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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Public Test Server Updated

Update v.6.6 test3 for public test is out.

Databases from the main servers were copied as of July 28, 2011 4:00 am UTC, so players who have registered prior to this date can access public test server.

World of Tanks 6.6 test2 - 6.6 test3 patch notes:

- Rebalanced vehicles Tiger (P), VK4502 (P) Ausf. A, Е-50, E-75, E-100, Maus, T-15, T-25;
- Fixed bug: unable research VK3001H tank via Pz III/IV tank;
- Panther tank: repair costs decreased;
- "Engine power boost" consumable removed from Store;
- Teamdamage when ramming now counts only if the speed of the vehicle involed exceeds 10 km/h;
- Fixed bug with E-50 tank: not possible to mount top turret on stock suspension;
- Fixed bug with E-50 tank: too long braking time.

Download 6.6 test3!
(1.2 Mb)

Install the update in the same directory where you have your v.6.6 test2 client installed.

Credit and experience rates for public test server are increased 10 times. All players are given 10k gold.

Payments are not accepted on public test server.
Progress won't be transferred to the main server.

Don't use launcher, start the game using WorldOfTanks.exe file!


  1. Can you detail the adjustments made for test 3?


  2. Can you shove your reset up in your anus? Thanks.

    What happened:
    "Okay devs, we have this bug here, that there."
    "K, we are fixing those.
    Okay, we have done the fixes, can you try it again?"
    "Sure thing. ...
    Whaaaaaaat? I have to start all over again? Great way of appreciation ... Bye"

  3. Did Maus hp get reset back to 3200?

    I am leaving the game for good if Maus didn't get reset back to at least 3000.

  4. no, the Maus still has 2800 life.
    and the e-100 15cm gun has 235mm penetration, now

  5. OK guys seriously??? Im not gonna spend the whole day again working on the E100. I wanna test it but theres no way in hell im gonna grind there again. Normally I dont really like rants but THIS, you gotta be kidding me... Maybe you didnt realize that we would loose our progress on the test server, but if you cant fix this I wont put in hours again to test it and im sure 99% wont either...

    regards Horstor

  6. When i go to download it. it just comes up the russian box and i have to cancel and i dont know what it says.

  7. [quote]im sure 99% wont either... [/quote]
    Yeah, we won't. It's a freaking joke lol. Gotta be. Or they are mad and think ppl will tolerate this.

  8. Hi, I'm from Russian servers, from the city of St. Petersburg (FC Zenit). Sorry, but I do not know much English, may contain errors. Many players on the German technology worry about the fact that they are very much cut. Our methods on the forum has already run out to reach the developers. Try to you, because we did not listen. We have not heard, when talking about a "turn Henschel," And do not listen now hitpoints on Mouse, about gun E100, a "leaky" E75 etc. Get involved and you fight with the developers! Thank you for your attention.
    PS: We apologize for timkills, The main offenders are pupils and inadequate people. Adequate, adult and sensible part of the Russian server brings sorry for them and condemn their actions.

  9. still need "fix".Mause has only 2.8k hp and e100 235 mm penetartion it must be joke for tier10 gun

  10. The only reason the Maus had that much HP was because the armor was broken. It's not broken, so now the HP goes down some.

    As for having to restart, chill. If it bothers you that much then don't do it.

  11. Q: Can you detail the adjustments made for test 3?

    A: Later on. Upon the public release. The list is rather long you know.

  12. why was there a reset??????????????????????????????????????????

  13. I have the same issue with the patch error message with cyrill letters. I tried it against the 2ndary fresh installation of game + 2 patches.

    About the E75 nerf I'm afraid that we will see the same issue as with E100, everything will penetrate the lower hull.

    About E100 - this is not enough, give more love to the tank. More pen, stronger lover hull, remove viewport's HP damage.

  14. So you will get this crap going live as it is now?
    Very poor decision, i stop buying gold from now on as i feel pissed from wargaming!

  15. God idea the reset. The players have gold again.
    But the worst gun ever idea is frustrating. E-100 works well with gold ammo only. 235not enough others says but i try it.

  16. Q: why was there a reset??????????????????????????????????????????

    A: We have had certain technical issues this time. It was decided not to postpone the test and rollback the progress. Otherwise we wouldn't manage to launch it today. Sorry.

  17. what about 10x exp ?

  18. Is this final 6.6 PublicTest Patch?
    More test left?

    Sorry my english is so poor.

  19. Q: Is this final 6.6 PublicTest Patch?
    More test left?

    A: Can't say for sure. Will see how it works.

  20. Overlord said...
    Q: Can you detail the adjustments made for test 3?

    A: Later on. Upon the public release. The list is rather long you know.

    I smell that every new german tank is now filled with weakspots etc that would anger all those lookin forward to e-50 etc, cause, germans simply CANNOT be better than the beloved IS/T- series :P

  21. what i can tell is, why we all must start it again to grind all new tanks, i got al new german tanks only 100k exp to E100. and why the hell you nerf the E75? it was perfect how it was as an Tier 9 Tanks, you devs nerf him just because the russian tank drivers are crying, because the Germans get an equal tank line ... and now will be the rssians again supperior .... pls the best was to let it be on 6.6 test2

  22. It´s rly sad and I thinging about stop playing WoT. I have to look for another game. If they bring us WoP I will not join because this behaves. I am scare what happend. American and German aircrafts like kites and russian aircrafts like fortress because they only listening lamentations of rusian players on russian forums. One1 hear us there. We are only paying EU´s and US´s morons.

  23. Can you at least fix the game freezing up problem in battle?

  24. Elite panther gives Elite E-50 with Top engine and Gun?

  25. A: We have had certain technical issues this time. It was decided not to postpone the test and rollback the progress. Otherwise we wouldn't manage to launch it today. Sorry.
    August 2, 2011 10:34 PM

    Thank you for taking your time to answer.

  26. Why its alwas the same?
    When new Russian Tanks come out the are OP and must be nerved over the next patches.

    When new German Tanks come out they are totally crap and must be buffed over the next patches, but only if the community massive demand this?

  27. Ok you russians obviously dont have a fucking idea where your game is going.

    WTF are these changes? E-50 looked fine, WTF is that with these changes?

    Seriously time for me to stop this game, way too amateur for me, I dont wanna play russian only because you guys don't have any fucking idea how to make other nation's tank be competitive.

  28. Dear Overlord,

    Please answer only 1 question:
    What is your reason for making German tanks inferior? I beg you to answer this 1 and only question.
    Thank you

  29. Q: Overlord you know when exacly the patch will be relased?

  30. Q: Overlord you know when exacly the patch will be relased?

    A: If everything goes smooth, it will be out next week.

  31. If everything goes smooth they will work more time on it to fix this crap!

  32. Q: Overlord do you know why exactly should we play something else than russian tank as their US and german counterparts are meant to be free-to-kill ?

  33. I spent a lot of money (close to 500 euro) and time in this game (after my work) and i was waiting all the time for the E100. But one is fact, if there will no significant buff for the e100 i definitley have spent the last time and money in this game.

    It is not ok to create a tank which gun is slow, has no precision and no penetration. in addition up from t8 nearly everybody can hit you on nearly every point of your tank. No speak about this typ of amo with this gun......

  34. Overlord,

    I will do my best to refrain from any insults or disparaging remarks, but the last revisions to the German tree are, in my mind, the last straw.

    We have all observed the general WoT communities’ constant pleas for stronger German/US tanks, as many (a substantial majority) felt that the given the constraints of the game, the Russian tanks were substantially overpowered.. The least the developers could have done is acknowledge these complaints, and perhaps make some small changes and observe the result. However, to go and do the opposite in this upcoming patch is baffling, and frustrating.

    Remember, the success of a game depends on it’s community, and the general happiness of that community. If the community is requesting stronger tanks of one faction, buff them slightly and see if that appeases them. However, to ignore those requests and instead willfully “nerf” the very tanks that are at issue is near-suicidal. Here in the US, we have a motto… “the customer is always right”. At the end of the day, one lives and dies by the customer’s wishes.

    That being said, I am not recommending a Maus “buff” to 5000 hp or anything outlandish like that. Instead, a careful, reasoned approach such as slightly increasing the damage on the 128mm, or perhaps increasing the top speed by 2-4 kph, or turret traverse, would have been a MUCH better resolution than a 400hp “nerf”

    I’ve played many online MMOGs, and I fear greatly for this one.. You cannot go on ignoring the customer and expect to succeed. Overlord, all I ask is that you acknowledge these comments and pledge to work on the issues brought up by the community in the future.

