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Monday, September 17, 2012

[WoT] Doyle, Kubinka, and Much More. Part 1: Introduction

The previously announced meeting did happen at the weekend, and now I'm planning a series of posts on the subject, including the two major points:
  • Some unique stuff (photos, videos, etc) from Kubinka tank museum and Great Patriotic War museum of Moscow
  • And, of course, replies from Mr. Doyle to the questions gathered I have shorlisted the best ones and going to break them into a couple of portions.
For starter, it was really a great pleasure to have a chance to meet a well-established tank expert Hilary L. Doyle, and give him a tour on Kubinka museum together with Yuri Pasholok - his Russian counterpart.

Here is the proof picture

Overlord & Doyle
By the way King Tiger as a background was chosen for a reason. :) You will know why later on.

Elbe Day: Two great military experts finally meet each other in person

Doyle & Pasholok

And there was some fun in Kubinka that day as well

Surplus crew.


  1. Replies
    1. Been waiting for one of those to show up in WoT. I'd take the "one shot per battle" rate of fire just to see what damage that 350mm shell would do.

    2. @Mike Lynch, it would bounce off or hit a track with 0 dmg :D

    3. Especially on that OP thing T50-2, they should really impelemnt rolling on it by crawling tanks...

    4. looking forward to 20-25m spalsh area :)
      id love HE rocket propelled 380mm "bullets?".

      oneshotting a maus when hitting properly..
      lets assume to get dm per mm system enhanced to 380mm (comparede to the 240 of T92) you might have a dmg on penetration of roundabout: 3500... but i guess the penetration value of this shell might be the crucial point ;)

  2. I'm really curious about your reason of chosing Tiger II :)

  3. Looks like the moon is out in the third picture

  4. Have the Kubinka Museum a M3 Lee/Grant? :3

  5. Hueh guys I think you should wear longer t-shirts:D

  6. Replies
    1. That's only the first part, planning to add one or two more later this week.

  7. looks like there Photoshoped in...

  8. What can you tell us about these new tank pics? When will they come a.s.o


    1. @vipez

      Hell yeah, american mediums (looking at M4 90V) or heavys (looking at T54) are coming. When when when?

  9. Why can't in-game German tanks have camouflage that looks as good as that in the photos, especially as on the JagdTiger and King Tiger?

  10. Dear Overlord is there a posiibility to implement frames counter and ping counter to the garage screen? Next to how many players are online? It would be very helpful to known before battle that my internet connection is jammed and starting new battles is senseless. What do you think about it?

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