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Friday, December 14, 2012

[WoT] How Is 8.2?

So 8.2 for World of Tanks is now out for both EU and NA servers. Time to share your thoughts.

What's your first impression? Encountered any critical or strange bugs / faults?

Any other relevant feedback? Fire away!


  1. Well....the refreshed maps are nice,other than that meh. Next patch will be even more disappointing with a whole tree of copy paste tanks :(

    BTW any chance you guys will start sneaking in new maps anytime soon...because the refresh "high" wears off quite fast ???

    1. Guys are currently reworking our current maps, while part of the team is working on new maps. We are determined to increase the quality of all new maps, since there were some really contradictory ones recently.

    2. Well, pardon my bluntness, but when you have a (new content) addict, the solution isn't to dish out even more content in even shorter time. That goes for maps too... personally, I think there are quite enough maps already and the map redesigns are more than welcomed.

    3. That's also our current thinking and that's why it maps overhaul has higher priority now.

    4. I would love to see more proper City maps like Himmelsdorf and not 1/2 city 1/2 open field.

    5. I would love to see some city maps too, just like himmelsdorf.

    6. @ 007 Kenny

      I prefer much more diversed maps. Only city maps are terrible for light armored vehicles. I am sick when I get Himmelsdorf or Port in tanks which need space and hills to flank and hulldown.

      Ensk, Ruinberg and Siegfried Line are thousands times better cause every vehicle has there his best area.

    7. Personally I would quite like to have a few more winter and desert maps, because as it is there are a grand total of FIVE of those map types combined. Maybe we could have a desert city map based on Tobruk or Tunis, or a city map in a winter climate...

  2. Overall it's very decent, can't really complain. I had some very small FPS decrease and for some reason, my ping went up a bit (before I had usually 20-25, now 30-40), but maybe that's caused by higher server load with the upcoming holidays?

    Either way, I like the small UI changes, I like the renames of some vehicles (much more comprehensible now, but the premium Matilda still causes some confusion, why not rename it Matilda LL?). I generally dislike the autoloading Americans and I have yet to see one in the higher tier battles, but that'll come I guess.

    One thing though: arty explosions sound really muffled even if they explode really close. While it's more comfortable than massive BOOOOOOM that shakes the PC speakers, it also gives the impression nothing is going on. Yesterday I heard two such "pops", thinking they are fire away and suddenly discovered half of my HP is missing.

    Overall it's good though, I am happy, the new maps are okay too.

    1. Performance increase was one of the key elements of this update.

    2. Well, it worked for many people with laptops, so good work there :) Just a thought tho: would it be possible to make a special setting in graphics to remove specifically only dust trail/smoke the tanks leave behind?

    3. Since 8.0 I have been experiencing short "freezes". The game runs at about 50-60fps, then suddenly freezes for 0.5-2seconds.
      This seems to happen when:
      * switching between scope & normal view
      * when new sounds are played

      In previous versions most "freezes" were gone by applying Curse's Scope Shadow-remove-mod.

      This doesn't seem to fix the issue anymore: Game is almost unplayable atm.

    4. We are investigating those "freezes", the whole issue is rather complex.

    5. I get that freezes alot too, in 8.1 it only freezes when im switching to sniper view and back on every map.

      I managed to fix it by setting the terrain quality to medium or higher. Any lower and the game would freeze when i switch view. Fixed the freeze on every map except dragons ridge.

      Now in 8.2 the freeze made its way to every map i play again and changing the terrain quality only lessened it albeit not fixing it completely. A few minutes of googling later I was finally able to completely fix it by maxing out the terrain quality and installing the fog remover mod. The freeze completely disappeared on all maps.

      Anyway, hope this info can help you guys.

    6. I'm experiencing those freezes, too. It seems that the new sounds are freezing the game... I havent got these problems in 0.8.1
      Sometimes ONE sound of a shot is being played in a loop 2-3 times, and somehow it's influencing the FPS, stuttering the whole game.

    7. *ADDITION!*

      I've copy-pasted the old sound files from 8.1 over to the 8.2 version (res/audio) and despite the fact that some sound effects are missing (arty splash damage near the tank) I've got a great FPS increase and less stuttering!

      So IT IS somehow connected to the new sound files.. Either - they are badly compressed or something else is terribly going on.

      Another problem is the same as with every version of WoT, starting with 8.0.. After two-three finished battles in a row without restarting - the FPS gets a HUGE hit (from around 40-60fps down to 10-30). Is there a possibility to add an option to purge all the resources after each battle? The battle will load a little bit longer, but at least - I'm not gonna be forced to restart the whole client every 1-2 battles. Thanks!

  3. As a fan of dynamic tanks (as opposed to my moaning about the mid brit heavy tanks) I like the new US vehicles, and grind them slowly and with pleasure.

  4. Why i don"t hear any sound when my tank got hit penetrate or ricochet? was this my audio file corrupt?

    1. Can be a problem with audio algorithm, the issue is not wide-spread, but still occurs.

  5. I have to say I really dislike the name changes. A minor point overall but I find it very jarring. Just generally I wish you guys would decide a full name and short name for a tank and just stick to it.

    Otherwise, I find the Erlenburg minimap to just look a bit strange. The other redone minimaps are fine - it might be something with it being a winter map though. The new maps though do appear very nice.

    I like the look of the new techtree. Any more compression and it would feel very cluttered, but as it is I think it works well.

    Playing around with hiding in fallen trees - it is interesting to see how few people appear to be taking advantage of this change as yet.

  6. First of all, great increase in performance!
    I can still get down to 30-40 fps on some maps (strangely small ones like Widepark), but overall I cap out at 61 fps most of the time now.

    Not much else major to talk about really.
    Only just started on the new US tanks. The T21 is fun to play, but sooo low health.
    Type 62 is so much fun now. Finally behaves like a light tank.
    Changes to Type 59 are also good, although not as massive.
    Happy about the Matilda armour fix. Wanted to play it more after I elited it, but the bug made me hold off.
    Camo from fallen trees will probably take a bit longer to really appreciate, but it's clearly a great change.
    Haven't had the "jerky aim" that plagued 8.0 and 8.1 yet. Although I managed to make my sights vibrate fast up and down when I stopped on a railway. So probably a new bug, but I'm guessing it's pretty rare in comparison.

    So overall it was a very positive patch for me, even if the content originally wasn't highly anticipated.

    I hope you manage to squeeze in some good stuff alongside the Chinese tanks in 8.3 like you did this patch.
    Perhaps some balancing? ;)

  7. To my surprise; I did get higher framerate!

    I never expect much from "promised" performance boosts (generally speaking); but you guys actually deliver :)

    PS. I'd like a new premium medium next patch.

  8. 8.2 is really nice, and my Type 62 can now compete with AMX1375, that was not that easy before compared to AMX12t when Type62 was T6 tank.

    Just a simple thought based on what I see in comments: change naming of chinese tanks to TypeXX, because as long as You keep it in current format, there will be people bitching about copy-paste tanks, that did not actualu see them at all. A great example is T-34-2! It sounds like a copy, but when You take a closer look it seems like an ameeican T20 with Type59 turret ... this is not similar to the original T-34 AT ALL.

    The last thing is back to 8.2, and is regarding performance ... I don't sem to notice any actual performance boost compared to 8.1 in the matter of trees in view. I still have a 60% DROP in performance when I get to some flora intensive part o the map on my screen. This is most disturbing on the Dragon Ridge map. I am running on a ATI Radeon HD 5600 series card and latest drivers, if that is anyhow helpful at all.

    PS. pls go back to chek replies on CW entry You posted a couple of days ago, thank You in advance ! ;)

  9. Think To Reworked T21's Matchmaker, they're useless if they met tier 8

  10. Why did you give the Type 59 this small buff, even though SerB admitted that the Type 59 is too strong for a premium tank?

    1. Its W/R is 50.45% at the moment which is a bit too high.

    2. Are there any plans to give the Type 59 a normal MM? To be honest: the Type 59 is a versatile tank and can also handle Tier X opponents. This step would also help to tone down the Type 59 glut in Tier VIII-IX matches.

    3. so .. you buffed it, why?
      meaning in a future patch will get a nerf

      ah, BTW ... I can't accept the terms of the EULA
      return the Type59 to it's original self and then we "talk"
      in good faith I cannot accept what you guys did and will do to premium tanks, after repeated assurances these tanks won't be messed with

      because of this, WoT is dead to me

  11. I would love some more maps like Himmelsdorf. It has been and remain my favourite map since the first time I played it :)

    I like most of the map redesigns, I think it was needed before adding even more (though more are always welcome).

  12. I got huge FPS increase from this patch. New tanks are fun to shoot at. Type 59 buff is mind boggling, premium tank shouldn't be better than regular tanks of it's tier. JP E-100 is still underperforming other TD's. Otherwise, great job :)

  13. When hit by arty, it's sound like a tank (ap) not like before (explosion even if it's a direct hit)... very annoying :s

  14. I haven't noticed FPS increase yet, but overall good! However must agree on the T21 matchmaking issue, tier X battles are just too much for this little bugger.

  15. Im having freezes sometimes when switching from arty mode to normal and sometimes when switching from sniper to normal.
    I wouldnt call them new tanks just new skins.
    Not sure if its from this patch but there were 3 tanks near each other and the engine sounds were going crazy from high pitch to low and it was just weird.
    I like the fallen tree camouflage tho.

    Offtopic: i just heard a goat in Prokhorovka. If you could add a donkey sound in future patches that would be simply amazing!

  16. Finally got my fps increase since 8.0 on my laptop.

    The most funny thing is that i didn't have a single performance boost with the 0.8.2 public test, but i did get it (+25 fps average with higher details too) with the released 0.8.2

  17. Hey Overlord,

    You might have heard this a million times, but I've been having lag issues. In any give battle, my ping is 2-3 times more than what it was in the previous (or next) battle. However, the lag issue lasts till the end of that battle.

    Also, I don't think I like the way you redesign maps. They are so bumpy, that it takes the fun out of driving fast moving tanks. The rework of Prokhorovka and Redshire, which used to be horrible camper maps, actually might have made them worse: It is even more difficult to scout on them now (I have to admit, that if you added new passive scouting spots, I still haven't found them). Killing active scouting might make things worse, even if your intent was to just make shooting on the move harder.

    Best wishes:


  18. For me has been another step in the progressive, continuous, uncomprehensive, nerfing to the Lowe. A vehicle that

    A; Has costed money. Real money.

    B; Has been already nerfed in its income various times both directly ( via changing the income modificator ) and indirectly ( via shell normalization ) even when its stated "too high" income was resolved increasing it´s price in a 66%

    C: Has the worst winratio of all premiums

    This time has been nerfed in a size increase due to "Historical reasons"

    It is a pretty lolable argument bearing in mind that first of all, is a paper tank with not a single piece of it ever constructed, and secondly that is the tank that most differs in its "historical" stats in every other aspect, such as armor, speed, or cannon.

    1. Lowe is far from being the worst with W/R of 49.3%.

    2. Ok, let´s put a "meh w/r"

      Does a tank with a 49,3 wr deserves to be nerfed?

      And what about all the other points?

      Will the nerfing on this tank come to an end some day?

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Thats funny. All the time I hear about Lowe nerf (of course secret once apart from last enlargement), while his win ratio is currently best ever...

    5. No Lowe nerfing occured in 8.2

    6. I don't think Lowe supposed to have a cannon with 170mm calibre, i know about versions of 150mm, 105mm and 88mm. It's WG style, you can say what you what but it's like "whaterver" for them. @Overlord, why bother giving an answer that will make knitt our brows even more? Do WG think that the majority of players with Lowe is formed by noobs, therefore the tank performs too good?
      The germans had a few projects about the Lowe, it's possible to see in the future some of those variants in the tech tree forming a new hevy line?

    7. Ok, not a nerf.


      My Lowe just ate all his brocoli and it is becoming a big guy then?

    8. I wonder why overlord didn't used: "it got resized to it's historical parameters so it's not a nerf"

    9. Overlord, every enlargement is some kind of nerf. Bigger target is easier to hit. There is huge difference between sniping at (even standing still) T-50 and Maus :)

      This is why Soviets were so eager to make tanks as small as possible. This is why Americans (and later Swedes) were such fans of hull down tactics.

      And in real life there is even more profits from small tank (lighter, easier to hide, easier to transport).

    10. Especially considering the fact that Lowe in WoT is some kind of... I do not know how to call it. You have it a mass of a heaviest variant but armor of a lightest one. WG. What the hell.

    11. zMe ul,

      if you haven't noticed, I rarely use that kind of justification. I do trust our modelers and warfare experts whose resposibility is to ensure that the scale is correct.

    12. if that phrase wasn't used by you, it sure was used by someone else from WG
      earlyer size reduction of IS-3 and IS-4 comes in mind

    13. Prolly. Again, in those cases I tend to rely on those who are proficient in the subject.

  19. WE still cannot get transfer from NA to EU. unacceptable.

    1. so when is it planned to come?

    2. There is no ETA at this stage.

    3. well, then that is unacceptable.

    4. I agree, I have been waiting for more than a year to switch servers.
      I still cannot play clanwars due to the timezone and I have 9 tier 10 tannks waiting for it.
      Its annoying as hell especially since you dont do anything about the tank company system either. On the NA server its just dead.
      You see a few medium companies if youre lucky.
      Why are you guys ignoring such an important issue??? I want to play clan wars!!!


    5. I fail to see how not give us the transfer'm willing to pay for it, I invested a lot of money in the game and only ask to play on the server to which I belong, I have premium account of 1 year, 5 tanks premium I am paying the game and have 200ms ping several times and can not play cw. little game now because I have no motivation to play this server. yes but for you guys it should not give money so forget, at least ask for a date? a little hope.

    6. Your complain accepted, personally I don't know the timeline for the feature. Will see if I can clear it up.

  20. Sounds effect´s have been fucked beyong recognition, vanilla sounds are now so dumb, ap and he hits sound the same, you get shot by a 203mm art sheel and it sounds the same as an 88mm from a tank.... not even jafdet´s weapons and hots sounds work properly now so we are forced to have a worst gameplay experience compared to previous versions, not only that directional sound doesnt work as well as before and just a + i ocasinally have a sound glitch/bug in my left ear cup, i have a 150€ headphones and i get shitty sound effects when playing world of tanks.... just GREAT this 0.8.2 patch is.

  21. still waiting for a buff for the SU-101 and AC MLe 1948! because the french one has a way to high gun dispersion on the move paired with a to high aimtime which makes it unplayable (and dont come with it has a good frontal armor because it has weakspots which are even bigger than the ones on the KV-5) and the SU got only a credit buff but the rest is still shit ( weak gun, no gun depression, low hp-pool, no armor)!

    and the conqueror still seems to miss some armor-groups because a arty hit in the tracks kills several crewmembers but a direct hit on the turrent kills nobody!(maybe at the bottom of the turrent, where its connected to the hull)

  22. I've been getting significant lag when moving the turret. The turret will move but the aiming circle jerks to keep up it's not a smooth motion. Also as the sight zooms in it tends to jump as well. Not game breaking but makes snap shots difficult. Additionally I've been seeing my gun point straight up again if I'm behind a building and pop out, I thought that was fixed last patch.

  23. Tech tree can be even smaller then know. There are still huge spaces between tank boxes and I need scroll all the time ;). And still I think that old vertical version was much better. Current tree also causes that people are hmmm slightly confused with lines and connections between tanks. Old one was much more clear.

    And this is probably the only thing. Rest is OK for me. I like some small changes that were added. Again step forward although this time a small one :)

    1. By the old tree you neab the vertical one?

    2. yeah, I have to agree
      the new horizontal tree was the baddest joke WG did to us

      they could've kept the original vertical tree and do a horizontal scroll if needed, but noo .... let's switch the whole darn thing horisontally, just because

    3. zMe ul,

      making two trees is even a worse move. You will have to support both and have your workload doubled. If only we could cancel low res support, it would make things much easier.

    4. how about giving us back the vertical tree in the new design and scale it with the resolution of the screen and please center it! Because i got a screen with a resolution greater than fullhd and now there is a lot of space left on the left side and this is really annoying to use and look at!

      Or stay with the new one and scale it with the resolution of the screen, so nobody has to scroll or has a lot of empty space left!

    5. overlord, who said anything about two trees!?!?!?!?!?

      you shoudl've not switch the tree to horizontal in the 1st place, NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE even asked you to do it and yet here we are

      witness to the stupidity of WG's decision is the fact that people moded the old vertical tech tree back into the game

      if the new added tanks would occupy more horizontal space, you shoudl've add a horizontal scroll bar but keep the vertical progression of things
      yes you added that horizontal scroll bar and switched the whole tree horizontally - WHY
      you can't even follow tank's tier progression anymore

    6. zMe ul,

      you are confusing your own opinion with public opinion. Almost any change is taken negatively on default because most of the people don't like anything new. If one always follows this rule, there will be no progress whatsoever.

    7. I agree about the new tree. It looks terrible. There is a mod made by Roktaal (a guy in my clan) which proves new changes can be good if done right

      Another thing, when you click on a tank in tech tree you just get a little image of a tank and upgrades leaving much wasted space. At least tank statistic could be shown and get updated with new installed modules.

    8. somehow you think or want to make me think there are no mods that turn the horizontal tree to vertical

    9. There are all kinds of weirdos. So what.

    10. Overlord you should look into addon creativity, its very good sign what ppl like to change.

      New tech trees are disaster.