    Very best regards,
    reloader_1 (US Server)

    full disclosure: I drive a Maus, I am grinding my way up the Russian IS line as I realize that they are the better tanks. I may be a lot of things, but stubborn isn’t one of them…

  35. To all those saying 'WG.net only listens to the Russian players':
    The Russian forums are FULL of people asking WG.net to un-nerf/buff the E-series tanks.

    All the nerfs you see are the idea of WG.net, NOT the Russian players.

  36. Overlord how many ppl must stop with WoT to realize the fact that Russian cant be OP?

    How many of them must stop with WoT to realize the fact that other nation must be competitive?

    Only from my band quit this game 15 ppl within a month coz they saw that what was spoken to earlier just became reality: OTHER NATIONS WILL NOT BE COMPETITIVE TO RUSSIAN. And fact you nerfing that few of new tanks which looks like comparable to Russian show all of us which way this game will go if future.

    So HF and GL to future you will need its not game for me, not any more.

  37. Dear Overlord,
    I wanted to say thank you for home much crap you continually put up with. You still give us information and continue to ignore the vain comments and rage you have to put up with on a daily basis.

    I hope that none of that stuff gets to ya friend because, I could see it waying heavy on me after a while. People just tend to forget that you are an individual and getting angry at you does nothing in fact getting angry in the first place with vain threats is pointless as well.

    I hope I see ya some time if ya play on the US servers and again thanks for all ya do bud!


  38. I grinded more than 200.000 free XP in anticipation of the E-75 and E-100, but now I think I'll use them on my KV-3 to advance the Russian heavy tree.

    Or I'll stop with WoT for a while, because frankly, my motivation is gone.

    Good work, wargaming.net, good work.

  39. "To all those saying 'WG.net only listens to the Russian players':
    The Russian forums are FULL of people asking WG.net to un-nerf/buff the E-series tanks.

    All the nerfs you see are the idea of WG.net, NOT the Russian players. "

    Dont worry they know RU players play even for German tanks. I believe this was aimed on these kind of ppl who plays only for Russian tanks and dont wanna competitive enemy (not for all who play for these tanks).

  40. Guys, there can be no buffs or nerfs on test server. Vehicles here are not finished, not tuned yet.

  41. No more money from this Gent commin your way either. Had enough with how some treat theyr payin customers.
    Battlefield 3 soon out, yaay!

  42. when they get sure that Ru tanks owns everything then patch go live

  43. "Guys, there can be no buffs or nerfs on test server. Vehicles here are not finished, not tuned yet."

    Well, sein how the russian tanks have to be better than germans in this game, i have no faith in those words :)

  44. also my last € for WoT.

    Waiting for Dattlefield3 or Diablo3.
    And I think iam not the only player who wants to quit cause you are messing up the gamebalance and ignoring the comunity.

  45. This approach doesn't show us a bright future for any games made at WG. Please keep in mind that you plan to release a new game soon, and everyhting you do here will impact on people's choice in case there is an alternative. Please give us a well balanced game in terms of nations vehicles.

  46. "Guys, there can be no buffs or nerfs on test server. Vehicles here are not finished, not tuned yet."

    well then I'm waiting for 0.6.6 ... maybe there are some buffs for german and american tanks
    because it really sucks seeing german/american T7 tanks getting killed by KV or an E100 which is getting killed by an IS 3 because he cannot the russians armour^^

  47. I am so tired of people talking about soviet tanks superiority over germans. Its getting annoying. They have different styles of play. First play all the 3 types of tanks before making stupid afirmations. (By the way I play mainly german tanks)

  48. Sorry to say, but i dont have time to do any testing on the test 3, but i did some serious work on test 2 during the weekend. What happened to the E-50? the notes just say:
    - Fixed bug with E-50 tank: not possible to mount top turret on stock suspension;- Fixed bug with E-50 tank: too long braking time.
    And as far as i can see this is an improvement. But if theres more to it in the "balance" section id love to know what it is. Thanks in advance :)

  49. Please everyone, take a look at this quote:

    'You think German tanks are weak? You haven't seen E-series yet!'

    In retrospect, it was probably meant as 'You think German tanks are weak? You haven't seen the E-series yet, they'll be even weaker!'.

  50. "lolero said...

    I am so tired of people talking about soviet tanks superiority over germans....others"
    We have no problem i think, but we need talking about test server conclusions. And dont say a tier 10 tank cant hit a tier-9 in front just another play style. I know not tuned yet okay. So we cry for tune is useable.
    With respect

  51. What about the E-100 needin gold ammo to be competetive? I know gold ammo is used in clanwars etc, but just the fact that it MUST have it also turn me off..

    Not to mention german mid tier medium guns..

  52. For everyone who QQing about russ tanks are op: play them yourself first

  53. @lolero
    If you ever played E100 on testserver you wouldn't speak this way. I play both russian and german T10 regularly, they have different roles, but in CW mostly IS7 dominates over Maus, which is mainly a defensive tank. E100 in it's current form cant be used for defense or offense, as it has huge weak spots on the front. And if you dont feel that the russian vehicles are treated in a different way, just take a look on the tech tree.
    In the beta they could make the KT a very good tank from a shellsponge, failed to do the same with JT. I hope they will not be releasing an other failure.
    Seeing how the new german tanks are treated can give us some light what can ppl expect who are waiting for the new american ones...

  54. "For everyone who QQing about russ tanks are op: play them yourself first"

    I played them. The claim that ALL Russian tanks are OP is certainly false, but you can't deny that SOME Russian tanks are extremely good for their tier and should have been nerfed for a long, long time.

    Instead it goes like this:
    Russian tank super strong? Wait for patch 7.0, that's the balance patch!
    German tank super strong? Let's nerf it right now!

    I'm sorry, but stuff like 'wait for 7.0, it'll bring balance' are:
    a) very hard to believe, looking at the last few balance adjustments
    b) not very satisfying, because we'll wait at least several months until 7.0 arrives, while a PvP game like WoT needs balance at all times.

  55. Last man speak wisely!

  56. Hi overlord,
    Just wondering, if u have already ground out the maus, so aus b is researched and tiger 2 is elite. will the e75 be unlocked or do i need to regrind a tier 9 out of my tiger 2 again.
    Sry if this is a repeat post or a copy of my previous that didn't show up. I find it hard to find useful info through the river of tears.

    Ty for all your time in answering our questions btw.
    ps please don't nerf my Maus :D

  57. You need to grind the E-75 on your Tiger II, even if the Tiger II is already elite.

  58. I've had this debate with my clan mates, and no 2 opinions are alike. would like to here what the devs say before i start rackin up xp on my tiger 2

  59. i had elite tigerII on liveserver. researching e75 costs 163490xp. even if you haven't researched e75 yet, tigerII still has is elite status.

  60. The developers would say; drive russian steel! :P

  61. This question was answered several times in the EU forum and I personally tested it on the public test server.
    You will need to grind the E-75.

    I know, Russians get the IS-4 replacement for free when the IS-4 gets move to tier 10, but on the German line, you will have exactly those tanks researched you had researched before 6.6, except that the Panther, Panther II, E-50 change positions.

  62. Hey people!!

    It's a TEST SERVER!!!!

    If you want to grind up to a tank then get on the live server!!!

    This is for testing!!!!

  63. Russland are overpowered???
    Example: T30 (Defense Tank) vs IS7 (Attack)
    Vs Maus (Allrounder)
    T30 is a beast Defense Tank which can Switch fast position
    Spots: complete hull
    IS7 is a Rush Tank
    Spots: Everything in Front (Driversight, lamp)
    Maus: Badass Tank which you can only hard penetrate!!!
    So Not the Tank is Bad!!!
    Only your skill is the wrong for the Tank you are playing!!!
    If you get IS7 and Rush alone this Tank is Lol
    T30 without a scout lol
    Maus in Open Field vs Artys rofl
    It is a teamplay Game and only the Mix of the Nations and the Tanks
    Are the Key for winning!
    Not only Russians are OP!!!
    If you Read something in Wiki you get an answer how to use a Tank and bring His qualities up!!!
    So Americans in Penetration op, German in acurary and hp, and Russians in armor!
    So don't cry by Nervs sometimes some Tanks are op for their Action they should do.
    I have a t30 and He is a Defense beast if u Know how to use!
    But Dome Luck and skill you Need to like in real Life Eherecht you Canterbury buy Gold for extra power:-)
    If this Truth is to hard for you, Play Barbies Adventures or something like this!!!
    Best regards Shodai

  64. Login server->researched e-100->start game->after 30 sec 3 shoot(isu+e50)->e-100 dead->quit game

    I grind german tree only for e-100, but nwm i go for maus whitch one got nerfed to after i spend a lot of time to get this big weakspot cube.

    e100->2800hp(remove big gun)
    maus->3200hp (tier8 arty's are pain now whit 2800hp)

    /sry for bad english

    OH and i can't wait t10 is4 whitch one gona be the best tank im 1000000% sure .

