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Sunday, December 22, 2019


In the run up to Christmas, getting some building work done, and fervently hunting for a new job I completely failed to get an article done for this week.
However, while leafing through my documents folders, in a dusty corner which I don't visit too much I found a sub-folder marked "Plans". Upon closer inspection it wasn't plans for world domination or how to make a million doing history, but plans for assorted tanks. Ah-ha I think, I know a few interested historians who'd like to see those, and so I'll post those.

Before we do, I just want to say thank you to a couple of people.

First to Dean Bartle for his generous donation through Paypal (historylisty-general@yahoo.co.uk).
Next to fatoler and KbdNoOni for donating through Patron

Thanks to you all for reading, and a Merry Christmas, or if it all gets on your nerves Bah-Humbug!

Right to the tanks, also, if you're using a mobile device, check your Wi-fi is on!

A.17 Tetrarch:

M10C Achilles

Now those of you who are exceptionally observant will notice a few interesting points on these plans. First it is listed as the SP3. This was a brief alternative classification used by the British towards the end of the Second World War, standing for Self-Propelled. SP1 and SP2 were, if memory serves, the Alecto and the Archer, but I forget which got which number. SP4 was a mysterious beast, a Centurion with a 32-pounder gun. While there are pictures of Centurions with 32-pounders, these seem to be separate to the SP4. So far all that has been found is a single document on the subject, which covers the ammo handling inside the vehicle, and that fails to include a picture of what the tank looked like.
The other interesting point in these plans are it includes the extra armour that the M10 was sometimes fitted with. You can just see the armour on this vehicle, under all the stowage.

A.43 Black Prince:

M3A3 Stuart:

A.39 Tortoise: