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Friday, August 5, 2011

Wargaming TV. Episode 7.

New episode of Wargaming TV with English subtitles.

In this episode:
- improved graphics
- Wargaming.net at Tankfest

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Scouts Incoming

A bunch of light tanks is planned to be introduced into the game in the near future.

Tier 4 Soviet light tank T-50 is one of them.

Weight - 13.8 t
Crew - 4
Vehicles produced - 75 (starting 1940)
Primary armament - 45 mm 20-K

Tier 5 Soviet light tank T-50-2. Prototype that never entered mass production with 57mm planned.

World of Tanks 6.6 Update Trailer

Trailer dedicated to the upcoming release of v.6.6 update.

ETA - August 8-12, 2011

World of Tanks v.6.5 - 6.6 Patch Notes

 World of Tanks v.6.5 - 6.6 Patch Notes
- Added new map Siegfried Line;
- Added new German tanks: Pz.VI Tiger (P), VK 4502 (P) Ausf A, E-50, Е-75, Е-100;
- Added new German premium tanks T-15, T-25;
- Panther II substituted by E-50 as tier 9 German medium tank, Panther substituted by Panther II as tier 8 German medium tank;
- Rebalanced Panther and Panther II tanks to fit tier 7 and 8 respectively;
- Maus tank: rate of fire for 12.8 cm gun decreased by 0.2 sec, hit points decreased by 400;
- IS-7 tank: hit points decreased by 50;
- T30 tank: hit points decreased by 50, dispersion during movement and traverse increased by 10%, dispersion during turret traverse increased by 30%;
- Tiger II tank: hit points for stock turret increased by 100;
- Increased credit income for US tank destroyers M10 and M36;
- Increased match-making value for US tank destroyer T95;
- Fixed map bugs on Lakeville, Artic Region, Abbey, Mines, Malinovka;
- Free platoons for 2 players;
- Added extra battle tier (tier 1 tanks only) for newcomers - players with up to 10 battles played;
- Added platoon invite filter - "accept from friends only";
- Fixed bug with experience transfer flags resetting after battle;
- Fixed few errors with display of water waves;
- Fixed bug when vehicle gets stuck due to critical inclination angle;
- Fixed bug when destroyed tanks are displayed as non-destroyed tanks (rare);
- Reworked models of 76mm guns for M26 Pershing;
- Fixed errors with disproportional tank icons;
- Fixed error when unused consumables with passive bonus are displayed as used;
- Fixed error with incorrect display of crater created when object is destroyed;
- Adjusted gun depression for T92;
- Removed "transfer gold" option from player context menu;
- Team damage when ramming now counts only if the speed of the vehicle involed exceeds 10 km/h.

~ size - 280 Mb

ETA - August 8-12, 2011

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Public Test Server Updated

Update v.6.6 test3 for public test is out.

Databases from the main servers were copied as of July 28, 2011 4:00 am UTC, so players who have registered prior to this date can access public test server.

World of Tanks 6.6 test2 - 6.6 test3 patch notes:

- Rebalanced vehicles Tiger (P), VK4502 (P) Ausf. A, Е-50, E-75, E-100, Maus, T-15, T-25;
- Fixed bug: unable research VK3001H tank via Pz III/IV tank;
- Panther tank: repair costs decreased;
- "Engine power boost" consumable removed from Store;
- Teamdamage when ramming now counts only if the speed of the vehicle involed exceeds 10 km/h;
- Fixed bug with E-50 tank: not possible to mount top turret on stock suspension;
- Fixed bug with E-50 tank: too long braking time.

Download 6.6 test3!
(1.2 Mb)

Install the update in the same directory where you have your v.6.6 test2 client installed.

Credit and experience rates for public test server are increased 10 times. All players are given 10k gold.

Payments are not accepted on public test server.
Progress won't be transferred to the main server.

Don't use launcher, start the game using WorldOfTanks.exe file!

Monday, August 1, 2011

July 25-31 Poll Results

4184 players took part in the latest poll showing almost 30% growth. As a result of the voting for the best tier 9 TD, the votes were equally divided between Object 704 and T95 (37% each) with the Soviet unit ahead having 5 votes more. German JT was far behind having 1065 votes (25%).

Poll results do not perfectly reflect the actual performance of the three in full, actually. :)

New weekly poll (hot this time) is up.