  65. "Hey people!!
    It's a TEST SERVER!!!!
    If you want to grind up to a tank then get on the live server!!!
    This is for testing!!!!"

    And how do you propose to test the tanks if you haven't got them yet?

  66. Dear mr Overlord..

    When will you make the arctic region map work for us havin issues with it? Kinda annoyin having to go up in flames at the start every single time cause its unplayable!

  67. There is someone who know how to use german tanks:P


    It is true what you say about skills and specialization... but in this case... better testbefore you leave a comment... then you know the E-100 armor is like butter etc...

  68. It is amazing that the Russians still hold the grudge on Germans even 66 years after WWII.
    I mean, get over it. Yes we can all understand that you like seeing Russian tanks dominating over German tanks.
    But this is A GAME!!!!

  69. OVERLORD, im sorry i used caps. But i'm wondering, when will the test server end?

  70. Good I never paid single buck on this game, had moment of weakness but I resisted. This game is going in wrong way from that I see. kkthxbai.

  71. My experiences from Test 2 to Test 3 on the E 50 and E 75 changed completely. Both of these tanks felt much weaker and and less competitive. It made me want to abandon the game.
    Base on the current changes, I would choose Panther II as tier 9 over the E 50 now. E 75 now becomes a VK4502B in a different skin. E series truly lost the soul purpose of "Balance Mobility & Fire-power".

    But...this is still in testing period, none of us can predict what will be the final configurations and balances of the official 6.6 release. So don't lose hope guys :) < finger-cross >

  72. We can easily predict what the final configuration will be. It's the logical conclusion of E-series being "tuned" downwards after every test. Couple it with the game's track record regarding anything not Russian, and it's bloody obvious how the E-series will turn out.

    By the way, Overlord, care to share the reasoning behind ditching the Mausturm on the E-100? We all know that E-100 probably would have equipped the Mausturm. Hell, you PROMISED us two turrets for the E-100. So, why are you dropping the Mausturm? Because it seems that you guys are actively trying to lose players.

  73. German Tanks are still made of human excrement and oh look at that there's a new game knocking around the corner, its called World of planes...

  74. For all the new players, the Dev's never had interest in balance. They favored the Russian tanks from day 1 in close beta. All the Russian tanks came out heavily OP and got nerfed long time after. They made fun of stupid players choosing any other tree. They have a lot morons playing Russian tanks so their argument is 'look it's even'. I'm already playing less, pls don't beg anymore. They just cheat you out of your money with your hope.

  75. I am sad to say that after few months playing this game the way WG handle the balance I had to suggest to my readers in my site to avoid World of Tanks because of biased balance of game. Sad that the game had so much potencial.

  76. Well, if that's the case then the Developers are completely and totally brain-dead retarded for allowing their stupid prejudices to ruin a game with so much potential. Tell that to your overlords, Overlord. They are dumber than a brain-dead vegetable.

  77. E100 getting "slightly" better, but still gets penetrated to much in the front. Pen increased to 235 is to little.

    E50- dosent feel like a medium anymore, it was "ok" the way it was (test2)being able to atleast chalenge T54,but not anymore.

    E75- It was OP becouse it had to few weakneses, it would have been enough with the front lower hull nerf, but with both traverse and mobility nerf it was to much nerf.

    Please find the middle ground, the E75 now feels and plays like a reskinned Vk4502B :(

  78. Plz just skip this patch it's pathetic. Would you? Thx

  79. "E50- dosent feel like a medium anymore, it was "ok" the way it was (test2)being able to atleast chalenge T54,but not anymore."
    "My experiences from Test 2 to Test 3 on the E 50 and E 75 changed completely. Both of these tanks felt much weaker and and less competitive. It made me want to abandon the game."

    Read alot of this here, can any testers please tell me if there are any visible stats changes to these tanks from test 2 to test 3? ppl talk about the "feel", but id like to hear some substantial changes please... Not that i dont believe you, but i cant do some serious testing on test 3 myself so im wondering.

    And again, im ever optimistic and hope the balance is good for release, this is still a test (ive been dissappointed before though) :)

  80. To the guy above comparing the three heavy line and suggesting tactics:

    Reread your post and realize: Russian tanks can be played on their own. With german and american tanks you will depend on a good team to help you. IS7 and 4 can turn a game single handed.
    I'm not talking about CW as the majority can't participate as they have a life and not enough money for gold gadgets.

    So in random battle you're mostly on your own and with is series you have the edge over the others. You can attack, as a lot of hits you take bounce. You can hide, as your tank has a gauntlet. You have enough firepower to take on every enemy. You have less precision but that doesn't bother you because you still hit most times due to map design and limited view ranges on all tanks.

  81. Possibility to add the Kv-220 for the NA and EU servers on release? :)

  82. I've enjoyed the E-75 a little on test 2, a nice tank that could handle himself against the Russian ubermachines (I've always wondered where in the Gods name did they cram the crew, engine, shells and whatnot with all that armor they have and the cute little silhouette), but now we have a three story German tank weighing like 1.5 Russian ones, with virtually no mobility and having... wait for it... less armor :P

    After careful consideration, I've come to the conclusion that:

    1. German tankers are fat and therefore add to the total weight of the vehicle, thus reducing the amount of armor that engineers can mount (also accounts for their lower mobility/maneuverability).

    2. They are also much higher than their Russian counterparts, or the Russians drive the tank in prone position.

    3. German engineers are not up to date and they use technology/designs that were actually produced and used in WW2, while others have no problem using stuff from 1947 onward.

    We are to blame for expecting to be on level terms using backward German tech against Russian future tech.

  83. I spend lot of money to grind Maus ( cca. 8000 golds and 4,5 mil. silver - tank, crew, free exp convert, unmount and mount rammer etc.) and now you decrease maus hp to 2800??? I can´t believe this?? Why? I need my money back! Its joke or? I play clan wars and all map is same: 8x IS-7 2xT-30 1xT-54 4xtoparty. And you nerf Maus???? I think i leave game, its f****n joke. Russian tank is OP - IS7 ( best topX), IS4 ( best topIX),T-54 ( best medium), Object 261 ( best arty), Object 704 ( best Td). Great. and you nerf Maus....

  84. Change E-series to F-series, Fail-series.
    E-100 ( super fail, "ding" canon with "hole" in front armor.

    E-75 Its now crap, slow,... useless

    E-50 no more medium yet

    Maus- now Maus trap for all noobs in arty. Its easy to kill with 2 shot. Joke :)

    Russian tank- no changes, T-54 is still UFO, IS-7 is still top tank.

    F-series ready next week ( or weak ).
    GJ WG

  85. Just tried E75 fully upgraded in patch3, in patch 2 it felt like an agile tank, now it is really a slow whale like 4502, but with less armor. This is a bad joke.

  86. WG, we already have a german tree with slow tanks and weak guns, why making an other one?

  87. For once WG stop being drunk when making the german tanks.. you vodka drinking idiots.. why cant you for once give the german tanks what they actually wre. SUPERIOR TO RUSSIAN CRAP TANKS

  88. Nooo, they "rebelanced" my E-50 :(

  89. OuhOU it seems that the community is rather angry :).
    Will it change something? Stay tuned !

  90. Well, only the final version can tell, but if test 3 stands im moving to the American tree, at least they got medicore tanks... Shame considering i god 2500 battles with german tanks, wich i had high hopes for in 6.6 :)
    Nothing is final yet though, testing 3 different balances is ok as long as you come out with the best result.

  91. I really cant believe it , maus is the slowest X tank but with the most hp , now he is to 2800hp ? wtf , it isn't enough that is7 has top speed of 50km/h ( more then maus ) , better traverse speed then maus , better rate of fire , better turret traverse speed , it only has 50 less armor then maus .

