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Friday, June 3, 2011

D-Day Anniversary in World of Tanks: Sneak Peak

World of Tanks team has scheduled grand celebrations dedicated to the 67th Anniversary of Normandy Invasion for the beginning of June.

Since the scheduled server restart on June 3rd the following bonuses will be available on EU and US servers:

- 50% discount for extra garage slots
- 50% discount for American premium tanks – heavy tank T14, medium tank Ram II, and light tank T2 Lt.

Follow the updates on the community websites.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

General Patton Medium Tank

The M46 was a medium tank designed in the United States. It was named after General George S. Patton, commander of the U.S. Third Army during World War II and one of the earliest American advocates for the use of tanks in battle The M46 Patton was an improved M26 Pershing tank and one of the U.S Army's principal medium gun tanks of the early Cold War.

M46 Patton is going to replace M26 Pershing as tier 9 US medium tank and will be introduced in 6.5 update which is scheduled for end of June - July 2011.

Players who have a M26 Pershing in their garage at the time of the revision will have it replaced with a M46 Patton, with the respective module setup (possibly with some renaming) keeping their progress and old crew.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Shell Tracer Effects To Be Partially Reintroduced

Shell tracer effects for all allied vehicles and spotted enemy vehicles are going to be reintroduced after tomorrow's scheduled restart (May 31) on EU and US servers.

Note! Mind that shell tracer effects will be partial.

Additional anti hacking protection for shell tracer effects along with their full reintroduction are planned for 6.5 update