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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Intelegence Files

 We're going to have a quick one today, straight from the archives.

A few years ago I got hold of an intelligence assessment on captured Soviet and Chinese equipment from the National Archives. This written after a team from the UK toured South Vietnam looking at all the shiny kit that had been captured from the NVA and Chinese. This team evaluated every aspect of the captured equipment, even measuring armour hardness.

They studied a T-54, Type 59 and T-54(M), as well as a light tanks, M1967 APC's and several other guns. In interests of keeping this manageable, I've uploaded only the tanks segment, which covers the three MBT's. Even this 'brief' segment is about 65 pages long, and includes plenty of pictures of the crew positions and the like. So I have put it into a zip file, which can be downloaded here.

As well as the above picture that came from the file (there are others), here's some samples:

Anyway, I hope that's of interest/use to someone. Next week I have something a little different planned, I just need to get down to a museum to get some pictures, which I'll do on Tuesday hopefully.


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