  24. Aaand most of may mods will not work again...
    Changes to Type59 - bad.
    Finally remade tech tree and added XP counter.
    New sounds: distant sounds are made quite well, artillery shots made worse.

    1. Yeah, the arty sounds are TERRIBLE! And by extension any shell hitting the ground. Haven't had too much of annoyance with the rest.

  25. in battle summary i noticed a bug in last tab. under damage done to allies are two values - next numbers that should be associated to other achievements are moved one line up. EU server, polish language, no mods.

  26. Well the hourly crashes i was getting in 8.1 seem to have stopped, at least I've played 7 hours or so without bombing to the desktop mid battle. And rejoining to a burning hulk. So thank you. :)

  27. I only played about 7 battles last night, but overall the patch seemed to smooth out the performance in battle. I even managed to hit 150 fps at one point. I am running on the lowest graphics settings just because I like performance over prettyness, but it seems like the graphics were touched up a bit.

    Just for shits and giggles, I did bump of the graphics to high to see if my laptop would allow them, and immediately I dropped to 25 fps.. I have an Nvidia Geforce 650M with 3GB on the video card, so not sure what's going on there..

    As for the gameplay itself, I only ran into one zero damage penetration shot, which is promising. I don't have enough data though to say if that's fixed however. I also had one critical hit that I thought might've been a zero damage hit, but was proven wrong in the post battle screen. Would it be possible to go back and re-add the confirmation for a critical hit? I know it used to say critical prior to the new perk, but not knowing whether the shot is a crit or a zero damage pen is frustrating. I'm not asking to know which part was critically hit, just want to know that it wasn't a wasted shot..

    On the map changes, I can only say well done. The rocky terrain really added some depth that was needed.

    As for the new tanks, I haven't tried any yet, so I can't give any feedback there.

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. I Still do not understand why is that so hard to avoid the arty parties ?(!)
    It is the third patch that we are complaining about this issue and you still did not solved that .
    When will we be able to choose which map to play in ?
    Why players can not choose which map they want to play ?! really .
    So there will be more battles in closed \ city maps , and the arty party issue will be also solved .
    I do not get it , why you are an such evil team of developers .

    1) Let the players choose which map they want to play .
    2) Maximum 3 arties in each team .
    3) Nerf soviet TDs (Optimal) .

    1. Afaik, there will be separate adjustment for arties that didn't make it to 8.2.

      1. It wouldn't work for MMing.
      2. Might be another option. Also see above.
      3. Only when stats indicate it is necessary.

    2. 1) , Wouldn't work for MMing ?
      As a game engine developer i must say that your MM is very poor technology .

      But no , The point is that you just want more games created per minute (Again it is better for your economy) And from this obvious reason , i get the conclusion that WG's developers and game designers are simply prefer economy vs players' suffering .
      This is of course not something new . WG's infamy is clear and known for everyone .

    3. Since you're saying that you're a game developer, you should also know first-hand to not listen to every comment about how your game is done wrong.

    4. If i had a project like this MMO , ofcourse i would listen to players' criticism . At least to these who played much enough to give a criticism .

      The last poll showed the current issues , Are the issues still not clear enough ? (Arties , MMing etc..)

      If more than half of this community wants some changes for certain things , then why not change ?
      What is the reason for this inertness and carelessness ?

      Reworking the MM is not that expensive like reworking a full rendering and physics engines , But they did that and reworked the rendering system and even added new lighting before the MM ! (I will not really wonder if they will develop a new game engine before reworking the MM...)

      More than half year they are talking about plans and plans of game logic change .. But i do not see really any logical changes in the game , Just another new tanks .. It is stupid . Adding content before correcting the gameplay ? WTF ? When the basic mechanism is not working proper they found time and money to add another content and in game goods (Oh god) .

      Just notice that the game is still not even V1.0 since 2010 or even earlier .

      The gameplay mechanism is almost the same thing from the Closed beta version . And the same issues are still alive F.EX , Camping , MM , Performance , Game mods , Information and statistics , and much more stuff ...

      The saddest irony is that they even opened another TWO projects in same dimensions . WoWP and WoWS , Before even fixing or finish the first WoT project -_- .

      Which kind of development order is it ?
      I am not sure if it is all about the money and ecenomy . Or it is about prestige to be the first great company which success(failed) to develop a series of triple Warfare MMO games for sea land and air .

    5. The thing is that no major MMing overhaul is required or planned. Apart from addressing the SPG issue.

    6. MM's full rework is required to make it possible for players to vote against some maps or even choose which map to play and avoid your map rotation priority .

      Also for better MMing we would like to see one day MM by player's effectiveness .

      Separate Match-Maker for each map , Is the way to give players vote maps , choose maps , and also avoid your fake map rotation which working by priority for each map ! - again infamy . You and others told many times that your map rotation works totally randomly but we both know that it is a clear lie .

      This is not an rage post(s) , But this is the truth that everybody should know . I was expecting a lot of time from your team to grow up from this junk random play style .

    7. Don't want to go into the deep combinatorial analysis right here but what you are suggesting here won't work out taking into account current state of things.

    8. WoT is like a dictatorship country without any voting rights .

      At least as in StarCraft , Let the players vote against 3-4 maps .

  30. Also i do not understand why did not you posted the full detailed changes of rebalance to the tanks you listed in the patch notes .
    I need to guess what did you changed in M18 Hellcat ?
    Seriously .

  31. The AMX 50 100 needs some serious armor buff , and decrease it's shell costs . It does a minus credits of tier 10 mediums but it got a weak armor and bad gun at all .

  32. I have heard good things about the type 62 buff will we see it in store/gift shop this year?

  33. Hi Overlord!
    8.2 patch is really OK, keep it going! (I'm really looking forward to Chinease tanks BTW)
    I have possibly found a bug. KV-1S AP and HE ammo are probably wrongly positioned. And sometimes it is really frustrating when I forget to change from AP to HE at the beginning of the battle... Pic related (I don't use any mods) http://i46.tinypic.com/14udq12.jpg

    1. u can change the position of the ammo in the garage in the service window! simply klick on the HE shell and replace it with the AP shell! hope my comment was helpfull!

