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Friday, November 25, 2011

November 19 - November 25 Poll Results

7572 players voted for their favourite tank class in World of Tanks.

The vote results showed a fierce competition between medium tanks (34% of votes) and heavy tanks (36%). Other class appeared to be far less popular: tank destroyers got 18%, self-propelled guns - 7%.
Light tanks are the least popular according to the poll results getting tiny 5%.

As always a new poll is up. It is dedicated to the public test of 7.0 and its upcoming release.

Public Test of 7.0. Stage 2

Public test of 7.0 update will be resumed today and will last until November 30. After that we expect at least one more test update to come.

World of Tanks v.7.0_test1 - 7.0_test2 patch notes:

- Fixed rare bug with the Tank Company window disappearance
- Fixed the technical text appearance in invite windows
- Reworked limitations on vehicle types in tiered Tank Company battles
- Reworked hitboxes tanks: VK 3001H, SU-152, АТ-1, VK3001P, VK1602, SU-76, Pz II Luchs, BТ-7, IS-4 
- Fixed a bug in camouflage patterns of tanks: PzJager I, Object 212, VK 3601 (H), KV.
- Fixed and reworked 3D models of tanks: A-20, T-32 (suspension hitbox), M7, SU-152, T28.
- Fixed the crew member personal file display when he is sent to barracks.
- Fixed errors in the Tank Company battle interface
- Fixed inability to change the texture quality to "low."
- Fixed the sky transparency through map objects with enabled anti-aliasing mode SSAA + FXAA.
- Fixed garage and store filters.
- Game screenshots are now saved in a separate folder.
- Fixed RMB context menu in a player battle list.
- Fixed player statistics display for all tanks.
- Fixed dual cursor bug when the connection lost notification appears.
- Fixed inability to sell a tank with partially full crew.
- Reworked specifications of tanks: the SU-85I, Pz IV Hydraulic, MTLS-1G14.
- Increased minimum combat tiers for tanks VK1602 and T-50.
- Removed a conical 7.5 cm gun from both Pz VI Tiger turrets.
- Fixed a bug with inability to reject the invitation from other clusters.
- Fixed loading screen asymmetries in the tank list.
- Fixed a sniper scope appearance while replaying battle videos.
- Fixed saving of screen size settings when using Alt + Enter.
- Fixed appearance of room invitations when “receive invitations from friends only” is on.
- Fixed receiving invitations from players in combat.
- Fixed ability to send invitations to players with "ignore" option on.
- Fixed battle chat block while working with a team list.
- Removed ability to ignore accepting EULA in a login window.
- Fixed a rare client freeze when trying to connect to a created battle.
- Fixed inability to get into a training room accepting an invitation.
- Replaced SU-85I engine with StuGIII engine.
- Removed "improved ventilation" module in SPG Gw-Tiger and rebalanced vehicle specifications.
- Fixed tanks falling through an upper part of the bridge on "Marsh" map.
- Fixed "accelerated crew training” check-box disappearance after leaving Tank Company.
- Fixed delay while relogging from one cluster to another.
- Fixed handling of invitations sent from other clusters.
- Fixed non-stop sound of a base-capture alarm.
- Increased load limit for IS-3 stock suspension.
- Fixed a rare error with the game client freeze when entering the garage while updating modules.

Browse 7.0_test1 patch notes. For details on how to join the testing refer to your community portal.

On EU forums, leave your feedback on the update here.

OverTargetMarkers mod for Wolrd of Tanks won't be adjusted to 7.0 update. We are planning to introduce it later on.

Your test accounts will be available as of November 15 (progress on test server won't be kept due to technical reasons).

UPDATE on server status: ON

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Public Test of 7.0. Recess

The public test server will be stopped tomorrow, November 23, 10am UTC.

We have received substantial amount of feedback and now it's time to make changes.

We would like to thanks all the testers and invite them to the 2nd stage. Restart of 7.0 public test is scheduled for November 24. The test will be restarted under v. 7.0_test2.

UPDATE. 23.11.
Server-side update will arrive tomorrow. It won't bring much changes that are noticeable for players. Client update will be deployed next week. Need some time to implement the changes.

UPDATE. 24.11
Stage 2 of public test is rescheduled for November 25. Preparing the client update.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Targeted Feedback on 7.0 Update

Public test of 7.0 has been available for some time. So here I would like you to post your feedback regarding the following points:

1. Horn feature
2. Camos

Here share your sorts on overall quality, colour themes, pricing etc
3. Interface changes
Minimap improvements, warning windows, equipment indicator, etc
4. Gameplay and mechanics
5. New visual effects

You can also share your thoughts on any other changes and features you consider important. Browse full patch notes of 7.0.

Vote on horns here!