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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

[WoWP] What's New?

So in 0.4.1 for WoWP closed beta we will see the following (preliminary list):

- soft wipe/reset
- nicely tuned joystick (finally)
- reworked upgrades UI
- 2 new maps
- new prem aircraft

Arctic map

Harbour map


–°urtiss f-11c-2


Ar. 197

Seversky 2PA-L

Grushin Sh-Tandem

Me. 210

Bell P-77

He. 100

Bell XFL-1

Curtiss P-40 M-105

Monday, March 18, 2013

[ALL] Make Yourself Heard!

I will be heading for GDC 2013 to San Francisco later this week and prior to the event I will be talking to our EU and NA offices regarding (in)formal community relations, blogs, information policy and relevant stuff. I would appreciate any feedback from your side regarding the mentioned stuff, namely: your attitude to this blog, official forums, customer relations of WG in general.
What are the most glorious win and epic fail?