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Friday, September 14, 2012

[WoWS] Some New Renders

Drooling time!



And Yamato again

Thursday, September 13, 2012

[WoWP] Japanese Tree

Check out the initial Japanese tech tree - carrier-based planes.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

[WoT] Get Expert Opinion. Updated

Updated. September17. No more questions, please.

With high probability later this week I will be seeing Mr. Hilary L. Doyle whose proficiency in German (and not only German :)) WWII vehicles is totally unquestionable.

To take even more advantage of the upcoming meeting (barring standard business issues) I would like to gather player questions regarding (preferably) German tanks, so as to get Doyle's answers. Post them in comments to this post, I will shortlist everything with love and care and subsequently provide replies. While considering what exactly to ask, keep in mind that Doyle maybe not knowledgeable of the game itself, thus try to keep your inquiries more reality-related than WoT-related.

On a related note, you can also post your Qs on Soviet tanks, since I will also be able to poke one of the WoT warfare experts Yuriy Pasholok whose materials are mostly used for "Digging Through Archives" posts.

[WoWP] WoWP Dev Diaries. Part 5 - Gameplay Variety

New episode is live.

[WoT] Reviving ISU-152

Check out the awesome video below: guys are reviving the ISU-152 found in Chernigov region (Ukraine) and launching its almost 70-year-old engine.

The VO is Russian, but one can some understanding from the footage itself.

Monday, September 10, 2012

[WG] They Produce Games

Guess, some self-PR wouldn't hurt anyone :). Below is the photo of Minsk-based WG's producing team (not complete, but still counts). Those guys are basically responsible for all the good (and bad) things (featues, content, etc) that are now and will be in future WG projects (ofc kudos to designers, programmers, and artists, etc).

So, here they are:

Starting from right:
  • Anton Sitnikau - Senior proudcer of WoWP (he is the one who responsible for all aerial-related issues)
  • Alex Zezulin - Project manager of WoWP (responsible for for ties with Kiev studio)
  • Michael Jivets/Zhivets aka Storm - Producer of WoT (responsible for day-to-day production of tanks)
  • Slava Makarov - Executive producer of WG (or just Slava, he is one of the fathers of WoT and most of the other concepts that will in future become games)
  • Sergey Burkatovskiy aka SerB - Executive producer / Head of Game design of WG (Sergey maintains the global vision of all WG projects and is capable of solving the hardest and trickiest game design issues of ground, aerial, and naval warfare. Many love and cherish him for good balance in WoT, especially his strong passion for German vehicles)
  • Andrey Gashkov - Producer of World of Warships (he is responsible for the project in general)
  • And the guy on the left is some useless PR officer :). 
The team is still not complete however, it is missing Alexey Levakov (producer of WoWS), Olga Koshan (producer of WoTG), and myself (Overlord). Since they have skipped the gathering, will leave them for next time.

PS: the photo was taken during Tanker's day celebration on September 9, 2012 near Minsk.