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Thursday, February 21, 2013

[WoWP] Big Hit

I know it's a bit late, but still. WoWP 4.0 or 0.4.0 or whatever has been released for NA, EU, and RU cbt servers. It is a major update the team has been working on for a couple of months. The quintessence of the update are, for sure, new controls (new WoT-like mouse with assault mode), improved render, and updated HUD (effective performance modes and more).

So if you have been away for some time, I advise you to download the update (provided that you have got the beta access ofc) and check out the new stuff.

In case you have already had an opportunity to get acquainted with the update, feel free to come up with some feedback on forums or here (minding the NDA :)).

Monday, February 18, 2013

[WoT] 8.4 Test - Impressions Post

Your impressions of 8.4 public test, if any? Issues, bugs, feedback, etc.

How do you like the tutorial-thing?

And the poll: So polls ...
  1. Totally love them - 1193 (70%)
  2. Don't care - 388 (22%)
  3. Hate! They are useless - 123 (7%) btw, initially was going to add "I don't participate in polls" option but dumped the idea. Regret it.
As always the new poll is up.