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Sunday, February 21, 2016

First Book

You know I said last week life was a bit busy, well here's reason #1 for it. My first book is out, and available to buy!

Before we carry on, I want to be clear: This product is not endorsed by Wargaming or by Overlord. It's entirely my doing.

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Its a compilation of the articles I've posted up here. Many have been edited and tweaked, and a few have had new information that's come to light in the time between it first getting written for this blog and publishing.

However I have included a brand new piece that has never been seen anywhere. I interviewed a veteran of D-Day about his experiences as part of the first wave. He's never told his story before, and so its entirely brand new.

Why am I doing this? Well in the last few years I have been doing a lot of research in archives around the UK. I have made discoveries, including stuff from Germany and Japan. These discoveries have been forgotten for seventy years. However to publish these discoveries I need to purchase the copyrights from the archives. To do that I need capital, which is something I don't have.
So if you want to see a whole selection of Japanese tanks that even the Japanese forgot about, or Britain's idea of flying tanks, or the story of  the 250 ton tanks that were to land directly into Germany. Think of buying this book as an investment. You buy this book, it makes the above more likely to happen. You'll also advance the study of history.
This Japanese heavy appears to be actually real...
 Now because I've been waffling on for a bit too long, and you lot do like a bit of history on your Sundays.

In the early 1940's the British sent a military mission to Russia, and the following segment of the missions report, shows you how hard up the Russians were for equipment after Barbarossa. Its from about 1942, I think, maybe as late as 1943.

Its Interesting to note the massive numbers of heavy machine guns, which seems to be an attempt to supplant the deficiencies in other fire support equipment.