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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

[WoWP] Conquering the Sky

Eastern Europe has become a major center of free-to-play MMO action games under the aegis of Wargaming.net, with the major three development offices: Minsk (Belarus) for World of Tanks, Kiev (Ukraine) for World of Warplanes, and Saint Petersburg (Russia) for World of Battleships.

While aerial and naval games are being developed by two separate studious, both of them can't but benefit from the experience and resources of WoT team, which is naturally the largest one of the three. The Minsk HQ provide both technical and methodological assistance to achieve better quality of the trilogy.

As mentioned before, World of Warplanes is being developed by Kiev-based partner studio - Persha Studia, comprising more than 100 professionals with a huge background in game development. The development process is guided and mentored by Minsk producing team. The cooperation includes regular mutual visits, feature planning, milestone approving, and both managerial and design video conferences scheduled several times a week.

Minsk producing team is also engaged in general communication and facilitation of all project activities, which means promotion, marketing, global operations, video and audio production etc

Technical assistance is also extremely important. WoWP benefits greatly from the usage of shared resources, which includes but not limited to:
  • the usage of joint technical resources;
  • server and hardware maintenance;
  • data logging;
  • joint server and web deployment, ie release of updates for all regions;
  • high-level web resources - clan wars functionality, portal including single account for all WG games and account management tools;
  • misc front-end resources - bonus codes, payment system, etc;
  • misc back-end resources - administration panels, support software;
  • advice and expert evaluation.
Besides WoWP can rely on cooperation with the community and customer support teams of WoT to provide better service for players at any stage.

WoWP is going to be a lesson learned from WoT in every possible meaning. What does WoT lack for?
  • new game modes? There will already be a few upon the release of WoWP.
  • tutorial for new players?  It will be added during the beta stage, so as testers could give their feedback which will allow us to polish the tutorial prior to release.
  • fair matchmaking? In WoWP it will be totally different, the balance of aerial battles doesn't assume that eg tier 4 and tier 8 planes will normally fight alongside.
  • Strong PvE element? Sure thing!
 With the features above and many more to come announce WoWP is planning to be more successful than WoT in both NA and EU.