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Saturday, March 30, 2013

[ALL] Globally

This recruitment leaflet I have surprisingly found in GDC (Game Developers Conference) goody bag.

All offices, both development (now also in the US) and publishing, are hiring. 1500+ people from all over the world. When I joined the company for World of Tanks project it was about 100, I believe.

Hopefully, will be even more considering multiple projects in development, especially WoT Blitz. :)

Btw, we as a company are now celebrating 15th anniversary. So, I'm assuming some congrats here. 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

[ALL] Playing On the Move

Just arrived to San Francisco for GDC and related events. Checking out with the poll:

Regarding the most recent poll: I have got 

  • Android smartphone - 792 (46%)
  • Don't have any! - 527 (30%)
  • Android tablet - 254 (14%)
  • iPad - 222 (12%)
  • iPhone - 219 (12%)
  • Windows smartphone - 105 (6%)
  • other smartphone / tablet - 112 (6%)
  • Windows tablet - 38 (2%)

By the way, just curious out of those who have mobile devices, what mobile games do you play if any. Shooters, city builders, puzzles, social games, etc

As always the new poll is up.