  34. The new long range battle sounds are exceptionally well made! You do get a much better sense of what is going on within 500m around you.

    I haven't had any problems with it but most of my platoon mates can't hear the sounds and get a buzz sound instead. I think you should keep it but you should try to fix the sound bug.

    1. I too am getting an odd buzzing sound after the patch. Sound usually starts out fine throughout the client, but then, at the end of a battle when switching back to the garage (or garage to a new match) a buzzing sound starts in my speakers or headphones, and the only way to stop it is to reboot the client. I have also noticed when I am in sniper mode, and a tanks gun goes off in close proximity to my tank, it has a glitchy "robotic" sound. When the sound is working right (95% of the time) it sounds absolutely amazing. Hope you find the issue!

  35. Sorry to say i feel it's a dissapointing patch overlord. :(

    The new sounds are still far behind some of the mod packs out there.

    My GPU usage STILL skyrockets when behind a bush looking through (15-20 percent increase screams massive optimisation issues). This is on a superclocked 560Ti.

    Old maps returning is good, but at the same time i still think..."who cares", it's hardly new, fresh or exciting content, and some of the changes are so arbitrary i'm surprised they were taken out of rotation in the first place.

    Resizing the Lowe seems really unfair to those guys, modifying prem tanks is dodgy as hell...you're making your playerbase paranoid for gods sake!

    1. Strange that your performance didn't go up in 8.2. From performance point of view this update was solid.

      As for Lowe-thing, I do somewhat agree, it's always tricky when it comes to prems.

    2. Hi overlord, i appreciate the reply mate.

      As for performance, was the standard renderer given changes? speedtree across the board?

    3. What ever you did to boost performance, doesnt work cause it was not tested on enough configuration. And when you see 3 different results for 1 thing you changed, you did it wrong, simple as that.

    4. Adam Greenwood,

      yup, personally I got ~25% boost to my FPS for standard render.

  36. noises of explosions....sound like someone throw rock in the water...

    1. Different shell types can have their sounds confused in some cases. That's a known issue of 8.2.

  37. There is one thing that bothers me since the 8.1 Update and i hoped, this was getting fixed with 8.2.

    The AP-Round cost for two british weapons.
    I mean the OQF 20-pdr Type A Barrel and OQF 20-pdr Type B Barrel.
    The wiki says 85cr. per shot. In-Game it is 680cr.
    That means, most of the time u pay more for your ammo than for the complete tank repair.

    If we compare it with the 8,8 cm KwK 43 L/71 from thge Panther 2 (there Pen, Damage and RoF is almost the same) you pay 428cr more per shot.
    Ok, currently i dont now how expansive a complete Panther 2 repair is,
    i just want to now, will this get a look from a dev and will it be in the near future?

  38. So I've been playing WoT for the past 5-6th months (which means I've had premium for the last 5), and today I bought a month of premium for my dad. In that time I've explored the Germans up to tier 9, played around with hellcats, endured ridiculous damage in my Kv1, and ground my way to the fun tier 6 Frenchies. My favorites are typically lights (minus British), but I play all classes with gusto. My dad is eagerly looking forward to his M41, and plays a truely horrible T82 :).

    So my take on 8.2 - it's the same great game with a little nicer haircut.

    I can understand a little fan reaction to adjusting Lowes size and the 59's damage, but from what I've experienced the tanks still function the same. I have no interest in buying a Lowe, not due to nerfs or percieved power, but because I already have a TigerP elited with camo and enjoy playing it. The Lowe only adds a better turret to that formula. By that same logic I am eagerly awaiting the next Kv5 sale, as I believe it will let me experience a kv1 play style vs a higher level of opponent.

    The point I'm slowly trying to make here is I'm happy with how the game currently stands, and I still trust in WoT's Devs in their foresight to not screw over their customers. Now if only my sons were potty trained what a platoon we'd make!

  39. All OK except 3 things.

    1. Freezes after switching sniper/normal mode
    2. Resizing Lowe. Lowe shouldve got something to compensate it. f.e. stronger engine.

  40. hi Overlord i got a question regarding the french:

    When can we expect some new french tanks? Maybe a second TD-line or the heavys without an autoloader because all the other nations got two heavy lines and and some other fillup tanks?

    ps: please fix the sounds because HEAT ammo sound like HE did befor 8.2 and HE from arty sound like normal AP ammo and that is really annoing!

    1. Prolly after Chinese and the missing UK branches.

    2. and can u tell me which french tanks will come?(heavy, td, med)

      and very often i get the bug, that my tank some sort of moves down and up when i drive a small bit forward/backward or turn it!

  41. This bug haven`t been fixed again. Read this:


  42. With 0.8.2 there is a huge problem with low FPS and jerky graphics on my machine.. Before that (up to 0.8.1) - everything was ok.

    I've noticed that there is no visual difference between Standard graphic settings and Improved one, at least - on my machine.. It seems that both settings lead to the "Improved" settings, which has a very low performance on my machine. Also, in the previous versions (0.8+) and on the 0.8.2 version - there are no decals being displayed on terrain.. For instance, after shooting with arty and after hitting the terrain - previously the shells were leaving a dark markings (up to the version 0.7.5)..
    Right now - there is nothing.

    PLEASE - Could you look into that, Overlord? Thank you

  43. So having played 0.8.2 for a few days now, I think I'm ready for bit of feedback:

    1) The new ambient sounds are not really working very well with my Logitech G930 - Except for playing arty in strategic mode, I'm not really hearing distant cannon fire, but more a high pitched crackling sound, which is really-REALLY annoying. It is so apparent, and so annoying, that when I play low tier with fast firing guns I begin to get a headache, because the crackling sounds higher than if someone is eating a bag of potato chips right next to your ears. And it doesn't help to turn down the volume, as at 10% volume you can hardly hear the sounds you want to hear, but the crackling is still as loud, as if the volume was yanked up all the way. Also according to my friends on Mumble, I have another problem with audio, that when someone is firing an automatic gun next to me, then Mumble starts to break up my voice input, which didn't happend prior to 0.8.2.