    If this stays , it will be better in everything in exchange for 600 less hp.

    So in order the maus to survive 1 shot(the 600 hp more , 2800 total ) it sacrifices like 30km/h , a ton of traverse speed ( both on turret and tracks ) , has 12,79sec reload time when is7 has 12sec .

    The way i see it , a maus driver sacrifices all, so he can survive 1 more shot , its like a KV vs T-54 , the meds can circle you like crazy because of the traverse , so what do i care if i have 600 hp more , if i turn with like ... turret 15 + tracks 16 ... hmmm that's 31 degr/s ...

    No wonder all the games i see like 3 or 4 is-3/is-4 (grinding to is7) and maybe 1 or max 2 tiger II/vk wishing the devs would open their eyes ...

  92. It is really hard to remain calm and polite after playing the E75 on the patch3 server. I was under the impression that the E-series was supposed to be different from the Maus tree. Now the E75 is a VK4502 with a different look. In short just terrible. I hate pretty much every change and can not be arsed to keep testing it let alone grind to E100 who will be probably just another huge disapointment as it was in patch2. If that is a forecast for the final patch 6.6 then I will stop playing this game (no threat, I know nobody cares). After all WOT is supposed to be fun and no test of patience and selfdiscipline. I am aware this is a TEST-server so people need to calm down and I totally agree with you Overlord in this matter BUT the general direction where the changes are going is just horrible. I am a reasonable person and do not belive in pointing fingers nor in accusing anyone about "german tank hate" but this test3 has left me demoralised and I actually regret deeply spending so much time and money in this game. As the american gentleman earlier pointed out: In the end it is the customers who decide about a companies success or failure.

    I learned for the future not to spend another 50 Euros in advance of an upcoming patch. My positive thinking and my expectations risen by all the intentionally "leaked" information was so far a bad and almost stupid move from my side. That wont happen ever again I promise.

    In my book a heavy tank is supposed to take the attention and heat off his teammates playing an offensive role. The german heavies cant do neither. The E-series is so far a huge fail. As I said earlier give the E100 the improved Jagdtiger cannon (for example)instead of that 150mm mess or reduce its dmg and boost pen and acc by a reasonable amount. The E75 (on test3) is by far too terrible to start even arguing about it. It should say pretty much everything if people like me, greatly excited for this tank stop playing it after a few games.

    We have a saying here in Germany: The hope dies at last". We will find out next week I guess.

    Kind regards

  93. Can you add more options for the poll? I don't really hate Malinovka, but it cries for a revamp. Heavy tanks need more SPG safe places there and the big plain should be broken with some hills.

  94. Rebalanced vehicles Tiger (P), VK4502 (P) Ausf. A, Е-50, E-75, E-100, Maus, T-15, T-25;

    What exactly has been rebalanced???

  95. I really hope for a patch4 - if this is the final version my time in WoT may come to an end far sooner then i thought.

    Overlord do you guys have an eye on the tanks which are driven in clanwars and why they are chosen?
    E50 was pretty strong in patch2, maybe too strong, but still no threat for t54s role in clanwars because mediums prime role is scouting and E50 in patch2 maybe was a perfect med crusher, but still no scout.
    And what is E50 now? A joke of a med which can be outmaneuvred by _heavy_ tanks? Nothing but a strong gun on weak tracks? Come on guys - you cant be serious.
    Same to E75 - it was maybe too agile in patch2, but now its just the same brick als Vk45b.

    Didnt test E100 so far - but E50 and E75 are just not worth to be played if you have alternatives like IS4 and T54, both are more or less waste of time.

  96. Dear Overlord,
    Will you show us the mid-term development report when 6.6 release ?
    We would like to see when the things that we expect will come


  97. Hi Overlord,

    do the "delays" of 6.6 have consequences for patch 6.7, or is it being developed in parallel?


  98. Hi Overlord, hi players!

    After reading most comments on the new tanks and changes in the forum and here i see a lot of disapointment in the community and therefore it seems just like that the devs are ignoring most of the comments postet here, but i dont want to offend them therefore, because theres hardly any comment without just complaining about the new tanks, especially the E-Series. I know the expectations for these tanks were high and can't fullfill mine either, to be honest (I've tested the updates, E-Series mostly), but instead of saying, they are underpowered or stupid I suggest somethng else:
    The community tries to say whats wrong about the tanks, or what can be done better, to balance the tanks (and I dont mean by that to say the tank is just shit or the armor is shit or whatever, maybe it would be better to say for example E-100 needs a thicker lower hull plate to prevent weapons under tier IX penetrate the frontal armor in general)
    On the other side I figured out that the connection to the devs is Overlord, so I ask you if it makes any sense to decide together to balance the tanks by speaking out what players prefer to be done and if it is an good idea to change stats yes or no.
    Finally I'm asking community if we should make a precise list of things we want to be changed and ask Overlord if you and the devs agree with this idea to balance tanks like that?

    Thanks for reading, if there is a similar suggestion postet earlier I apologize for havent seen this comment or community and devs disagree with the content of my comment please just ignore it,

    regards Bernd

  99. Do you really think that people will grind tanks back at test server after they have done it already once?

    If you are doing reset, then at least give more gold for exchanging free exp. Not gringing E-100 second time while I have to grind on the live server also.

  100. very impressive how they keep saying that tanks are balanced. if they kept saiyng we make the game so we decide whicht tanks are op i'll be their call. still not sure if they believe their own talk?

  101. what about an "like" button?

  102. Ok my own addition to the lot.

    In test 2 i played the E-75 and i had
    litteraly falled in love with it's mobility
    and how it gave the german heavies
    a mobile kind of tank.

    Just now i put the test 3 on, try the
    E-75 back, and think
    "What the hell, 13 km/h in those fields ?
    hey, what am i doing wrong ?
    Oh i still reach my top speed
    but getting down hill, with wind
    in my back...."

    Sorry, but if you plan to release
    a new "vk4502 - Maus" like tank
    with slow and no mobility as the
    second German line, then you should
    reconsider it very strongly.
    I had stopped my grind at the tiger 2
    because i could stand the slow move
    of the tiger 2, but was not wanting
    to play the vk4502 and Maus because of
    their lack of mobility and general slow

    Now you are turning the E-75 and (from what
    i saw in game) E-100 too in less attractive tanks
    than the Vk4502 and Maus.
    I'm not sure it's a good move.

    I realy hope you will have some Test 4
    before getting live, and having some
    mobility added back to the E-series.
    And their obvious weakness corrected
    some to have them competitive.

    Thanks for your job, but please
    take the community seriously when
    most of them just ask for
    some competitive tanks in every

    I played most of those in Beta,
    now i'm playing T30 and other US,
    Grinded German, and started grinding
    back Russian. And from all my experience
    the Russian grinds are usualy the less
    painfull grind.

  103. Hey Overlord, why dont you just shut the pages off if you dont bother with answering? Just answers for the crap that noone cares about. Typical, like in the good old CCCP right?

  104. Russian taks will be fine if they nerf theyre pene values to 246-250. 260 is more like for a TD.

  105. For a long time post war Russian Tanks has been op compared to Mid war German tank design. And with this patch (as many of us has been looking forward to) finally it would be a better balance in design and preformance. And then you give us these German tanks that is even worse then those we already have. This only shows this game is made by Russians for Russians. So bye bye Wot, it was fun as long as it lasted :)

  106. Ok, i have to admit that i can play the E-Series on my copied account instantly even though the server is reseted, so i can test them right away, but i'm not gonna write here a list about what i found out is worth changing or what can be done to fit the tanks better before the community and devs haven't agreed with my suggestion, otherwise i'm just wasting my time with it, so whats a good start like Stavinsky said: mobility with e-75 is reduced, so it compares more and more with a VK4502 what we not want, and not just complaining that russion tanks are OP, because I think we all know that by now, lets try to fit the other tanks so u can go face to face with an IS-7, but i am still waiting for a reply from Overlord, otherwise theres no sense to post here endless comments with preferred changes nobody considers.

    regards, Bernd

  107. Tanks with worst armor have guns with lower penetration, damage and ROF, tanks with better armor have guns with better penetration, damage and ROF... i love the balance on this game, i dont know why do test servers if only nerf one tree (2 if we count the USA tanks) and leave the the true op tanks intact patch after patch or with minor nerfs... compare the nerf on E-75 with others, first time i see a nerf on armor, movility, agility and no nerf on firepower because cant reduce more the firepower... well they mantein the short 128mm with less penetration, damage and ROF than S70.

