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Saturday, April 21, 2012

[WoT] Public Test of 7.3

After the release of 7.2 update all 3 main WoT servers have set new CCU records proving to a high extent movement in the right direction (the capacity of server hardware for EU recently has been almost tripled and ready for more players). However there is still a lot on the to-do list.

With the upcoming 7.3 we strive to stick "one content update per month" schedule which this time is pretty close to be kept. The public test of 7.3 has been up and running for quite enough to share the feedback. The list of changes can be found eg here. 7.3 is primarily a content update which also brings lots of bugfixing and improvements to the earlier 7.2. It's 7.4 that is supposed to bring far more significant changes and a bunch of new features, the two new game modes are undergoing final polishing.The expansion of French tech tree, SPGs and TDs, is also coming.

Let's see what we have got here.
  • 2 new maps. Note, that there are no city maps among them, the next city-based map is likely to come next update.
  • Huge Soviet revision announced long time ago finally completed. The newcomer heavies are T-150, KV-4, ST-1, and also we have KV divided into two, and IS-4 moved one tier up.
  • 2 new French prems tanks after testing on live server by supertesters are now available for everyone.
  • The next bunch of prems that are going to be tested right according to the same procedure are IS-6 and "golden" JT with 8.8cm.
  • MM spread for tier 5 heavies is reduced by 1. That should be considered as the initial step the impact of which is to be assessed further on to identify whether similar changes are to be extended and if yes to where exactly.
  • Apart from that there have been extensive bug fixing, including massive bug with "blach terrain" for old Radeon graphic cards. The descriptions of crew skills have also been extended. 
  • Clan logos are finally displayed in the client.
Commenting this post leave your feedback, ideas, and suggestions regarding the 7.3 public test. And a small reminder: 7.3 is still in testing and currently it's not the quality and experience of the release version.