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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Busy Week

I'm sure there's a scientific theory somewhere which describes this phenomenon, but as you will most likely know I got made redundant a few weeks back. After two-three weeks unemployed I started back at my old job (with worse hours, I now do a 56 hour week). During that unemployed period I had nothing to do. The same day I started back to work I was contacted by two different companies I work for, and they asked for three pieces of work between them, oh and can two of them be done by next Monday please?
This meant I was unable to get an article finished for this week, so I've got to improvise a little bit, but I think you will like it. Next week will be back to normal.

First off, you'll remember a couple of weeks ago I wrote about the British assessment of the T-64. Well how well did they do? I showed the article to a Russian expert I know and he pointed out one glaring flaw. The glacis plate was actually under estimated by 105mm. Which by a curious coincidence is almost the same thickness as the fuel tank (110mm) that the British designers put there. They had to place the fuel tank there as there was no where else to put the fuel required for the gas turbine they thought fitted. Which was a bit of an error, equally the drivers position was nowhere near as bad as the British imagined.

Now onto the fun and games for today. Keeping with the theme of intelligence assessments of British Vs Russian cold war tanks, I give you a report on how the two equipments hold up:
page 1

Page 2
Page 3

So once again I'm sorry for the lack of article, and we'll be back to normal next week.