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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

[WoT] Moar Tanks!

Regarding the most recent poll: What new tanks do you expect most?

  • Expansion for current trees  - 815 (40%) - I believe to high extent this is because of yet incomplete British tree. Anyway it coincides with the current content plans. 
  • Mixed EU tree (all in one) -  492 (24%) - Combined with 4th option, EU tree in any form is a runner-up. It's not in plans for 2013.
  • Japanese tree - 338 (16%) - getting some solid 16%, Japanese tree is going to be the next to arrive. 
  • Separate EU tree (any country) -  252 (12%)
  • Smth else (specify in comments!) -  120 (5%)
 As always the new poll is up. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

[WoT] New Mod Policy

We are currently updating our mod (user-created extensions) policy for World of Tanks.

How it looks like so far:
  • Disable everything that gives any kind of advantage in direct form: laser-like pointer, transparent tree crowns, hit-box like skins in-game, etc
  • Also there is an intention to disable mods that are using modified client scripts (automated fire extinguisher, automated repair kit, auto-shooting etc)
  • Mods that are not related to scripts and only modifies visual side of UI will still be tolerable (WR efficiency mods, XVM, etc)
  • Some mods can be integrated into the game client (which ones - under discussion).

What do you think?

PS: also there is an idea to appoint a person who will be dedicated to mod-related  activities, including relations with mod creators and possible subsequent integration of most successful works into the game or other kind of promotion.