    2) Haven't the Löwe been nerfed enough for the last few patches? Was it really necessary with the size increase - just so you could kill it off completely like you did with the Marder II? I've been reviewing the results of my recorded games since I got the Löwe back in March, and quite honestly I'm a bit shocked to see how much worse the average results have becoming for each patch, and consequently my earnings with the tank have plummeted. So I'll just list a few trends that I've noticed:

    a) I'm participating in more T9 and T10 games
    b) Damaged per battle have decreased
    c) My hit ratio is continuesly decreasing
    d) Normalization changes in 0.8.0 have caused many more of my shots to bounce

    The general lack of mobility with the Löwe is more or less a constant through the patches, even with the new physics. But the combination of lack of mobility with an increased spread of the cannon, higher tier battles, and more bouncing shots, means far less damage done. The gun doesn't have sufficient penetration to penetrate even many same tier armor frontally, it doesn't have the mobility to flank opponents, nor the armor or mobility to be brawling. And because of the increased gun spread, it isn't really viable as a sniper - its even difficult to hit anything at 500 m now, let alone hitting a weak spot, and the long distance shots have even higher tendency to bounce than previously. And with the latest patch you have made it an even bigger soft target than before.

    So "yes" I am very angry about what you have done to a tank that cost people €50 - In fact I find it quite scandalous! As a minimum you could at least limit its MM to T9 games, because in T10 games it serves as nothing else than free experience for the enemy team.

    And as a general comment: Will you please stop this nonsense reasoning for changes because of historical accuracy? If WG claim that a change is made for historical accuracy, but does not publish the historical reference, and WG's historical 'facts' doesn't correspond with other sources, then WG simply appears as dishonest. (Or worse even worse - stupid). Also when you keep flip-flopping between changes due to game balance, and changes done due to historical reasons, what are people to believe, when certain tanks obviously completely historically inaccurate, and others are nerfed because of 'historical' reasons?

    But despite all my vile about the Löwe, I'm very happy with the new patch, and I sincerely congratulate you on continuesly improving my favorite game.

    1. About the historical section , This is so right ! I have got the conclusion that their source are from Russian books which are probably Soviet propaganda .

    2. Thanks for pointing out the size increase of Lowe so clearly here in the comments. Didn't read through all the changelog of the patch this time, but honestly, I didn't even notice it being bigger.
      Was a decent heavy tank before and is still a decent heavy tank now.

    3. Well tbh I haven't been able to find any historical reference that states that the Löwe was as big as a E-100, in fact I've only been able to find a few references that started the opposite. Now I haven't been able to find a lot of independent sources, so I would really like to hear where WG learned this. (And regarding the Löwe's stats in general - WG's version is such an odd mixture of all four versions of the Löwe, that its confusing which version they really wanted to make.)

  44. * Still no removal of balance-destroying premium trollammo.

    * Still no proper top gun (equal DPM to ZiS-4 with better alpha and pen, slower RoF) as we were promised for the Panzer IV. We now have a German tier 5 medium with a gun that's notably inferior to a Russian tier 4 medium. Hello? Balance?

    * Visibility system still severely broken, with 'cloaking device' tanks actually seeming to be more common now even on largely open ground.

    * Resizing the Lowe - yet another kick in the teeth from WG devs to German tank fans. It is open to debate whether there is a pro-Russian bias in WoT, but there is quite definitely an anti-German bias - isn't it interesting how Russian tanks always get made smaller (buffed), whereas German tanks always get made bigger (nerfed)?. Once again it's 'historical accuracy' when it punishes the Germans, and 'gameplay balance' when it...punishes the Germans.

    Overall...very disappointing.

    1. 1. Has never been planned.

      2. Pz IV is good.

      4. Good old story.

    2. Erhm after having played 242 battles with my PzIV, and 129 battles with my M4, I can honestly say, that the PvIV compared to a M4 is utter rubbish.

    3. "Pz IV is good" Haha, very funny, what's next - "Drink Victory Gin"? The devs are clearly just in "we're always right no matter what" total denial mode now, and it's very sad to see.

    4. Not really. Just saying that I have 66-67% win rate on my Pz IV.

    5. And prem ammo user, sure thing :)

  45. Hey Overlord please give me a real statement about the KV-1S!
    Is it overpowered, ok or underpowered?

    Because for me it is totally overpowered with its 122m gun, its like giving the t29 the gun of the 120mm gun of the t34 or the 155mm gun of the t30 with no rof or other nerf!

    1. I has an overall winrate of 49.43%. :)

      So not OP.

      You can check the numbers here: http://wot-news.com/stat/server/eu/norm/en

    2. Maybe because 90% of the players who are driving it have a winrate of around 45%! So if u take a look at the top players stats, u will are able to see, that it is by far the best tier6 heavy with its winrate of 58,26% against around 52-55% for all the others!

      and for my tast a HEAVY tank should NOT be allowed to kill an other heavy of the same tier with two hits.

      If its ok for ur tast! Can i have a t29 with the 155mm gun of the t30/t95 without nerfing it? I bet u would say no because this would be op!

  46. The new redshire is very unbalanced. :(

    Discussion about it here: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/185528-new-redshire-from-bad-to-extremely-unbalanced/

  47. Overlord, you have stated that the Löwe has a 49.3% winrate.

    But according to wot news its 48.86% for the last 4 weeks?


    1. I checked RU server since it has the biggest Lowe population.

  48. nothing new in 8.2, but:

    I really like that "get gold" button because it directs me to my wot-dossier master tanker page, but for the general player it would be better to have those links hardcoded.

