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Sunday, October 14, 2012

[WoWP] Airshow Must Go On

MCAS Miramar Air Show 2012 (57th annual) was the first international air event for me to attend and I must say it was amazing.

Miramar is the biggest US event of that kind gathering several hunderds of thousands attendees in just three days that takes place near San Diego.

For us, WG delegation, the first surprise came with the fact that the show takes place on the active Marine Corps Air Station Miramar (after a brief ID check a bunch of ex-commies are allowed in) with F-22 Raptors standing nearby.

These birds are awesome and hardly have any rivals these days.

Chance Vought F4U Corsair. Second-best US WWII performer with kill ratio 11:1 (after Hellcat).

Another iconic naval warrior - Wildcat. This is the F-2M version by GM.

An absolute must have in WoWP, more than 50 years in service. B-52.

WG-Hammer-booth at Miramar.

Patriots Jet Team (6 IL-39s) is performing.

Farmous wall of fire.

History and modern times: P-51 and F-22. Mustang is nearly blown away. :)

WG producers Serb and ChrisK are discussing what they have seen and how we can use it. 

P-51 Mustang from San Diego Air and Space museum - a real one with S/N, however didn't take part in any action.


A la Art style.

Serb is nerfing RL aircraft.


A la Art style 2.0.

Some nose-art to add in WoWP in future. 

The show was a real fun, I somewhat skipped some of the delicious parts of it in the post, inclding totally crazy biplane performance with nearly-hit-the-ground maneuvers
  • "pop" U.S. Navy Blue Angels show (those guys are flying without g-suits - hell, yes!)
  • epic Marine Air-Ground Assault Demo with lots of vehicles and infantry
  • deafening F/A-18 Afterburner Passes
  • spectacular night pilotage and fireworks
  • and absolutely awesome Robosaurus! (only those who saw it know what I mean :))
Join us during future major aerial events, we wil double the fun together.