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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

[WoT] Your WTF Moments


My biggest WTF moment so far is the blogspot's interface. To browse all comments to the post body click Load more hyperlink at the very bottom. Thanks and sorry!

What exactly, if anything, causes your frustration and desire to throw your PC out of the window, while playing World of Tanks? Feel free to voice your concern!

Arty parties destroying the fun of your heavy-td battles?

Armour that doesn't matter anymore with all those powerful rail-guns and free access to prem ammo for every player?

Imbalance of certain vehicles? Germans are inferior and Soviet-bias does exist? Lorraine is awful? E-100 is still not useful in CWs? Hands-off the newly-added Brits?

Lack of truly unique game modes?

Some controversial, putting it mildly, maps like Dragon's Ridge, Province or Serene Coast?

Improper multi-core support?

Come on, there should be some more!


Since I was asked a couple of times to share my own WTFs while playing WOT here they are:

1. I do feel like of diversity and variety in terms of game modes available. I play neither companies nor CWs with 95% of my games being solo random, and the rest - platoon random. And at this stage I'm waiting impatiently for either garage battles of historical battles whatever comes first.

2. Lack of positive feedback from the game. This is actually a very complex thing that includes:
- having not enough information in UI (dynamic tank stats taking into account all multipliers)
- not having enough information on basic mechanics pen (tank armour groups) & spotting displayed anywhere
- not having pop-up achievements in battle
- priority of VO messages (fire!)
- not properly communicating 0 dmg hits in-game

3. Sometimes there are too many SPGs in high tier battles (4 per side is the top limit imo), and in general less fun in high tiers than it could be

4. Desire for better performance and, yes, proper multi-core support.

5. Lack of eSport support in game, even now popular 7/42 format is not supported anyhow

That's prolly my top 5.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

[WoT] Reshuffle

Prem-ammo-for-credits experiment will be continued in 8.2 update while highly anticipated Chinese tree is rescheduled for 8.3 which most likely is going to be a light content update.

Adding poll results here as prove or warm reception and reasons to continue. Do you like prem ammo for credits experiment?
Totally for it! Makes things equal. 685 (44%)

Against it! Stop the experiment! 560 (36%)

Haven't made up my mind yet. 305 (19%)

There is a possibility that tier 10 heavy will be changed for "113" with nearly-auto-ricochet upper front hull at 68 degrees. Expect some bouncing.

The new poll is up.


New Chinese HT10 blueprint

Monday, November 26, 2012

[WoT] Leningrad's KVs

The 2nd manuscript has been sent to the press (while the first book is being translated).

The book is dedicated to KV-1s produced by Leningrad Kirov Plant.

Images below for reference: