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Friday, September 23, 2011

Eurogamer. Quick View.

I like Britain and London in particular and that's why I was extremely excited about the Eurogamer expo. In reality it hasn't really come up to my expectations. Not many visitors. I'd say that there are few visitors to be honest. Unlike Gamescom expo we had in Cologne last month. Yeah, I know it was supposed to be like 10 times smaller than the German expo by default, but c'mon. Hopefully things will get better at weekend. 

The good things are that there is no loud music, crowds you need to squeeze through to get anywhere, less rubbish obviously, and no endless queues too. 

So encourage everyone, who has this opportunity, to come and visit us. We will be there for all 3 upcoming days. Why would one want that? To get a hold of free give away stuff with some premium content (including WoT t-shirts branded specially for British players), chat with developers (no one wants to meet Overlord? :( ) and ask any questions you would love to, take pcitures with the two tanks outside the expo centre - Valentine and T-34-85 (they were taken from Bovington tank museum and we thank our friends from there), and play WoT of course.

Special expo accounts have nearly unlimited financial resources and all possible vehicles unlocked, including KV-220, T23, Pz. II Ausf. J, BT-SVm Pz. V-IV Alpha, Pz. V-IV, A-32, M6A2E1, M4A2E4 and many others.

Pay us a visit at Eurogamer show!

Monday, September 19, 2011

September 15-19 Poll Results. Eurogamer Show, September 22-25.

4930 players took part in the recent poll.  51% (2545 voters) just like playing World of Tanks, while 27% of them confirmed their tank buff status (so they probably don't miss any tank game at all :)). 6% of the audience are fans of online games, 3% play World of Tanks for some other reasons, and some 10% of players regard the game as relaxation technique.

Also I would like to invite everyone (especially British, I guess :)) to visit Wargaming.net stand at Eurogamer Show (London, the UK) on September 22-25. You will be able to meet some of the dev team and get hold of giveaway stuff (as usual).

As always new weekly poll is up.

Updated Match-making Chart

Updated the match-making chart for 6.7 update. Mind new tier spreads for light tanks and some premiums.

Anticipating your questions on match-making improvements, I remind you that overhaul is scheduled for Q1 2012, as it was given here.