    PD: now another month until they reverse a bit the nerf... if they dont add another more because kids cant penetrete up frontal hull of E-75 and they cry...

  108. Hey Overlord,

    there is serious discontent in the community. It is time to listen and answer. Your answers must not qualify to please the communities demands. Just ignoring those inconvenient questions is no solution at all.

    Show that you care and listen to the community. Don't make us feel like crap you simply don't have to listen to.

    It is time for regaining confidence, isn't it?

  109. CHANGES, that I noticed:

    If you dont know, why E-50 is weaker than in test 2, I can say you. They decreased traverse speed of this tank by 3. From 30 to 27.
    Power of engine increased from 1000 to 1200 h.p.
    Armor: 120/60/40, now is 120/80/80.
    Armor of turret: 150/60/60, now is 185/80/80.
    Turret traverse: 35 now is 34.
    E-50 weighs 1,4 tons less now.

    E75 - Armor: 160/100/60, now is 160/120/120,
    turret: 252/100/80, now is 252/160/160.
    Traverse of turret 26, now is 20.
    Traverse of tank 24, now is 21.
    Armor of lower front hull propably decreased from 140mm to 130mm now.

    Engine power increased from 1000 to 1200 h.p.
    But.... at the top configuration E-75 weighs 15 tons MORE now. That's why he is so slow. Maybe better engine isn't enough ?

    Penetration increased from 228 to 235 (15cm gun).
    Armor of turret: 220/210/210, now is 240/150/150.
    Traverse of turret increased from 16 to 20.
    Turret weighs 2 tons less.
    HP increased from 2250 to 2400.

  110. I agree the E series need some positive changes after what was done in test 3, and the low performance of the E100, but some of the msg written about Russians and WG are to much..
    Get a grip folks, and ease on the attitude.
    Its possible to highlight flaws with the new tanks without being an A...hole.

  111. "Show that you care and listen to the community. Don't make us feel like crap you simply don't have to listen to." That's bull shit

    What i can hear was - russian tank are over power

  112. Overlord:

    E series have been changed and are weaker in test 3.

  113. Welcome to the 21st century, WG...August 3, 2011 at 2:23 PM

    Dear Overlord...

    Is there any chance you could limit players clicking on the mini-map? One retard is enough to annoy rest of the team for whole battle. They keep clicking on the mini-map lite idiots whole game. Some clicks per time limitations would be really nice.

    So, could you think about it, and maybe in year or two, with enough people whining and after some obvious and useless pools, implement fix some like that?

  114. Instead, I'll quote Overlord:
    'You think German tanks are weak? You haven't seen E-series yet!'

    Now i understand this :-(

  115. it's stated in the forum that this will be the release version.

    good night

  116. Why dont you just copy the stats of the USSR tanks over to the other factions?
    If the T-54 is balanced well then a T-54 skinned as a E-50 should be balanced aswell right?

    And you could do this with all the tanks, problem solved :)

  117. Why have a game with 3 nations if only one is favored by devs? if balances usually jump over one nation no motive to have 3 or not?

    Apart this if the first tanks who can be competitive in a tree (not invencible) lose all their advantages and win others who reduce their performance wtf they do test if all stays the same???

  118. @DIE_Stroya
    Don´t worry, we have many kids or adults wich behave like kids on the EU Server too...
    ... so at leat I would never blame the russian players/community for nerfing/downgrading the E-series tanks.

    There is a great test in the russian forum that shows all the weakspots of the E75 which concludes in the statement that this tank, like the E50 and E100 is underpowered now. (test-patch 3)

    Let´s hope wargaming.net will listen to the russian, european and american community and change their stats again before the final release.

    Balancing is a hard job in every game, and now is the chance for wargaming to show that they WANT to balance the high tiers tanks in a way that they become all usefull, even in clanwars.

  119. Cleaned the thread a bit. Please, be respectful.


  120. Q: do the "delays" of 6.6 have consequences for patch 6.7, or is it being developed in parallel?

    A: There was no major delay. We are already working on the new stuff.

  121. Last night I didn't play World of Tanks for the first time since the opening beta. I've spent a HUGE amount of time and money on the game and loved it...alot.

    I've never got a tier 10 cos I had heard about this patch and worked (and paid) to get a tier 10 german tank that could compete.

    Yes, there are gems in the German trees but I am scared to even talk about them in case NKVD (WOT div.) start to take a 'nerfing' interest. Why one tank should dominate any tier shows poor balance - obviously you have to adapt to the strengths and weaknesses of a tank but, come on, if you cannot penetrate a tank cos your gun is rubbish, and you can't flank because you have poor maneouverability, your just a sitting duck.

    I have been looking forward to these new tanks for months and now I am not even looking forward to playing the game.

    I didnt play last night....maybe not tonight either...

  122. Anonymous said...

    "["Show that you care and listen to the community. Don't make us feel like crap you simply don't have to listen to."

    That's bull shit

    What i can hear was - russian tank are over power]"
    August 3, 2011 2:20 PM

    I think you got me wrong.
    The only thing I stated was keeping a low profile is no solution. Overlord should answer the questions.

    And btw. there is more in the posts than whining that russian tanks are overpowered.

  123. pls give E-50 his agility back

  124. 'You think German tanks are weak? You haven't seen E-series yet! (rofl)'

    '...plus we're nerfing that slow brick the Maus so they'll really have no tier 10 worth playing against our beloved motherlands steel!..just you wait!...Mwaahaaahaaaa'

  125. Overlord when on test we must grind again what abou increasing EXP/CREDIT income on this test?

    Lots of ppl have PZ-4 or 3001H and they wanna try last changes on new tank they dont need grind again with this old to get on this new tanks.

    PS: OVERLORD Could you put here info what changes (all what changed) from test2 --> test 3 any WHY?

  126. Hey 6.6.3 everything back to normal! Big slow easy targets, usually burn from front shots. Low pen so they bounce sloped armored tanks. Last not least the top secret armor value. So the German underdogs are back. If you want the easy button go for the Russian line, why bother.

  127. Oh noes. I liked E-75 and E-50 as they were almost as good as IS-4 and T-54. Almost means those two Russians still were better but only a little bit. Maybe that was too much for Russians so they had to nerf those to keep own tanks ruling the battlefield. It's just not fair that German tank could kill Russian as German lost the war. Why on earth Russian, German and US tanks couldn't be equally good?

    I know: then nobody (expect patriotic people) would play Russians and after all Russian tanks would look bad as good players choose others. An in World of Russian Tanks that cannot be done. So keeping IS-4 and T-54 overpower will help bad players to keep stats easily as good as German/US tank players, who needs to be better to keep stats in same level. Ie. Russian tanks are for noobs (easiest to play, you can rule by yourself) as others need better players, tactics and support as they are way worse.

  128. I confirm what everyone feared.
    They nerfed the E-50 so bad it now feels pain in the ass to play it.
    We barely felt Medium playing panther 2 ("play it like a sniper tank!! Yeah thats right, thats a medium tank that needs to snipe to be worth something LOL!"), but now it's even worse with test 3 .

    I dont find anything else to say. That's pathetic. I don't even imagine how the devs could decide to remove the agility to a medium.

    Only reason I find is to let the t54 alone, the only medium worth its class.

    When I first started to play Wot, I definitly chose to focus medium tanks: they were meant to be the "Wolf tank", that could sneak around ennemy position with their speed and agility, be able to hit ennemy forces hard if they made smart moves.

    T54 is this kind of tank; it's also way overpowered as it has unbalanced armor and bouncing abilities. Put 3 platooned t54 in a random battle, you can be sure they win the game, as you need at least 10+ tanks to stop 3 t54 running.

    The german counterparts was a joke. I loves playing panther 2 because I spent hours playing german mediums; it was obvious that Panther 2 was no match at all as medium tank: in CW, you wont see any panther 2 as it's useless. It might be fun to play with, in random battle, but of course t54 is the only medium worth its role.

    Then they told me to go have a try at E50 on test server, and it felt great. I felt like my medium tank finally got a bit of "medium" in it: I could go pretty fast where I wanted, and I was able to strike ennemy force without turning to fire because of my low armor values (half t54's as a recall).
    We barely dared to say that E50 was ALMOST an alternative to OVERPOWERED T54. We barely dared because we were too scared it would last.

