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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Father's Day: US Server Special

World of Tanks is a macho game for manly men! Some of these manly men have even sired offspring, making them, technically, fathers. In celebration of Father's Day this Sunday, we are recognizing the hard work and dedication necessary to being a good father by offering a special bonus to every player who has a father (yes, even the ladies!).

Beginning with the June 17th server restart and all the way through June 21th, the first victory of each day, for each vehicle, will be worth 5x normal experience instead of the usual double normal experience.

On top of that, since you've probably spent all of your savings buying something really nice for your father for this holiday, we're also slashing prices on all equipment by 50% for the duration.

Note! Please be informed that there will be no confirmation message for 5x nomral experience gained.


Mystery is Alive

Figure Me Out! contest promising total sum of 30.000 in-game gold finished on June 14th as scheduled and it took me quite a while to read about myself. Well… found out a lot of new stuff about my Mightiness and megalomania,  and what a cool girl I am and who would be Overlord if I didn’t exist…

Thanks, guys! You really made my week!

And as I promised, I am going to reveal my secret to you…

Actually, it is not me who is going to do that… It’s HypnotoadProductions (EU Server). It seems to me he knows me better than me, myself and I do… and this is real me:

You're the link between the community and the developers, with you being one of the devs. You're often seen as a scapegoat when something goes wrong, yet you're only doing your job. None the less people like you more than others developers, because you keep the community updated. One thing I think should be changed in your / WoT behaviour is the acceptance of constructive criticism.

Cheers, mate! You were really close! Yes, I am the scapegoat link… people hate like me (cool!) …and yes, this is all my job!

However, honestly, sometimes I reckon my life should go a way like this:

Who is Overlord? He's the most interesting man in the World [of Tanks].
He once destroyed a Maus... With a LOLTRACTOR.
He once scouted with a Lowe.
Even his enemies name him as their emergency contact.
He's not a wallet warrior, because the premium tanks can't afford HIM.
Your tank will track itself out of respect for him..
He uses the burning wreckage of his enemies to light his cigars.
The Mountain Pass wasn't created by a glacier, Overlord had to take a leak.
Even his beard got Steel Wall...TWICE.
He doesn't always ban people, but when he does, even their parent's kick them out.

(US server), you must have recognized your work. Well, maybe in my next life when I reincarnate and become the real Overlord and not just [censored].

Finally, it was good to know you don’t believe I am a single person whereas I actually am (and not married BTW!).However some of your delusions were quite entertaining. And here goes my favourite one (piece of poetry!):

On forums he's most often found,
dispensing knowledge that will astound.

He posts so much that I now can tell,
He's not one man but a whole cartel !

It's true I say! Its an army of millions,
that write his responses, like good little minions.

And I've heard it whispered in deep darkened corners,
Of the big stick that he uses, to enforce all his orders.

There's ten thousand they say, steeped in programming code,
Two thousand blonde secretaries to lighten his load !

A team of top chefs prepare all his food,
which is served on gold platters by girls in the nude.

And now as I sit, my fear does increase.
For now I await his secret Police

For revealling this truth, I expect ban, not reward.
And when I disappear, Just blame Overlord !

Kudos to Doofus (EU server)! You are the third lucky winner to get your 10.000 in-game gold!

Thanks to all contestants for partaking in this theatre of the absurd competition.

The gold is aleady on your accounts.

E100: Superheavy

E100 - new tier 10 German superheavy tank which is scheduled for 6.6 update.

Screenshots feature Krupp turret (top one) and 15 cm KwK 44/L38 gun (top one).

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

World of Tanks 6.5 Preliminary Patch Notes

World of Tanks 6.4. - 6.5 preliminary patch notes:

- Added basic US TD line: T18, T82, T40, M10 Wolverine, M36 Slugger, T25 AT, T28, T95.
- M26 Pershing replaced for M46 Patton as tier 9 US medium tank. M26 Pershing moved to tier 8. T23 US medium tank temporarily removed.
- Added premium tanks: US M22 Locust, USSR T-127.
- Added new maps: Redshire and Arctic (working title).
- Visually redesigned maps: Karelia and Erlenberg.
- Fixed bugs, stickings, impassibilities for the majority of maps.
- Fixed destruction and damage models for some objects.
- Fixed errors in vehicle models.
- Fixed credit income for M12, tier 6 US SPG (now the same as its counterparts have).
- Increased gun depression angle for T1 hvy, M6, T32, T34.
- Increased credit income for M6A2E1 by 10%.
- Fixed hitboxes for T1 hvy, M6, M6A2E1.
- Reworked protection for colour of shell tracer effects.
- Fixed discrepancy of pre-battle counter.
- Fixed description for Orlik's medal.
- Fixed crash to desktop when minimizing the game (rare).
- Fixed sound notification when observation device has been taken out.
- Fixed error when tracers and effects of shots would disappear during the loading of enemy tank models.
- Fixed display of hit spots from explosion on objects
- Fixed display of muted player (from whom voice messages are forbidden) on the loading screen
- Fixed display of the list of input devices in the voice chat settings
- Added post-battle message to the hangar informing about the amount of credits deducted for killing or damaging allies
- Fixed not being able to click on some squares of minimap after changing the size of the game window
- Fixed blank lines in some of the graphics settings for certain configurations
- Fixed reset of graphics settings to "custom" when you change default graphic presets
- Fixed text descriptions for some tanks
- Fixed error with incorrect selection of the most "weak" crew member for training during the accelerated crew training
- Fixed error when players couldn't leave the clan by themselves

ETA: end of June - beginning of July.