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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tanks Still at Gamescom. Updated

Today’s gonna be outstanding and really overcrowded. Unlike all the previous expo days, today will definitely be different. Still a lot of visitors, asking questions about how to play and which key to use so as to exit the battle and those who demand buffing/fixing the E-series, nerfing Soviet tanks, improving match-making system, implementing tier restrictions for Clan Wars.
A little later today Wargaming.net is participating in a show match organized at ESL booth were we are going to oppose The Drill: Training Camp winners - German team Panzerknacker. You can follow the battles here http://tv.esl.eu starting 15.10 local time (GC Stage 1 English).

The roster is known now. We play King Tiger, Pershing, T44, SU8, Grille, Panter II, T1. Format/style is 8/42. Arty - Tier 5. Maps: Lakeville, Prokhorovka, Himmelsdorf, Steppes. Shame, there's no Malinovka on the list. :)
Start making bets on who is going to lose! Providing we do, I will truly be down and at least I’m gonna entertain myself at the community party we are having tonight. Three hours of friendly talk with nice (I hope :)) German players. If you have registered on the forum, see you around. If you haven’t… well, come anyway! We will be hanging out at Friesen Bar (Friesenstrasse 41, 50670 Köln).
Dont hesitate and drop by.
It was an epic loss, guys. I am p*** off! Now all German tanks will get nerfed for sure! :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

World of Tanks rocks at Gamescom

Truly rocks! You will spot our booth easily. No one else has such load music and hot dancing babes. What have they got to do with tanks? Not much, I believe, however they are dressed respectively and behave as real tankmen comrades.

Otherwise World of Tanks booth is in military style. It is divided into 4 parts, each of them are distinguished in terms of design. Two zones where Public Tournament is held (everyone has a chance to win a gaming laptop) look like a shelter with all those steel constructions and sacks full of sand (in fact they are not). The most outstanding part is characterized by game places designed like tank turrets. Actually this is the most attractive one for the visitors. And the zone where the game speaks German can be recognized by military looking barrels. By the way we are possibly the only MMO offering to try out the game using laptops (not just laptops but cool gaming laptops that are also branded!).

Our booth. Pay us a visit

Typical German WoT player?

I bet you will find us easily. If you are around, follow the loudest music from Hall 9 and come to ask the questions you’d dare ask the devs in-person! And no hard beating please. :)