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Friday, December 2, 2011

Public Test of 7.0. Stage 3

Public test of 7.0 update will be resumed today and will last until December 6, 2011.

World of Tanks v.7.0_test2 - 7.0_test3 patch notes:

- Fixed PzVI Tiger crash model bug
- Slightly reduced the absorption of HE damage by armour for non-penetrating HE hits
- Fixed a number of chat bugs
- Blocked the horn functionality
- Added base spots to the minimap Arctic Region.
- Fixed the work of suspension for PzVIB Tiger II tank
- Added tank company tier filter
- Fixed system message bugs when medals are received
- Fixed rare bug with game client closure while in the tank company interface
- Reordered game menu buttons
- Fixed bugs of turret camouflage in M6A2E1.
- Fixed IS-4 hitbox
- Team kill and team damage penalty rates set to as for v.6.7
- Reduced T40 tank destroyer repair cost
- Reduced price for APCR 105mm shell T5E1M2
- Fixed bug with invitations to clan battles
- Fixed bug with cursor disappearance
- Changed the voice notification for spotting enemy, penetrating and non-penetrating hits
- Removed the alarm sound for enemy base capture. Reduced the volume of alarm sound for own base capture
- Fixed the performance drop for some configurations
- Fixed the bug with tank company interface being blocked
- Fixed several spots where vehicles get stuck on Marsh map
- Fixed bug of the Ready! button in the tank company interface
- Fixed bug of sound failure in Garage after leaving a battle
- Fixed bug with 'objects in the air' on Prokhorovka map
- Removed equipment Improved Ventilation from Gw-Panther SPG
- Fixed bug with unnecessary tool tip display
- Reordered the location of some objects on Fjords map
- Fixed bug with 'objects in the air' on Steppes map
- Fixed bug with timer performance when playing recorded battle
- Increased performance of shot effects
- Fixed bugs with display of clan logo
- Fixed bug with tracer effects disappearance when 'advanced shadows' option is enabled
- Fixed bugs with team lists: the transparency of the list, saving position on the list at the battle start, etc.
- Fixed SU-76 tank destroyer hitbox
- Fixed bugs with display of certain shot effects
- Fixed bugs with display of special effects on AMD Radeon video cards
- Fixed bug when creating invitation list
- Fixed bug with client failure when selling tanks
- Fixed textures on Arctic Region map
- Fixed bug with display of incorrect tier for light tanks in the tank company interface.
- Fixed bug when LMB click when playing recorded battle
- Fixed several spots where vehicles get stuck on Fisherman's Bay map
- Fixed bug with unsynchronized position of tank turret and shooting direction when playing recorded battle
- Fixed incorrect display of armor thickness for Т29, Т34, T30, VK3601H, KV-3, KV-220, Т-34 and some other vehicles.
- Fixed bug when unable to purchase modules in some cases
- Fixed bug with the game doesn't remember sound settings
- Fixed effects for 90mm AT Gun M3.
- Fixed the absence of clan logo for VK 3002 (DB) tank
- Fixed texture bugs for M4 Sherman turret
- Fixed conflict between tank model of PzKpfw II Ausf. J and its hitbox
- Fixed game client failure when battle chat window is active

Browse 7.0_test1 patch notes and 7.0_test2 patch notes. For details on how to join the testing refer to your community portal.

On EU forums, leave your feedback on the update here.

Your test accounts will be available as of November 15.

UPDATE on server status: ON

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Making Your Tanks Premium. Discussion

Possible new feature: make your tank work like premium.

Having paid a certain amount of gold (depending on the vehicle tier), you are changing the status of your tier 1-8 tank to premium for a fixed period of time (let's say a few hours). This will enable 1.5x credit income for this vehicle during the specified period. The bonus will stack with premium account of course.

- Premium tanks can't be given temporary premium status (they are already premium)
- SPGs can't be given temporary premium status (balance purposes)
- The vehicle should be Elite to enable "premium status"
- Premium account is not required to enable the feature

Would you like such feature?

Monday, November 28, 2011

Upcoming Armor Buffs of T95

Having contacted Patton Museum, where there is a real T95, we have managed to obtain more accurate information on its armoring. So there will be a number of changes made in the near future (supposedly in 7.1 update) to improve the hitbox bringing it closer to the reality.

The adjustments are going to affect parts of side armor and sideskirts of the vehicle and will lead to 50-300% increase of its thickness.The maximum side armor value will be the same (152mm), since the overhaul mostly applies to T95 weakspots.

Performance-wise T95 is on a par with its counterparts by the way. :)