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Sunday, August 4, 2019

Fun, Games and Speculation

As some of you will have seen over on my Facebook page, I've been moving house and it's not been going well. But I have gotten somewhere and I promised you content. It really did look like I was going to miss a day here, but no, I'm able to keep my number of missed posts to just two since June 2013. I guess I'm like a Lada car (showing my age now), may not be pretty, but always works!

Today, because of the above I'm going to take the easy route and grab a file from my collection and post it. It is a letter from Sir Giffard Le Quesne Martel, a British tank designer and engineer who really doesn't get enough credit these days. He is making predictions, in 1941, on what the future of tank design will hold.

Cover letter
Page 1

Page 2
Ending cover letter

Next week I am aiming to get a normal article up, however it might be another emergency post of archive material. Then we should be back to normal, assuming the electrics on the house don't explode or some other catastrophe.