    And then it happens. Russian drunken devs wanted to have their "glory to Staline" spirit left pristine: The E50 lost everything, and now I feel like my panther 2 is way better.

    Of course the armor is still beterr. But for God fucking sakes, wer are talking of a medium tank. What the fucking hell is wrong with you guys to dare nerf the traverse speed of the SLOWEST medium tank of the game?
    I don't wanna be a half-armored heavy tank that's meant to snipe. I wanna have a MEDIUM tank E50 as it was in test 2: fast and agile: less than t54 as it is meant to be the best tank (and I'm fine with that, I understood long ago that russians tanks were the best), but still enjoyable as a medium.

    And now test 3 happens.
    I dont find anything else to say. I'm just disgusted by this game, I just had 3 games with E50 test 3, and I felt like I wanted to go back to my Panther 2. I didnt touch live server since test 3 is live, I'm just sick of this game with idiots devs ruining other nations's tanks.

    I'm sick, I'm disgusted, and sure thing is I won't be for long; as soon as live server gets 0.66 with shitty E50, i'll just quit playing. Have fun with your World of USSR tanks.
    A sad premium customer who doesnt want to be forced to play russian.

  129. I am English - not German.

    I am hugely anti - nazi etc. My relatives fought and died fighting Germany in both wars.

    I chose the German tree because I admired the technical ability and liked the look of the tanks.

    I have some russian tanks, however, I chose the German Heavy line and now seriously wish I hadn't.

    I was happy that at least one of the tanks (E75) seemed a good tank, I could live with one, but because it's 'overpowered' you nerf it so much that it's now another vk4. The E100 obviously has problems so you give it a (tiny) buff. Basically you mess around with each tank until you make them poor enough to satisfy no - one!(?)

  130. I played in beta all tank trees. Now I play only Russian. My favorite counterparts are German tanks. Easy to spot since my camo is much better, every hit penetrates, I rarely ding only KT and Maus ding from distance. But who cares with my superior speed I'll keep them close. I know where to hit to make them burn, they burn even from front shots. I repair faster my track, Russian tanks have one crew member less, so they are cheaper to buy or train and have an advantage on accelerated training, one crew member less to share XP. Yet I don't have disadvantage in view or radio range. My favorite tank Object 704 and IS4 outclasses all tanks. Yeah they are driven by a lot morons that keep the overall stats even, but a good tanker like me I got a 68% win ratio on pub games. 50% platoon, if I platoon with IS4 or other object I'll own the whole evening without loss. Last not least you don't need gold ammo on Russian tanks to compete....... I'm bored of finishing the list, you want easy game mode go for Russian they'll never gonna change it.

  131. Overlord,
    I have done some tests in training room with Lowe (decent tier 8 gun) against IS7 and E100 frontal weak points from about 100 meters, lower hull rotated 30 degrees, regular ammo:
    E100 8 out of 11 shot went through on lower hull
    IS7 7 out of 9 went through

    As you can see the chances are about the same to penetrate, the difference is in size, E100 has about 3 times bigger area to hit than IS7.

    Other item I tested is the E100 rangefinder on top of tower vs the IS7 driver's window.
    I penetrated both in every case but the differences are:
    E100 weakspot again 3 times bigger than the IS7
    On E100 every shot was damaging HP, losing ~12% / shots
    On IS7 3 out of 9 shots took health damage only.

    My thoughts about patch 3:

    Gun is still a bouncer with regular ammo. It needs decent penetration increase to be competitive. At least the other tier 10 german guns values, considering that it can still be bouncy, so you won't give E100 an OP gun.

    Lower hull armor should be increased in thickness to meet the E75.

    Rangefinder on top of tower should be changed to not to give guaranteed HP damage. 33% chance like for IS7 would be good.

    Now lets mention E75:
    It really feels like VK5402 B with different skin.
    Combining it with turret traverse nerf makes it painful against mediums now, same brick feeling as for the VK/Maus. Just give back half of the values taken away from acceleration / rotation, and it should be good.

  132. Forgot to add to my post above that speed increase of 5 km/h would make both E75 and E100 a more decent in attacking role.

  133. Super testers and mods are required by wargaming to protect Russian tanks, they only look for evidence of OP on German and American line. That's how it goes, they get their gold from WG. If you think I'm kidding I know quite a few of them. If I platoon with them and we have on the opposing an IS4 or object 704 we know if they are not complete morons we loose. So I asked why don't you write your report? It's a Russian tank they not gonna nerf it.

  134. Overlord, you are the liaison between the gamers and the game developers. The person who gets blame for something he is not responsible for. The scapegoat when a tanks is horribly unbalanced, when a certain nation tanks seemed OP. you are all that and more. I thank you for your service whether this is part of your job or not. But i have a message for the devs : "Get your heads out of your asses. And listen"

    NOT A SINGLE, FUCKING PENNY. ahahahahahah dudes, you fuck up wot, i dont play it anymore.
    I dont play it anymore, i dont pay.
    I dont pay, you wont sqeeze more money from the game. well done mr. commie, keep your beloved is series OP.. ->goes back to company of heroes

  136. E75 was very good tank, now it is slowly and his turn is slowly too. Why did you nerf it? The main assumption of this tank were speed and strong armor. Now you can penetrate with panther his down hull, what is kinda funny. My point is, that E75 should be more mobile after last beta patch.

  137. This comment has been removed by the author.

  138. Shortly, it should be King Tiger on steroids. But that it would be better than russian tanks, so why they nerfed it. Seems that you still have your own war between germans.

  139. It is as I thought; germans get okay tanks for their role and that particular role is nerfed until they only do them okay.

    Historically you see german tanks as good armor, good guns and okay mobility.

    Russian should be good armor, good mobility and okay guns.

    Americans are generally average armor, good mobility/reliability and average guns.

    But in order to cornhole 'balance' german vehicles lose their general niche in order to overcompensate on the other side.

    That manifests in the E series now being more like the replacements - in other words not the better standard but similar to their replacement but a little worse because the things that should be better on them are dragging down the stuff that's not as good.

    I call T 54s unicorn tanks. They're good at everything in their role. In comparison a german similar tank is not. Americans seems to be okay for their role as generalists.

    Take the JagdTiger. Should be a great gun, great armor and horrible mobility.

    Together with the HUGE weakspots in it's frontal armor it's simply the worst T9 TD. It can't hurt a object or the T 95 but they sure can hurt a JT. The gun bounces on everything. I've yet to see one single T9 American and Russian TD bounce a shot.

    That all play into with guns as well, where the famous 88mm is slow and not that very good, while the artillery pieces of Russian cannons seems to be very good.

    I don't know if it's bias or simply over expose German weaknesses and underachieve their strengths.

    You tell me, but I've yet to find the famous Tiger I and Panzer V (and P2) bounce as many shots as their tier equals. And since all german tanks seems to be gifted with terrific shoot me here spots (and this game rewards in your face brawling as suppose to distance shooting) there's not one single opposing tank who doesn't know where to place their shots on german tanks.

    With the E 75 nerf of mobility and lower glacial you simply enhance the weaknesses of those tanks while average the strengths.

    By reducing the mobility of the E 50 you cement it as another P2 with no strengths over the T 54 and when you make E 100 a derp type lower end version of the Maus you simply make a bigger target more worthless.

    There's a reason why I don't bother joining clans for clan wars and that's because I don't want to play Russian tanks. I don't want to exploit ahistorical features for the benefit of being able to win on my own.

  140. WG fail with balance E-Series. Test 2 was good, now its horrible

  141. Its sad so many ppl quit this game and anothers and anothers are doing this right now.
    They told you so many times do comparable tanks not only German but even US to be able compare with Russian tanks or we will leave and you disappointed them again and again.

    Now its too late to try buff some of new tanks (and still even when you call it buff its nerfed in reality) As you can see ppl will not accept it what are you trying its simply too late.

    You lost them and You will lost anothers of them

  142. WG, there is a story of an onlince gaming company not listening to their customers, and losing their majority relativley quickly. Just read up SOE (Sony Online Entertainment) and their game SWG (Star Wars Galaxies), and try to learn from it before it's too late. Don't forget you are making this game for us (and the money we would spend on gold)not for yourselves.

  143. I loved the E-75 in test2, but after reading all of this I am reluctant to go and test the E-75 with all the other new additions they have added...

    I wonder how much of what we say here is taken into account with the DEV team? or is it cause we not russian and have no say in the matter?

