.

Follow the updates on EU and US community websites.

The image above features 3 packages available for pre-order.