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Sunday, April 11, 2021

The Future

We need a bit of a chat I'm afraid.

Earlier in the week I posted a thread on my Facebook page. Simply put, I have running out of time to do everything in a week. At current, as well as all the normal stuff people have to do, eg: Job, family etc, I have to also shoe horn in work on books and work on articles for here. In addition I have started studying for my degree.

For the last few years I've had a job which was fairly relaxed, and could do some of my work there. However, I have changed jobs at the start of last year, but furlough meant I had some spare time while working from home. This allowed me to keep the work rate up. However, for the last couple of months I've been back at work full time. Equally, the work load on my degree is going to increase massively over the next years.

I've recently realised that I've not touched the work on my next book for a couple of months. Simply because I don't have the time. That means I have to free up time somewhere. Short of abandoning my books and research, or my degree, the only wiggle room is the weekly article. This is not something I take lightly, as since 2013 I've only missed two weeks. There was even an article on the week I got married and was on my honeymoon.

What I am trying to say is that articles will now be rarer. I will aim for two per month, but I can't promise even that. I will try to provide some form of content though. Over on Facebook or Twitter (@History_Listy) I normally post pictures or stuff I've encountered and use them for a basis of discussion. I am contemplating an Instagram account to post some of my own collection of historical pictures up as well. Each week I will try to find something for here.

Next week we have an article on the German struggle for the Channel in the First World War, and how they felt that technology could solve their problems.

However, this week, It will have to be a short piece.

In the Second World War the Allies needed to clear lots of German minefields. Somewhere along the way someone suggested they use jet engines fixed to tanks.

Valentine chassis with a nice big blower.


Which also came in dual-engine versions


And on other chassis (I think this is a Canadian experiment, separate to the English ones above).

The problem with the design was it blasted the mines out of the soil and flung them everywhere. In essence hurling exploding frisbees all over the place, which was seen as a huge negative, and very dangerous.

Of course during the harsh winter of 1946-1947 the tanks found a new and much safer usage, as snow blowers.

On a related note, while looking for info on the above I found this interesting newsreel film about clearing mines laid during the war with water jets.


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