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Sunday, December 28, 2014


This week we have something a bit special. Wargaming have supplied a number of Prizes, and asked me to run some competitions to get the prize out to you.

We have three groups of prizes up for grabs. The first group of prizes consist of one of the following:
  • 4000 gold+15 days premium time,
  • 1 fury tank and garage, 
  • 1 RAM II and garage, 
  • 1 Matilda BP and Garage,
To win one of these all you need to do is write a short military history article, then of the entries I'll pick the best four and allocate prizes.

Next, because writing isn't for everyone, we'll be holding a short quiz. From the right answers I'll randomly select ten people, each will win a T127 tank and garage slot.

Finally I have two World of Warships closed alpha test keys to give out. Just answer that tricky question and you'll go into a draw for the keys.

So what do you need to do to win?

Write an article:
Write a short military history article, it can be about anything you like, as long as its related to military history. The sort of stuff I've been doing for the last 18 months. It should conform to these requirements:
The date range for the article should be 1900-1969.
The word count should be about a minimum of 500 words, and not much longer than 750 words (remember I have to read all of these!). Now that much might sound like a lot, but trust me you can dash of 500 words without even trying. I suspect you'll find it easier than you think.

Place the written article in a email, along with your WOT account name and which server you play on and email it to:

Do not send it as an attachment.
Do not send it as a link to a cloud drive.
I will not download files or click links. If the article is not part of your Email then it will not be seen and your Email will be deleted.

Finally, I may want to use your article and post it on Overlords blog. Or failing that I might want to use the idea contained in your article at a later date. you have to be ok with that to submit. Don't worry I always credit people who help out.

WOWS Alpha test key:
1: Answer this question:

"Name the only capital ship that has directly sunk a Submarine."

Place the answer in a email, along with your WOT account name and which server you play on and email it to:


Answer the following Questions:
  • I) Name the World War Two German armoured fighting vehicle that had the knocked out the most enemy tanks
  • II) Name the most produced armoured vehicle in history.
  • III) By the end of World War Two almost every country in the world that had a tank arm had used a single model of tank, or a derivative. Name that tank.
  • IV) during April 1943 a British officer's body was washed up on the coast of Spain. On his body were to secret documents about the upcoming invasion of Greece. What was the bodies real name.
  • V) Name the highest scoring British Empire ace from World War One.
  • VI) Edit: Question removed. I dropped a clanger on this question stating the wrong dates. For that reason, and to be fair to people who have already submitted answers, I'll not be counting this one for scores.
Place the answers in a email, along with your WOT account name and which server you play on and email it to:

Closing date is 1900 (7pm) GMT on Friday 2nd January, so you've got about a week! Do not Post Answers here! The only way to get into the Competition is via the Email address above!

Good luck.