    Its too easy for a mod (or even a mod distribution site) to change that link in the gui/gui_settings.xml to some phishing site.

    And I never thanked you for implementing some of my ideas I posted here waaay back, so I do it now: thx

  49. Does WG have a mathematical or statistical argument for using win rate to rate how good a tank is?
    How about also show after a battle if your side got the - or + 25%?
    How about showing a statistic on how many battles a player got the + 25% next to the players win rate?

    1. 1. Each tank all other conditions being equal gives you approx equal chances to win.

      2. Randomization doesn't work that way.

      3. Randomization doesn't work that way.

    2. 1. So that's assumed that every tank has the same amount of skilled players, starts equally number of times on both sides of maps etc. etc?
      This will eventually be quite a lot to assume. Have you checked if these assumptions actually hold? Or is there a mechanism which makes sure that the assumptions hold?

      Do you have a statistical argument for choosing a level of win rate which symbolises when a tank is overpowered and underpowered?

      2. Can you tell me how randomization works or do you have a link to something helpful?

      This is great Overlord, it's really satisfying to talk directly to the developers. Thank you for your time.

    3. 1. Why would you want to penalized for your skill? Skill is smth you can improve and thus perform better than agv player claiming more victories.

      2. There are several things that get randomized, most important ones that affect gameplay are:
      - normal distribution within aiming circle - that has got the greatest influence on the actual gameplay
      - 25% distribution to penetration
      - 25% distribution of damage
      - fixed % (don't remember WoT values) for intenrnal module and crew saving throws, chance of fire etc

    4. 1. I don't quite follow... If a certain tank has many more skilled players using the tank, then eventually this would affect the tank's win rate. How do you take this into account (and many other variables) when looking at a tank's win rate to determine if it's overpowered or underpowered?

      2. So all the positive changes do not only go to one side, but can go to either side? For example +25% to penetration to side A and +25% to dealing damage to side B?

    5. No, Randomization is not side based.
      It is calculated with every shot.

      Watch this video. It get explained in it.

    6. Thanks, forgot about this video. I hope the other question still will be answered.

    7. Large samples (millions of players playing billions of battles allows to ensure that.

  50. Excuse me was 2nd French tier X heavy scrapped after all? I ask as somebody reporteed seeing French tech tree with FCM 50t and without 2nd Tier X HT on Tuccy's laptop.

    1. You did not get my question. By saying that this tree had FCM i meant that it is somehow up to date and yet there was no second tier X heavy tank in it. Does it mean there will be only 1 tier X heavy which is AMX 50B?

    2. I Hope they will soon add a new branch of french heavy tanks .

      I saw somewhere in Russian sites that there are exists some AMX-65t and other french heavies that still not in the game but they are at least in development .

      Look at this :

      There is even planned some new Tier 10 medium tank for the french tree .
      Right Overlord ?

    3. don_banan,

      it doesn't mean that.

  51. With so many tanks in the garage (and it will only get worse), it would be really nice to have a filter for tank tier. In most platoons, the group says, "Let's play tier #" and currently, you have to hunt through your list horizontally which is tedious.

  52. lol, this guy doesn't give a damn about what anyone says here, neither does WG, they're gonna do what they're gonna do, this game could've been a lot better, but WG continues to play the same song since closed beta

    1. Thats not true. Overlord is between the rock and the hard place, because he actually listens to what our questions, and frustrations, but can only answer, or explain 'so much'. To say that he doesn't care is just unfair!

    2. I have to agree with Valdemar. Overlord is doing a good job!!

      Hope hes getting payed for all the work hes doing here on the blog! :)

    3. Valdemar Lemche,

      that's mostly correct, I don't decisive influence on WoT development, because I work on a separate project - currently WoWP (and some other things :)). However, I do have a say when it comes to many issues regarding any of WG's projects. So it's never a waste of time. Your feedback is heard and translated to the persons concerned.

    4. Anders.,

      blog is just a hobby. My primary role is a producer for World of Warplanes and also I'm working on some other undisclosed project :)

    5. Whats this about other project? You know you can tell us right? You know you want to! Is it World of Infantry? World of Space combat? World of all games combined? Sex change?
      We know you cant keep it secret anymore so spill the beans!

    6. Sex change? Hell, that could be awesome! On a serious note, I will let you know the details as soon as I can. :)

    7. Well, I guess we owe you a big ass giftbasket then. ;)

    8. Going back to listening about "our frustrations" thing - it's good, that at least one person listening to it, but what concerns me, there's still much things, that was still not entirely solved(i know it's hard to read every comment, but i'm talking about repeating stuff, not "my tank is weak, buff it!"), there's suppose to be at least few people, that will take care about people concerns.

      For example - i know it's boring story - "0dmg shots", many people complains on it, some just "tolerate" it and just few like it, when so many people hate it, why just not remove all "spaced-armor" thing, i'm really sick of reading hundred-pages threads, where people complain on one thing and there is not even single post from devs/moderators(at least "we don't care" would be good). I think if you(not specifically you as one person, i mean whole crew) making game for us(players), why not to agree with us this one time?

      that would be really great to hear some official statement about few things, because on forums sometimes it's one big mess(and there's many misleading informations from community menagers/moderators, i'm not blaming them - i know it's general information organization fail, but there's still not official statements for things like "banned mods" or "what is our plans regarding MM, so everyone will be happy - i'm not saying it's broken, it's just "not completed yet" imho)

      sorry for wall of text and i hope i will get some awnsers :)

  53. Alot of people dont like El halluf in the high tiers. I made a vote about it for T10.

    68 procent voted that they dident like to play it in T10. Thats alot!

    Are there any plans to cap it at a lower tier or mabye change it?

    Vote here: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/186879-el-halluf-do-you-enjoy-it-in-t10/

    Ps. I think you are doing a great job! :)

    1. We are planning to overhaul our level design procedures in 2013 that will affect many things, ofc the changes won't arrive at once, however we can expect some significant improvement over the time.

