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Thursday, June 21, 2012

[WoWP] Carrier-based Aircraft

US carrier-based birds from World of Warplanes are featured in the video.

Watch here.

[WoT] Feedback on 7.4

Share your impressions and ideas on 7.4 update for World of Tanks which has recently gone live for EU and NA. Full patch notes can be found here. Especially interested in feedback on the new game modes.

 Let's comment! And t(h)anks!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

[ALL] WG at E3

Didn't manage to visit E3 this year, however got some pics from the team.

The current show was the 17th.

WG booth was among the biggest ones, comrising a small cinema, 2 gaming zones (World of Tanks and World of Warplanes), VIP zone, and a few press / meeting rooms.

Visitors had a chance to either experience the power of tank battles or the drive of aerial combat. Or both. :)

And even win some prizes from the dev team. )

This bird (P-51 mustang) is only 25% smaller than the real one.

E3 girls.

[WoT] Digging Through Archives: Tiger Tank Tactics Through the Eyes of Red Army HQ

Combat use of Tiger tank (by Germans) as an offensive unit

Battles in Belgorod area have shown that Tiger tank is quite vulnerable to artillery, but for antitank infantry and tank destroyers as well, especially in close combat. The most effective against it are 76mm (and less calibers) artillery rounds fired at Tiger's side armour at a range of 500m or less, especially from an ambush.

Note: 85mm AA gun is able to penetrate side armour from 1450m, front hull - from 1000mm.

In offensive operations Tiger tanks are used by Germans as infantry support and intended as breakthrough armoured vehicles.
Tiger tanks fight in small groups of 5-10 being in close cooperation with field engineers, infantry, and artillery, especially with heavy tank destroyer Ferdinand, groups of submachine gunners, antitank grenadiers; sometimes - as a part of larger tank units, fighting in the front lines.

Note: Tiger tanks organisationally are a part of heavy tank battalions.

When breaching the defensive lines after a series of thorough artillery and aviation strikes, Tiger tanks together with infantry, field engineers, and artillery move in extended line to the battle being supported by aerial forces. Almost in all Tiger groups there are assault self-propelled guns with the ratio to Tiger tanks of 1:3.

Drive a wedge into the defensive line Tiger tanks suppress long-distance targets (dots, mortar nests, etc) that prevent infantry from moving further.

Tiger groups are closely followed by support groups. When the vehicle unit suffers losses from enemy tank destroyers, support groups move forward and engage antitank troops.  At the same time long-distance targets are destroyed by assault guns and mortars. 

When the path is clear vehicles move forward in the designated direction. 

Having crushed the resistance of the main defensive line Tigers continue to exploit a success in the direction of main strike. Medium and light tanks follow the heavies moving into the created breakthrough path as a second line force, carrying tank-borne infantry. Tigers are also usually used on flanks of such pre-combat groups.

For the purpose of effective battle reconnaissance of defensive forces, first-line Tigers take advantage of terrain, showing only their turrets, thus taunting artillery and tanks (especially inexperienced ones). Having spotted fire nests or enemy tanks Tigers engage them from a distance of 1500-2000m.

Note: Tigers can act together with spotting aircraft thus enabling information interchange on the spotted targets (tanks and artillery).


So as to ensure effective defence against Tiger tanks, it's necessary:

a) to engage them only within effective fire range, avoid premature fire so as not to reveal own position before enemy vehicles come closer;

b) accounting for experience of Tiger tanks combat use it is advised to have mobile antitank groups (ambushes, fire pockets, etc) in direction of the expected main strike. Those groups should be camouflaged and by no means should not reveal their positions precociously.

c) with the aim of ensuring support to antitank troops provide for their cooperation with tank destroyers and mortar groups beforehand;

d) when attacking Tiger tanks and self-propelled guns the firepower of tank and artillery guns should be focused on Tigers, since medium and light tanks won't assault the defensive line without their support.

signed (HQ intelligence section deputy chief)
28 July 1943

Monday, June 18, 2012

[WoBS] Game Room and Museum Aboard USS Iowa

The video game world has become part of history aboard the USS Iowa. The 1943 battleship, which is opening as a museum in the Port of Los Angeles, will be home to Wargaming.net’s World of Tanks, World of Warplanes and World of Battleships games.

For those who aren’t familiar with the USS Iowa, The ship partook in every major battle in the Pacific during World War II except one, because it was damaged in a typhoon and had to go back and have some repairs done. Bob Rogers, director of media relations and spokesman for the Pacific Battleship Center discusses the illustrious 70 year history of the battleship aboard the vessel in the exclusive video below.

WG.net is looking to do two key projects; one is a gaming center below deck, where people who come on to the museum and have an opportunity at the end of the tour to get to play some of the Wargaming products. The other one is a bridge experience, where we want to work with the museum to create a mock simulation of what it would be like if this ship was in battle and being attacked be warplanes.

In the ship’s below-deck digital theater, WG will offer a window into the past.  A virtual video experience from the bridge will recreate the ship’s role in supporting the American landings at Okinawa, Japan, in 1945. Visitors will see the ship’s impressive turrets as its 16-inch guns rotate and fire at their targets.

In addition, Wargaming is developing a game room on board that will put visitors in Grumman F6F Hellcat warplanes to defend the USS IOWA from attack by Japanese Zeros. There will be 15 stations to defend from.

Full text and videos here.

PS. Latest poll results (votes / %):
Biggest impression of World of Tanks 7.4 public test ?

new game modes  - 1024 (50%)
front transmission of E50/75 - 454 (22%)   
new French tanks  - 340 (16%)  
new premium tanks - 80 (3%)  

smth else - 127 (6%)
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