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Thursday, September 20, 2012

[WoT] Current Status of 8.0

Release of 8.0 initially scheduled for RU region for this week was postponed, which naturally affects  release dates for other regions as well. Some of the major issues to be fixed:
  • FPS drops in bushes and sniper mode. Unfortunately the fix to this problem didn't make it to test 3 due to technical reasons. Thus one more iteration is required
  • Crashes to desktop when painting or changing logos/texts
  • Disappearing dispersion circle for SPGs

What have already been fixed by now:
  • Disappearing engine sounds, and all sounds in general when switching between tanks and aiming modes
  • Final post-battle stat window expanded to 15 lines to display full teams without any scrolling
  • Malfunctioning vehicle controls when exiting to hangar after battle with chat window being active

Possibly there will also be other fixes related to firing sounds, but that's not for sure and can go to release version as of test 3.

Most likely there will be no other changes to the current build.

0.8 is coming slowly but surely. :)

PS. Latest poll results (votes / %):
Did you vote for World of Tanks at Golden Joystick Awards 2012?

Sure thing I did!  - 1158 (60%) - well done, guys!
Not yet (going to) - 277 (14%) - just don't forget to do it :)  
For god sake, no  - 477 (24%) - ...
The new poll is up.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

[WoT] Doyle, Kubinka, and Much More. Part 2: Museums

This post is the continuation of Doyle, Kubinka, and Much More series started here and contains some visual materials gathered in Kubinka tank museum and Great Patriotic War museum. Let's start.


Although Kubinka is extremely rich in Soviet tanks, German hangar is almost equally popular, that's no surprise, because the selection of vehicles is wide, and Soviet tanks can be seen not only in this museum of course.

Some of the exhibits are already in game...

Like this Ferdi.

While some are still not

Like this 8.8cm Waffentrager

Or this Nashorn

Or both assult SPGs with huuuge guns (Brummbaer and Sturmtiger)

That thing should fire prem ammo only!

Maus got rebranded. Just look at its rear.

Don't even count on this one! It's not a tank at all. :)

They knew from the very beginning it was meant to be premium!!! (Type 59)

According to Doyle, Hotchkiss didn't perform well and wasn't a pedobear in RL.

The two heavy tier 10 brothers. IS-7 and IS-4.

Flowers to the LEGEND. T-34.

Low profile, 125mm rocket-launcher. Object 775, anyone?

Based on T-26 flawethrowing tank of 1938 - OT 130.

And more tanks for gold!

True scientists never stop working, regardless of conditions. Doyle and Pasholok.

Why was KT used as a background here? Nerfing based on newly discovered data by Doyle? Nope! We will save them for some other German vehicles, poor KT can be safe now. The thing is that it's the very same KT used in Doyle's Panzer Tracts, the photo in the book dates to the 40-ies, we have traced the vehicle by the serial number .

And of course the photo in front of Maus, featured in Doyle's Panzer Tracts 6-3. He created it based on the blueprints, now he is near the vehicle itself.

Finally the whole facility is fully at our disposal.

Time to have a closer look at what we've got. And we've got a VK3001-based 128mm equipped tank destroyer. Hm, any place for it in game?

This T-34-85 is a movie star. It took part in a couple of movies.

What are they doing with this tiny-poor-MS-1-thingy? You will find out in the next post...

Great Patriotic War museum

Small collections of Japanese vehicles.

Type 97 Shinhoto Chi-ha (medium)

Type 4 Ke-nu (assault light tank)

This one has been recently brought from Kuril Islands and is patiently waiting for its turn to be restored.

Just like this one in the backyard. Remainings of Ka-mi. 

This SU-100 is in ambush, guarding the museum.

Zis-115, obviously not a tank, but is still curoius. This is a 7-ton government limo, Stalin used one of those.

Armour thickness and interior design do look impressive. Current Russian cars are much worse. :)

This thing is unique. 10.5cm leFH 18-4 auf Geschutzwagen Lr. S. (f) Alkett. Only 10 or 12 of those were built, and this is they only survivor.

To be continued...

Monday, September 17, 2012

[WoT] Doyle, Kubinka, and Much More. Part 1: Introduction

The previously announced meeting did happen at the weekend, and now I'm planning a series of posts on the subject, including the two major points:
  • Some unique stuff (photos, videos, etc) from Kubinka tank museum and Great Patriotic War museum of Moscow
  • And, of course, replies from Mr. Doyle to the questions gathered I have shorlisted the best ones and going to break them into a couple of portions.
For starter, it was really a great pleasure to have a chance to meet a well-established tank expert Hilary L. Doyle, and give him a tour on Kubinka museum together with Yuri Pasholok - his Russian counterpart.

Here is the proof picture

Overlord & Doyle
By the way King Tiger as a background was chosen for a reason. :) You will know why later on.

Elbe Day: Two great military experts finally meet each other in person

Doyle & Pasholok

And there was some fun in Kubinka that day as well

Surplus crew.