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Friday, October 5, 2012

[ALL] How We Do Stuff: Building a Bigger Better World. Ending.

Ending. Start here.

Benefits of a light map: terrain without light map & after its introduction

In the coming weeks, expect to hear more about cloud schemes, battling arenas, and water surface rendering. Hope you enjoyed the reading. :)


  1. Awesome articles, many thanks.
    Keep up the excellent work Overlord!

  2. Overlord..
    Regarding WoT: Is there any hope we can (atleast) choose between the old and the new tech tree designs? There are so much guys (including me) hating the new tech tree design. Awful side scolling..not knowing how much xp we still need and all these things :/ The old one was way better :(

    1. I guess the guys will focus on improving the current version. New stuff is sometimes hard to put up with and accept. And that is really the case.

    2. By the way, there some mods out there that get the old tree back.

  3. Nice to see this blog so alive. And I agree some nice pics, I love how you use tessellation and physX fragmentation. The new maps wil be great.

    On another note.... you - Overlord - had an Q&A with Pasholok and Doyle; is there any new indos on that front. By the way love the vids on your youtube channel :) MS-1 such a nice machine.

  4. Now I can put it safe, first issue of Doyle's Q&A will come out next week.

    1. Great News Overlord :), I look forward to it. Keep up the good work... looking forward as well to WoWp

  5. Thanks Overlord, this was pretty interesting. Is there anything you can tell us, engine related, to World of Warships? What we see regarding water is what is going to be implemented in WoW?

  6. I am using Baked-Ambient-Occlusion , when i rendering the texture of the terrain . in 3DS-Max you can render baked AO using Mental-Ray render (its render to texture) , and it looks GREAT , also runs great like a regular texture layer (or you setting it as a base texture for the light map and than you can mix the baked AO and dynamic lights in the same layer , its good for some HLSL tricks)

    You are using DirectX 10 or 11 ?
    If you are using 11 , you can do tessellation bump , it looks completely 3D vertices (lol , The texture runs outside the 3D object in thi effect ) , but its runs faster than vertices , so you can make the terrain rocks looks well 3D detailed .

    Ah almost forgot to ask , Why you don't use the terrain height values for the tank's wheels and tracks ? the vertices of the tracks should be the same height of the terrain Z . The wheels also transformed with the tracks , or the tracks with the wheels (You chose the matrices tree) , but everything need to be in collision with the terrain .

    LoL sorry for the long post . I had a lot of things to say about the development .

  7. Will you at least try to improve the new tree?

    People have trouble to see how much exp they have on a tank (The current location just isn't clear enough) and the gap between tanks on the tree overview have huge gaps that could be reduced so we need to scroll less.

    I really love the new update but I dont hope WG takes on a rough attitude believing they know best in all cases anf refuse to change anything?

    1. Sure thing, we will be working on polishing the current tech trees further since they have got truly mixed welcome by players.

  8. Overall I'm getting more used to the physics. I guess it's about time. The "new" graphics just appear to be lower quality. Sure the extra frame rates are nice, but the game looks much worse. Not really an improvement, imo. New tech tree is so so, I'll get used to it. Seeing the premiums tanks is a HUGE upgrade though. Thank you. Now I can see their exact specs dmg/pen on the guns instead of having to guess the midrange in the store view.

  9. I have now nobody, who answering on my M3 Lee/Grant Question/suggestion, Buäähhhh *whine*

    But nice Article

    mfg Kolaski

  10. Great article!
    Dima, could you please consider publishing it on main WoT forums? That would shed some light on how exactly BW technology works. Many players (including me) simply don't know how important these things are. For example, part about BW structure. Could you, please, publish it on WoT main site and/or forums?


  11. Overlord - a technical noob question:
    What exactly is the benefit of improving the light maps and tesselation over just using better (higher res) and preshaded textures?
    Especially when you don't do any dynamic lightning source changes like for example switchings of daytime...

    Would be interesing to know, thanks :)

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

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