    May as well call this game "world of russian tanks" cause thats all we going to see, everyone cruising in their russian tanks...

    Throw the cat in amongst the pigeons and give us the E-series we expected so we can liven up the rivalry between the 3 factions and have some proper clan wars, nothing wrong with russian tanks, but for a good game to be succesful, variety is needed and they need to be competitive against each other, the skill should be in our hands and not in an overpowered tank.

    neilmac - EU

  144. Im no gonna beg for anything. Bye Bye WG.

  145. Chalupar said >> August 2, 2011 11:44 AM

    Question for Overlord = Test server will be stopped after release patch 6.6 on live server?

  146. WG won't listen to player and they enjoy nerf german tank, but never russian tank

  147. I loved the E-75 in test2, but after reading all of this I am reluctant to go and test the E-75 with all the other new additions they have added...

    I wonder how much of what we say here is taken into account with the DEV team? or is it cause we not russian and have no say in the matter?

    May as well call this game "world of russian tanks" cause thats all we going to see, everyone cruising in their russian tanks...

    Throw the cat in amongst the pigeons and give us the E-series we expected so we can liven up the rivalry between the 3 factions and have some proper clan wars, nothing wrong with russian tanks, but for a good game to be succesful, variety is needed and they need to be competitive against each other, the skill should be in our hands and not in an overpowered tank.

    neilmac - EU

  148. The Dev's know the Russian tanks are OP. That is on purpose like that. A lot weaker drivers choose them to compensate. Good players have the easy mode and a platoon of Russian tanks is GOD Mode. Very simple, mostly Russian tanks in hall of fame average XP per battle. It works as intended.

  149. Hi Overlord!
    I'm Vietnamese. As tradtional way, I love Soviet weapon a lot. I played T54 in Beta and realized how it was OP compared with German 's tanks. I feel shame when drive that cheat tank, so I follow German tree now.

    In test 2, it was awesome when E50 & E75 could compete Russian Tanks. But now in new patch:
    - E50 's acceleration is not like med anymore
    - E75 's traverse speed is like shit (easy to be raped by fk T54)

    So, turn their specifications back to test 2 plz.

    Tks for this interesting game!

  150. A lot of veteram players says german tanks not weak just another play style. I wanna agree this. Show me wich playstyle need to use with e-100. (worst gun worst speed worst mobility worst others says worts camo worst armor id u use the t30 well) leave maus tier 10 and compare is-7 t30 and e-100. If iam wrong say me but only who know it. Not need really a starter give me intructions. Now iam disappointed help me to understand. E-75 is now not great just good i need to say too just another vk4502p. With respect.

  151. Well ok so as of now, Panther 2 has 29 traverse speed
    while E50 has 27???

    so a lower tiered tank has higher traverse?...and this is Med tanks not TD which work differently.

    And what is this KT has 26 traverse??? Seriously??? A HT has almost the same traverse as the top med tank?

    Sometimes I really wonder if there arent three ppl who do balancing in games. A DEFT a DUMB and a BLIND!!!!

    How can such @##"#"$ changes be justified?
    Not to jump on the bandwagon but i must agree with others here, only by bias it seems.

    All I can say is that if the game goes live as is, I'll just do my daily 2x xp games until the Prem account lasts and then leave the game until WOWP comes out.

    If in that game,a frigging IL2 is king and the BF109 a piece of crap it'll be the last time I spend money on anything WG related for sure.

    Ardens - EU

  152. Same here I felt ashamed driving Russian tanks, KV, Object 704, IS4 everybody tries to get you and makes fun of you. I went American, not as pitiful as German but nobody can say anymore I took the easy way.

  153. I go for the underdog, no respect for tankers that got their stats in Russian tank.

  154. "If in that game,a frigging IL2 is king and the BF109 a piece of crap it'll be the last time I spend money on anything WG related for sure."

    You can bet your life WoWP will be a mirror of WoT same OP Russ and same Under others

    Its their style

  155. Overlord said...

    Cleaned the thread a bit. Please, be respectful.

    August 3, 2011 3:12 PM

    Dear mr overlord, aint it fair that the users of your product expects the same treatment?

  156. Please,I beg you,give more damage to german heavy tanks. They are useles on 8,7,6 tier.Sorry for my english if I do mistakes.But try to compare Russian tanks and German.German don't have a chance with same tier russians.Please,make this game more fair play for all players not only for those who play russian tanks.

  157. I swore to myself I'm not even gonna start WOWP I'm finished with WOT, they lied too many times, honestly I'm just bored.

  158. You say "another play style" YEA 3 tigers II vs 1 IS-3 and MAYBY THEY WILL WIN this is for you "another play style"???Do you hear somewhere about a "little bit of ballance"?I got 2307 battles and I know what I'm saying.German heavy line tier 7,8 are ducks for russian tanks and this is not fair play.

  159. Imagine when they release new battle options like factions; that is one country against another as battle mode.

    If that won't dramatically highlight the inequity than I don't know what will.

    Make a simple poll about say armor, gun and mobility and you won't see any german vehicle as the top pick. In a recent poll between the best T9 TD the JT was at the bottom way below T 95 and Object. That should tell the devs something. Heck, the JT doesn't even have historic armor but the object and T 95 does. a 128mm L 68 can't even touch any of those TDs in the front.

  160. I agree.They make really great game,really fun and beautifull but they have no idea about ballance of vehicles.This is the only bad thing about this game and when they fix this they earn mor players and money.And no one will be angry for this.

  161. If Russians people want to have the greates tanks ok do that on russian server,but make more ballanced game on European server and US becouse we pay for this game (I'm got premium) and we want to have som fun in playing all fractions.

  162. Yea of course the russian planes will be the best and the others will be just ducks.

  163. You cant do anything, they will do with the game as they see fit. They dont care about what you say. You can do only one thing: do not buy any gold anymore. Like me. Solved.

  164. WG should add the armor factor for those overpower russian tank IF they enjoy nerf german tank like this!

  165. I hope my 2 cents will be seen as reasonable:

    E-50 as now is a good all-round tank but still i see too many weakspots compared to the 54. I use it in a different way, but still it's too easy to get pinched...

    E-75 is the main patch problem: has been nerfed too much. I understand a weak area must be available on frontal armour as well but as it is now the area is way too big. It's too easy to place a good shot and make a lot of damage. As comparison i think about the IS-4 (as i never played T34) and there weakspots are maybe more but really smaller like the driver spot. That is a tiny area that even the smallest movement of the tank can protect from a precise shot. This is just not fair, simple.Please increase again the armour or at least reduce the lower armour weak area.

    About E-100 instead i find it difficult to believe a 150mm turret armour sides. Too much nerfing here as well. 180mm would be honest if you think of the size and inclination.

    We waited so long for the E-series and we are a little tired of handicapped tanks will huge armour holes. It's time to have some "best tank of it's Tier" on german tech tree as well...

    Sorry if i write too much. :)

  166. I thinking about play styles. Okay lets see how its going on e-100. Cant tank okay. Its have a lot of health but 300-400 hp is a joke its means 1 shot.(because the enemy have a gun with 700dmg and lot penep) So cant with tank low armor. Okay lets defend. Cant defend cant hit enemy bad gun. And defend need big dmg no fast shooting with maus gun. If i get a hit when iam attacking i change attack position so rof is useless. Lets scout?? joke. Let support others? They have more mobility in my team so iam to be behind in starts. And why support if there another option with better gun mobility armor etc.... Okay let see another. Camp with scout. LOL GERMAN tank NO ACCURACY! Everyone says german best in acc and hp. So what now?
    No problem use it like a "main battle tank". Oh front armor is sh*t just shoot it down side from 400m with a gun have 200 penepration. No other idea for style. Wait u can play like a hello kitty just rush in and dead and hope gold ammo hit someone. And yea you cant rush because no camo big body and mediums spot u and kill u every shoot hit you.(t54)

  167. But I like this game more than others,I can't wait for WOWP and my friends and clan too.This is the best time for CHANGES.People you doing update 6.6 make some changes in german tanks.PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  168. Let's talk about that and make this subject more important.Mr Overlord your gamers spoke too you.Make changes.And thanks for this game becouse is great.

  169. I hope your bankrupt when patch 7.0 goes live this is the biggest shit I have ever seen with this game.

  170. You makes this blog too improvement this game so listen too players and doo something with evident problem from the beginning of this game.