    2. Does that mean that some of the less popular maps will get an overhaul too? Or only the coming ones? :)

    3. Is there a chance that Serene coast coast could be removed entirely?

      It is unbalanced and immensely more hated than Swamp ever were.

  54. There was the rumour that the british tier X heavy FV215B will be moved to the tank destroyer branch as tier X. Can you confirm that?

  55. How 8.2 is? for me its not even OK!

    1. Driving over railroads is still the same shit as with 8.1 but it was mention it should be reduced!

    2. Fail balancing of the Type 59! U said on ur own that it is to good! But instead of nerfing it, it gets buffed! Are the other tier8 meds getting their matchmakingvalue reduced by one tier, because they are only as good or even worse! And it was always stated, that a prem tanks should never be better than a normal elite tier8 tank!

    3. Getting more and more often a strange bug where my tank bumbs up and down when starting to drive or turn!

    4. Still missing a real buff for the Su-101 because it got a winrate of below 47% and u earlier mentioned that 47% would be the average winrate! Give it the topgun of the su122-54 and more gundepression!

    5. When driving through palm trees the leaves which are falling off are purple!

    6. We still have the same arty problem! Seems like u forgot to rebalance the arty with the matchmaking changes some months ago! How about letting the tier8 arty only play in clanwars, the tier7 in company, and the tier6 gets the matchmaking of the tier8 arty, the tier5 the one of the tier7 arty and so on!

    7. Too many bumps in the terrain, which makes it very annoying to drive a fast tank with the imperfect suspension!

    1. and to add to the second point: u made the type so good that its nearly on par with the t54, when it mounted the 100mm D-10T2C!

    2. Hey Overlord can i please get an comment!
      especially to the point with the SU-101!

    3. Many of you questions have alredy been answered above.

      There will be a general rebalance of all tanks in 2013 (according to WG)

      So you will just have to wait (I have the Jpze100 so I feel your pain). :)

    4. lol u want to say, that u now my pain! Really?

      The Jpz-E100 is a miss used TD! And not a weak tank, because it got a good gun with alot alpha damage, maybe a low rof, but good overall armor, the highest hp-pool, the only bad thing are the players who are driving the tank! So try to use it as a secondrow tank, and not like a heavytank where u are always in one vs one´s!

      With the SU-101 u only got a fast TD with a weak gun, no gun depression, low alpha, low pen, low rof combined with the low alpha, bad acc on the move, no armor and the lowest hp pool of all Tier8 Tankdestroyers!

      So dont make me laugh!

      And where is it written, that thy want to rebalance every tank! I only know that thy want to change/nerf the arty!

  56. This comment has been removed by the author.

  57. Just a comment on FPS, I used to go from 95+- FPS to 15+- when facing towns in Highway and South Coast (everything set to maximum)in 8.1. Now it stays at a steady 65+- FPS with no changes in the configuration... So I guess the performance fixes are working.

  58. Patch 8.2 where to start...

    Sound changes were great. Now you actually can use your ears to get benefit in battlefield (Maybe next we hear tanks before seeing them?)
    This helped many starting people to react gun firing more often as when they were focusing in sniper mode.

    New premium and new tank line for usa.
    New premiums seems great. TOG-II is atm most wanted i assume due it's performance in battlefield. (Nerf inc?)
    But mainly as you might know... "We want more Zerman tanks" is mainly focused from many players in EU.
    Many waited E-100 buff and even more waited "gold" Ammunition delete.
    (What would be terrible for some players who does not use gold to convert XP)

    Type buff/nerf were awsum. Now Type is even easier target for Tiger P but when it's well played that tank is reaper. (Reaper, cool headed, Sniper in one match easily)

    Russian tank nerf did hit at right position. Now i cant just troll and get top gun with Kv-1s.

    "Fixed a low cost of repair of the tank after drowning."
    This is still mystery...

    Could we get Forums posts at EU/NA/RU as more spefic? People are really interested to see about "Fixes"

    8.2 were major success but it still missed something.
    - New ammunition. APCR should do less damage than AP and cost would be reduced?
    - Terrains does still have plenty of places where you get stuck because 1 small bumb
    - WoT own tweaking system. (Many would want to rip a lot of grafics still off.)
    - Performance boost in game. Even there was "Flora and leaf" fix... My sniper mode drops over 30fps.

  59. I see no improvements in perforemance but i had no issue with that in the past...but imo image quality is deacresed...and there are some strange things with geometry in sniper mode...btw low res textures?

    Why there is large caliber rammer for caern while centurion with same gun and even same turret use medium-caliber...imo 83mm is not large...just scruffiness again?

    As i still can't filtter maps, maybe can you tell me where i can find a good guide how to be useful for my team with maus at prohorovka, sandriver etc. with 5+ arty per side.

  60. Overall I think Wargaming is too much focused on releasing new tank trees. You should focus on gameplay, fixing bugs and issues.

    Mayby use some players suggestions from :


  61. Why do you still hide a lot of tank stats?
    I'm speaking of the ground resistance for example.
    Are you planning to show the hidden tank statistics optionally in the future?
    You could prevent a lot of accusations concerning the "Ninja Nerfs" with acting transparent in this respect.

  62. This comment has been removed by the author.

  63. I have a question Overlord:

    Does WG keep trak of wich side wins on the diffrent maps?

  64. Game keeps crashing to desktop more frequently. Since 8.2 it happened 1 time per 2 days but now it crashes after aprox. 10 battles.

  65. Dear Overlord,

    Regarding the KV-1S:
    It has by far the highest alpha of its tiered heavies
    It is one of the fastest (if not the fastest heavy of its tier)
    Its sloped armor consistently bounces shells with 160 pen+

    It does have its limitations but the fact that it has the punch of a TD, the speed of a medium and the armor of a heavy means that it still is a bit OP in my opinion. The win% can only say so much about a tank.

    If it isn't OP please answer this one question:

    Why does it make up the majority of tanks in medium Tank Company battles?