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Friday, April 19, 2013

[WoTB] First WoT Blitz QA (Glafi.com)

What minimum Android version that will be supported by World of Tanks Blitz?

Minimum system requirements for both iOS and Android haven't been finalized yet. Android 4.0+ and iOS 5.0+ will definitely be enough. However it's more about the device than OS itself. 

What minimum display size supported by World of Tanks Blitz?

From a personal standpoint 7'' devices provide the best user experience for World of Tanks Blitz due to the weight and size. Generally speaking, screen size is a secondary parameter, first of all, the device should be able to run the game itself. We are developing all the screens and UI elements for both smartphones and tablets to ensure comfortable play on any supported device regardless of screen size.

What will minimum device specs (memory, CPU) be?

At this stage it'd be easier to talk about supported devices. On Apple side we support iPad 2 and newer (3, 4, mini), and iPhone 4 and newer (4S, 5). As for Android, it's tricky because of fragmentation, Tegra-3-like devices will definitely be supported. 

What's the expected client size (Mb, Gb)?

The main content of the game are naturally tank 3D models and maps that require quite a lot of space, so the client size can easily go up to 1GB and even more. So as to allow players to jump into the game more quickly, we are planning to have a "light" client with the basic client package, while other required resources will be downloaded separately.

Will mobile and PC versions share same account or the current players will have to re-register?

Our current World of Tanks players on PC (and World of Warplanes testers) won't have to register once again so as to start playing World of Tanks Blitz on mobile thanks to Wargaming.net ID service. 

What distribution model will World of Tanks Blitz use?

Here at Wargaming we adhere to free-to-play. :) It worked out well for PC game, it works well for mobile these days. So everyone will be able to download the game for free and start playing. 

Are you going to use premium account system? What will it be like? 

Yes, we are planning to use premium account system in World of Tanks Blitz as well. Sure thing, premium account will speed up the progression. At this stage the exact mechanics is not finalized and it may differ from PC side. 

Is World of Tanks Blitz more of an independent game or a port from PC platform? 

We regard World of Tanks Blitz not as a downscaled version of "big brother", but as an independent project which is different from PC version in a lot of ways, e.g. content-wise. Of course, the mobile version will get its own unique features.  

Will we see companies in release version? 

For World of Tanks Blitz we are planning to implement a company mode similar to PC version. Can't give more details on it at this time - a lot can be changed subsequently. 

What tank classes will be in game? PC version has LTs, MTs, HTs, TDs, SPGs.. What will we get on mobile? 

For initial release version we are planning to add medium tanks, heavy tanks, and tank destroyers. I'm a big fan of SPGs and most likely the list won't be limited to the mentioned classes.

How many tanks will each branch have? 

For the launch we are going to have 3 factions - USA, Germany, and USSR. Each nation will get 3 tier 10 branches, 1 per tank class. All in all about 90 tanks. 

Anything about physics and damage model? 

We have managed to make our BigWorld technology work for mobile. This means that we will ensure the safety and security of all transactions as we do on PC. For players, it means that World of Tanks Blitz will take full advantage of tank movement physics (implemented in PC version in 0.8.0 update), accurate penetration and damage models that proved their worth on PC.  It doesn't mean there will be no changes, mobile gameplay is somewhat different and some changes may follow.

How many maps will release version get? 

Can't give the exact number yet, enough to ensure to diversity of gameplay. :) We are building maps for World of Tanks Blitz from scratch, this means that location-wise it will be a new experience for current WoT players.

What type of maps will we see in-game comparing to PC (city, open, mixed)? 

We are not focused on one single map type, on the contrary we are striving for diversity as much as it is possible. Artisits and designers are experimenting with settings, terrains and heights. Right now we have got a desert map, a city map, and a map based on legendary Karelia from WoT PC, and a couple of others in production. Each location will get its own unique terrain elements providing broad tactical options for players. 

What will be the controls?

Controls will use full capabilities of touchscreen devices. That's our main goal to make controls easy and comfortable, right now we are experimenting with different schemes, and doing focus test to shortlist the best option that we are going to show to players. We aslo consider supporting new physical game controllers (bluetooth joysticks) and  other devices that have potential.

What's the release time frame?

It will be released when we get the release quality and are satisfied with the result. Right now we are at pre-alpha stage - not ready to show the game to public yet. The development goes as scheduled and we are making good progress. 

Interview for glafi.com (translated from RU). Link to the original.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

[WoT] Digging Through Archives: Maus - Origins

That's how the original design of what later would be know as Pz.Kpfw.Maus tank looked like. Pz.Kpfw.

VK 100.01(P), blueprint KV3381, June 4, 1942. The vehicle is still within 100 ton range, the "inflation" to infinity hasn't been started at that point. Armour was similar to VK.70.01(K), 149mm  15 cm KwK L/40 gun was suggested as main armament. In general it looked like German version of KV-5.

However, the vehicle just wasn't meant to stay in that weight class. On the 15 of May Adolf Hitler decided that weight would be increased to 120t class. Porsche guys had to follow.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

[WoT] Are you an oldfag of WoT?

Taken from RU livejournal community, translated, and slightly modified.

You are oldfag of WoT, if:
  • played WoT even before closed beta started for EU and NA
  • remember single EU&NA forums and client, EU&NA migration and server-split
  • remember when only English localization was available
  • remember the recess of closed beta
  • remember what rush across the Malinovka field-of-death is
  • know how to block the path in Himmelsdorf
  • saw original Pagorki map
  • saw/used non-nerfed SPGs
  • know how to play KV-2 with derp gun
  • know how to kill Maus when 2nd top tank is tier 8
  • know how to tie the game on the old Erlenberg
  • remember teleports
  • remember massive lag spikes when
  • remember when T-44 was the best MT, and S-51 - best SPG 
  • saw T-54 "dev edition"
  • saw non-pitted Karelia
  • remember good olg Komarin camping
  • remember 1st Championship WoT Closed beta
  • remember the launch of global map
    blocked Maus in a group of tier 2-3 light tanks
  • remeber the DOG
  • remember when tracks were repaired separately
    remember "when is the wipe/reset?" questions in chats and on forums
  • first hours since release when gift and pre-order tanks couldn't penetrate each other
Feel free to add. :)