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Sunday, March 15, 2020

The Other Mouse that Roared

Last week we covered the Battle of Vianden. Well real life has been ab it busy for me at the moment so I needed something a bit quick and easy this week, and so here are a pair of links I found while digging into the story of the battle.

The first is a webpage dedicated to Frankie Hansen. His story, and a rather epic one at that, can be found here:

There are several photographs relating to his life, including ones from his time as part of the Unio'n vun de Fräiheetsorganisatiounen at Vianden, although he seems to have just missed the battle at the castle. 
Hansen at Vianden.
 The next link is slightly more intriguing. It is a series of newspaper cuttings and magazine articles in assorted languages and they seem to relate to the story of Vianden. However, as Google translate won't read the articles I can't assess them. My German is limited to asking for directions, getting a lass to dance with me, and weirdly some very specific terms relating to military hardware. My French is non-existent as well. The PDF can be found here, and if you speak the language may well add far more detail to the previous weeks article.

Earlier I mentioned that last week was a bit of a busy week for me. This is, I'm sorry to say, likely to be a lot more common from now on. I've currently started a new job, this is for a team of 8-10 people, however, there's two of us at current as recruitment efforts are under way. But for the immediate future the shift pattern to cover the work is a bit brutal. To add to that I've started my History Degree, which is another 18 or so hours to find during the week. Sprinkle on work on my spigot weapons book, consulting work for small games companies and even time for walking the dogs and I'm rapidly running out of hours in the week. The only slack time I have is the weekly article (which can take 6-8 hours if the subject matter puts up a fight). So where possible, I will continue the current schedule of an article a week, and smaller chunks of content over on my facebook page. However, cheap articles like this, or even dare I say it missed weeks (I've only missed two articles since 2013!) may be more likely, but I will endeavour to get one up every week.
Some of the content from my Facebook page (discussion can be found here). its a Sneak peak at the next book I'm currently working on.

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