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Friday, November 2, 2012

[WoT] On PzKpfw Т34 747(r)

Is anyone waiting impatinetly for the tank that has been featured in German tech tree for quite some time - speaking of premium captured T-34?

Until there is no actual vehicle in the game, let's dream a bit.

First off, a straightforward option for PzKpfw Т34 747(r) would be the introduction of serial 1941 mod. (old turret) with German Crosses on the turret. However, another variant used by tankers of SS-Panzer-Division "Das Reich" (bannable!!!)

So, how it is different. It's T-34 mod. 1943 with 76mm F-34 and new turret.

On the basis of Kharkiv tractor plant Germans created a kind of "tank repair facility".
Captured vehicles would get disassembled almost entirely, then parts and units would go through quality control and replacement (if needed) for the ones of higher quality - those usually came from other damaged and taken ouf of the action vehicles. Engines would get dismounted, taken apart and put back together, tuned on test bench to work as clock. They would mount commander's coppula from Pz IV on regular T-34 turret. Radio, optics including gun sight, would be replaced for German parts. After that, painting German camo, identification marks, and an extra tool box on the left side.

In the end we are getting what one would call: "Actually, those were the best T-34s ever"

So, the PzKpfw Т34 747(r) used by "Das Reich" tankers could make premium German medium tank of tier 5 which would to a high extent interfere with a typical prem concept of being an underdog in comparison to fully upgraded researchable counterparts.

This PzKpfw Т34 747(r), having more dynamic engine than regular T-34 and view range as top Pz IV, Pz 4's radio, decreased aiming time, could be dangerous to other T-34s. Balancing might be tricky.

Would you like one?

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

[ALL] Overlord? Yes, please!

I have been getting numerous questions and comments both via private messaging system on EU forums (both World of Warplanes and, especially, World of Tanks) and even here, on the blog, on my current status, i.e. whether I still belong to WG dev team and has my status been changed lately or not.

That's, I believe, because of the recent change in my forum profiles here and here - as you can see, the current member group is set to Military reserve which may be regarded by some as retired dev or something. With over 9.500 posts on WoT EU board and over 220 on WoWP EU (and growing steadily as the project moves forward), I do understand that many of our players have sort of got used to communication with me personally and demand more direct replies and feedback. 

However, due to the most recent policy change, all related communication on official resources including forums will be carried out via EU representatives while I will still be providing my services over here - at Overlord's blog.

So, if there is something that, from your standpoint, should be brought into my attention, feel free to poke me here, on the blog, not being afraid to go off-topic (just keep in mind WoWP NDA which is still active :)). Blog has many advantages comparing to regular forums, you don't have to use your main game account to post something (e.g. to give negative feedback), it supports OpenID authentication, conversation mode, and what's more important, both EU and NA players can use it as a single resource.

As a reminder, my primary focus these days is World of Warplanes, however I welcome any WoT-related discussions, not mentioning other projects.


Best regards,
Overlord aka Dmitry Yudo
Producer @ Wargaming.net

PS: I apologize to NA folks in advance, I have kinda abandoned them earlier only due to time zone difference which is 7-10 hours. Regardless of this gap, I'm pleased to communicate with you, guys, and I have more visitors from the United States than from any other country. :)

[WoT] First Try - Maus Book

"Tactical Press" in cooperation with Wargaming.net presents:

  • Authors: Igor Zheltov and Yuri Pasholok. 
  • Language: Russian (for now). 
  • Price tag (RU): ~20 USD.
  • Number of copies (RU, hardback) - 10500.
The book lays down the beginning of the tank series with other issues to come in future.  From my standpoint, this is one of the best tank books in RU so far. And definitely, it's one of the most complete sources on Maus tank ever - images and blueprints were purchased from various private collections from around the globe. The authors managed to dig out the origin and background of German superheavy project and the way it developed.

Translation to other languages and distribution in other regions are currently considered.

Monday, October 29, 2012

[WoT] Digging Through Archives: Czolg P - Polish Maus

In different sources dedicated to Polish armoured vehicles from time to time one can run into various Polish tank projects that didn't make it to real life. Among those projects, there are even heavies, though after a closer look, it appears that at best we would only get Polish counterpart for KV (which is good by itself).

Meanwhile, our guys found a curious document in the bosom of Central Archive of the Russian Ministry of Defence. This document can open the whole new chapter in history of Polish tank development. The vehicle described there is able to top the tree, and, in addition to that, based on its specs, it would make a serious opponent to other high tiers. The author of the project is equally fascinating, as a person is famous in both Poland and abroad. I believe many of his fans have close to no idea about that page of his biography. And in his turn, he avoided mentioning this fact in his memoirs. So, it's sort of exclusive. :)

October 17, 1944. State Defense Commitee received the messaged from the recently freed Lviv. The author of that letter named Projects of technical innovations in defense industry was a certain Stanisław Lem. The message was written in Polish and included illustrations of what the author suggested as aid for Read Army in its struggle with Nazi Germany. The letter covers a number of technical projects, including small tanks, wheel tanks, and even rocket missiles, but we are interested in item N1.

The vehicle, suggested by Stanisław Lem, was named Czolg P (Pancernik) or tank-battleship. According to his concept, the vehicle would weigh 220 t, having 10m length and 4m width. 

Tank would have cast hall. Suggested armament - 152-155mm gun (est.) mounted in main turret, 2 AA machine-guns in the rear, and 4 machine guns in smaller coppulas along the perimeter (one per each). Czolg P would have 4 tracks set in motion by single diesel engine. All in all, that would make a super heavy tank, comparable to any possible opponent. Though, the Soviet Command wasn't interested in the project - there were enough ground cruiser projects at that time.

The original message (PL):

Central Archive of the Russian Ministry of Defence, fund 38, inventory 11350, case N1039

What Czolg P could have as its main armament, based on the range of Polish guns, available that time (1939), is the following: 155MM WZ.40 gun which just as the gun on Czolg P bluepring, had a muzzle break, barrel length of 8.1m, muzzle velocity of 900 m/s, and rate of fire - 3 rpm. That would undoubtedly reduce to ashes any vehicle of that period.

When it comes to AA guns, it's easy - 40 mm WZ.36. And as for low caliber auto guns, this could as well be 20mm Nkm wz. 38 FK.

So generally speaking, Polish Maus would be "independent" and extremely dangerous, especially due to the fact that based on the suggested weight and size, armour thickness would make 200+mm.