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Friday, October 14, 2011

October 6 - October 14 Poll Results

8981 (!) players took part in the recent poll expressing their opinion on matchmaking in World of Tanks.

The question appeared to be quite controversial and community votes were divided. Thus, 60% of the voters think that matchmaking is either poor or bad, while 40% reckon it is average+.

As announced earlier, matchmaking system is one of the current focuses. General overhaul is planned for 2012, minor improvements will come this year (smart matchmaking).

Smart matchmaking system takes into account the number of battles played on this particular vehicle. So to put it simple, your battle tier spread will depend on the number of battles played using the vehicle ranging from minimum tier possible for lets say first 10 battles to full tier spread starting with say 50 battles.

As always new weekly poll is up. Prior to voting, please visit http://worldoftanks.com/

New American Daddy

T110 is a new American top tier heavy tank scheduled for release in Q1 2012. Remind you that this vehicle will substitute T30 as it was announced some time ago.

Below are the screenshots:

PS: T110 has 120mm M58 gun mounted here.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

CZ/SK Forums on EU

Přátelé a příznivci World of Tanks,
na základě Vašich dotazů a přání byla zřízena nová sekce tohoto fóra, zaměřená na třetí největší ne-Anglickou populaci na Evropském serveru. Doufáme, že se nová sekce stane často využívaným místem výměny názorů a informací a že poslouží k lepší komunikaci mezi Českými a Slovenskými hráči.
Novou sekci naleznete zde: link

Dear friends and fans of World of Tanks,
based on your questions and popular demand, a new section of World of Tanks Forum was founded. It aims at third largest non-English player community on the EU server. We hope that the section will help to promote communication between Czech and Slovakian players and that it'll become a frequently used meeting place and information and opinion exchange.
New section can be found here: link

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Battle of Moscow Special

Battle of Moscow Special will be available this weekend (October 14-17) for both EU and US servers.

Below is a list of what we have prepared from October 14, starting  at 5:30 AM UTC, to October 17, ending at 5:00 AM UTC (EU times given, for US times check the website):
  • These tanks will be half price and earn double credits:
    • PzKpfw 38 nA
    • PzKpfw IV
    • PzKpfw VI Tiger (P)
    • VK 3001 (P)
    • T-28
    • KV
    • KV-3
    • IS
  • These premium tanks are also half off:
    • PzKpfw B2 740
    • Matilda
  • 5x XP for the first victory each day (on each of your tanks)
  • Enlarging barracks are half off (150 gold)
  • 100% crew training is half off (100 gold per member)
  • Retraining crew to 100% primary skill will be half off (100 gold)
  • Training a crew bought with a tanks to 100% also half off (100 gold)
Don't miss it!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Videos From Igromir 2011

Igromir is the biggest Russian expo dedicated to video games. Of course it is not comparable to monstrous German Gamescom, however it grows fast.

Below are 3 short videos from Igromir 2011 in Moscow (October 6-9). The are not subtitled, but I will briefly comment each one.

1. Igromir. Day 1.

Olya invites everyone to visit Wargaming.net booth at Igromir to find out what is hidden behind the curtains.

Later she announces the closed presentation of World of Warplanes that was available only for media.

2. Igromir. Day 2.

It was a first public day with much more visitors. Many came specifically to WoT booth not only to play WoT just for fun, but also to fight for prizes (gold promo cards, and other stuff), scoring the biggest amount of experience. What was going on behind the curtains? See Behind the Curtains video!

3. Igromir. Behind the Curtains.

WN team is getting prepared for the 2 busiest days of the expo.

New Tanks in 2011

There is an update regarding the introduction of new tanks in 2011, see here. So the details:
  • German and Soviet TDs won't make it this year, both lines are rescheduled for 2012
  • Initial package of French tanks will come in Q4 2011 (18 vehicles)
  • M103 and the revision of T34 is to be performed this year
  • A few premium tanks will also arrive later this year (the exact vehicles to be specified)

That's it for 2011 in terms of new tanks.