  171. I thing they will make some with it if the care about players.

  172. We are not telling too you too change all game but ONLY 1 THING!!!!Make improvments to german heavy line.This will not take you a lot of your time only few hours of your time.Come on every MMO,RPG and others games in internet are balanced.Only you are lost in this subject.

  173. I can see in the future World of Warplanes: best airplanes will be russians LOL

  174. And no one will play this game.

  175. The russians will pay. No one other if its broke in balance

  176. 1 of players says: (and he is right of course so read carefully)
    Posted Today, 01:29 PM
    apparently i heard some players state this

    E-50 finally a good german med, but not as good as t-54 (dev response) nerf hard
    E-75 A nice overall tank (dev response) NERF
    E-100 terrible tank/ worst tank (dev respnse) its fine

  177. A successful business is one that consistently makes money and stands the test of time. It listens to it's customers and lives by the motto "The customer is always right", for without customers a business will fail.

    Wargames, your customers are speaking to you. They ask for balance. Give them what they want or run the risk of your business failing.

  178. The other player:
    "Why the **** they dont nerf those russian tank like they nerf the german ones ?"

    A lot of people telling too you to make changes so go to work and do something.

  179. Do something in 6.6.We will have more fun,you will have happy players,more cash and everyone will be happy.


  181. Hi Overlord

    Please since this is your Blog can you answer more then one or two questions? I read this multiple times everyday just hoping to hear some answers from you.

    Thank you for a fun tank game.

  182. It's very sad. I remember other WW2 online games which were in good balance. Each fraction had good and bad units but not a single nation was OP. People from all over the world got along and enjoyed the game. There were discussion, coursing and bad words but these were not between certain nations.
    WG managed to build a huge wall between russia (including belorussia) and the rest of the world.

    Fix this. It's so easy. Just get over with your cheap excuses of balanced trees.

  183. the russian devs make there own tanks better and all other weaker - sure they do it.
    they are russians.

  184. I get the fact that we dont get V2 launchers as artillery, but common...
    I know that german vehicles requires a certain gamestyle and skill to be good, but in test3 the devs have taken the 2 decent tanks from test 2 E-50 and E-75, nerfed them, given the E-100 (the problem vehicle from test 2)a slight buff that still dosnt get it quite up to par...
    I know this is just testing, but i seriously ask the devs to think what worked best from the 3 tests and run a 4th test to balance the game. Nothing is final we know, but please, consider making the E-series more agile and fun so it wont be a copy of the heavies we allready have.

  185. I'll vote with my purse. I was going to put down another 50 dollar to elite the E series and add modules, but now I'll grind until the premium account runs out and shelf it for now.

    Maybe there are enough players that play Russian tanks that will this one afloat.

  186. The ISU-152 has a BL-frickin 10 and somehow someway it is considered balanced for tier 8? BUT!! when the E-75 with an average gun, good FRONTAL armor and good mobility is on the table it gets nerfed immediately?

    Turret traverse is terrible on the E-75 now giving us an average gun that reloads incredibly slow, SLOW turret, Slow mobility, average frontal armor due to the incredible size of the lower front glacis plate and crap side armor.

    frickin genius wargaming!

  187. I did a mistake that is spent money last week for enlongering my premium account in favour of the E-Serie. This mistake won't happen ever again, that's for sure now. I had faith in this WG team, but if they stick to they alternative logic, then go on, GJ and prepare for unseen consequences ;) If you don1T want my money i don't care. The only thing in this game was that it has a huge potential, but it won't last forever with so much pissed players / customers. They jsut don't care, so will do i.

  188. We have a saying - If a tree in a Forest falls over and there's no - one there to hear it fall...does it make a sound?

    In other words - is there any point in writing in these posts...or even doing the beta at all, if there is no one even interested in our thoughts!??

  189. ...hmmm...now I know why they made premium cheap for a couple of months....get your money before we all quit!!!!!

  190. Overlord,
    Do you think that there is a problem when your own Russian players are coming in begging and pleading for US and EU players to voice up to try and get you guys to listen to how poorly your team is balancing the game right now?

    Is it a problem that they have been posting critical input on design choices, and pointed out numerous flaws and disadvantages to your balancing acts, yet your fellow developers call them "whiners"?

    Your devs are saying for example about the E-75 and E-50, "you guys just want an uber tank". When all the players want is something to match the IS-4. See the problem here? The IS-4 is OP, you know it, everyone knows it, it's getting moved to T10. But that's not happening for a while now, and IS-4 drivers had the joy of being OP and having inflated stats as it went basically untouched since the game launched, and will remain OP for a few more months. Why can't the E-75 compete with the IS-4 now evening the playing field and then get rebalanced in the supposed 7.0 massive balance overhaul?

    Why can the T-54 run around OP with it's cherry-picked stats. And don't give us those lame statistics you use as they're skewed big time. Look at the "better" T-54 drivers and see what they do to it compared to it's counterparts and you'll see it's OP in nearly every way imaginable outside of "view range" in the Patton, and the gun of the E-50.

    Then, look at how poorly the Jagdtiger is performing. Everyone knows it's massive flaws, and it doesn't have a big gun to back it up. Your poll also proved how poor the JT was, as it was done by the players.

    See the problem here? It's not just that Russia has one dominate high-end play tank, it completely OWNS Tier 9, Heavy, Medium, and TD wise. And the IS-7 is a strong T10 as well. That's the problem here, high-end play (end game) is dominated by the Russians.

    Remove your "Camo" system please too, as that was purposely planted to discriminate and put German tanks well below their Russian counterparts.

    You guys are about to receive a large fall-out because you took your Russian bias and German hatred to a new level.

    When "Storm" was asked why would you bring an E-50 to Clan Wars opposed to a T-54 or Patton, he couldn't give a proper response. That's pretty damning evidence as well.

    These people will leave the game, you will start to lose money big time. And when World of Warplanes launches, they won't be back because they know your track record.

    You guys are in a BAD situation right now. You need to fix it NOW, or it's GAME-OVER for you in the eyes of many-many players.

    It's a fun game, if it were balanced, it'd be perfect. Unfortunately, it is not balanced at all...

  191. Listen to the customer. Here in the Western world, if we don't like what we see, we leave.

    When we leave, we take our money. The BEST thing you can do is listen to the community.

    200+ comments and most are echoing the same statement. BALANCE!

  192. I think i can understand the nerf to E-75 mobility now:

    The frontal armor was reduced, so there was some free space inside the tank. Wargaming.net had to fill it with something, so they decided to fill it with... weight.

  193. Its very sad, WG its about to loose many costumers.
    First off all the are not able to balance the game, and this behavior is from the Beta on.
    Second they say what wonderful game mechanics are coming soon, sadly they say this about a year now.
    EU Map also didnt get the announced modes, what is with mercenary, or more Provinces?
    Its a crap like it is now, only a few clans have a chance to get on map atm. and this clans will hold their gold for the full release so get an advantage over the others and will still be superior.

    For me its time to say: No more money for WG and no more games from WG!

    I will wait for SWToR, i hope i will get there a good time, at WoT i think i cant have this.


  194. " Anonymous said...
    Listen to the customer. Here in the Western world, if we don't like what we see, we leave.

    When we leave, we take our money. The BEST thing you can do is listen to the community.

    200+ comments and most are echoing the same statement. BALANCE!"

    If all 200+ people crying on this forum left the game then there would still be 100,000+ online playing the game glad you're gone. Less QQ, More PewPew!!

  195. Hey Overlord, MAYBE we'd be respectful if you and your bosses made even a small effort at listening to the community. Why should we be respectful to you when you obviously don't respect us enough to listen? Don't expect anything remotely like respect from me. You have to earn respect, and you and your moron bosses have NOT done anything to deserve respect. Contempt, yes. Hate, yes. But not Respect. Earn the right to be respected, and we'll be respectful.

  196. First of all, thx to WG for developing WoT it's a fun game with a lot of potential.

    I know that balancing is a really tough thing to do in order to please everyone but know from experience that it is possible just look at SC 1 and 2

    But I have to admit that I would love to see the E 75 as it has been in the 2nd test-patch rolling on the battlefield.
    I really enjoyed playing it and just find it very similar to the VK may be even weaker.

    Please consider all the comments regarding the E series when releasing the final versions of the E series.

    Best regards,


  197. Come on Overlord say something.

  198. Agree last man. Overlord we want to know your aspect or something about the european cry.
    Give us hard or outspoken.
    Best regards