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Monday, June 6, 2011

Figure Me Out! [FINISHED]

If you are reading this here now, you must have known me for quite a while. Whether you like me or not, your visiting this blog implies that you are curious at least! Fancy telling everyone what you think about my (non-)humble person? Today you are officially granted an opportunity to express all your ideas and thoughts of me…

Why namely today? Well, that’s easy. Today is the anniversary of June 6th, 1944, known as D-Day, when Normandy Landings began. What connection has it got with me? Easy again… The name of the operation aimed at invading German-occupied Western Europe by Allied Forces was Overlord. And this is exactly where my name comes from. Sorry, wrong link (like this game, btw). Here you go.

Obviously I couldn’t but promote myself commemorate it somehow.

Now when you have got some information on the operation itself, give it a shot to figure out who the person (people???) standing behind this name in WOT is (are???).
  • If you bet Overlord is a collective image comprised by a group of idiots, give your reasons and portray those who make it up.
  • If you think Overlord is a real person you have some respect to (no one? crap!), give it a try to draw a psychological portrait of him.
  • If you do believe Overlord is a real person but you feel like mocking at him (expect a lot of submissions here), feel free to do that and come up with a good psychological caricature of him.
Overlord, being either one person or a group, will decide what best pieces of writing are. The winners in all three categories will be awarded 10.000 gold and a signed picture of real Overlord (may be)! You have got a week till June 14th, 0:00 UTC to submit your ideas here in the comments. The criteria of choosing winners are simple… Overlord should like it!

Few Simple rules to follow:
  • Stick to 100-150 words limit
  • Put your in-game nickname and server you are playing on (so as I can easily locate and ban you)
  • No side comments and spamming please

    The contest is over. The results will be announced in a few days.


  1. Put your in-game nickname and server you are playing on (so as I can easily locate and ban you)

    Ban? good joke :D ( I hope so O.o)

  2. I can't draw anything exept stick men, but what I am good at, is finding obnoxius & funny stuff for people.

    When the Clan Wars came out, Overlord was ready on the minute of the release to join the fray! He/she/it had planned this decades before the plan was in work, so the obvius answer is that Overlord is either this man: http://fbarocks.com/images/world_domination.jpg

    Or this man: http://videos.gameprotv.com/videos/7927.jpg


  3. I tried to condense it as much as possible but could get it below 186 words :/

    An Overlord is someone who watches over others. Overlord looks over the many Moderators in the forums.
    From this information Overlord is either the lead developer Victor Kislyi himself or a group of the top people at Wargaming who know the ins and outs of the game.
    In the forum he is labelled as the "Commander" and always has the most up to date knowledge of the game that is only available from the heart of the Wargaming furnace itself. He also tells the Moderators what to do and posts in depth information about the inner workings of the game and engine which requires an expert view to explain to us laymen.
    This brings forward a key point in the identification of Overlord, He posts a lot. Regularly posting and writing updates on the forums takes time. Victor is a busy man so it would only be possible if he was a robot or Overlord was a group of people.
    In retrospect I would say its most likely Overlord is a persona shared by the Wargaming Developers
    Either that or Victor Kisyli is the Terminator.

    Therealjoe off Eu server (please don't ban me)

  4. I see three things about Overlord.
    First: The Name
    Telling us Operation overlord was the reason for the name is just the attempt to obscure the truth.
    In reality Overlord wants to be „The Overlord“ < insert diabolic laugher here >

    Second: Never do the dirty job yourself
    Behind his Desk I see cages with little winged Monkeys.
    (in the forum we call them „Mods“)
    Every time someone shall get banned, he opens this cages and enjoys the show.

    Third: „I know everything“
    This Blog and the Q+A Threads in the Forum were not made to help or inform.
    They shall only show that „mighty Overlord“ knows everything.

    After this three points I think overlord is a Person with one Problem: Megalomania.

    This baseless claim was made by Dr_Snuggles (Eu server).

  5. in the psychiatrist's reference book this called the "narcissism"

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  7. Yay a contest on my birthday :P-
    By Faolchu - EU Server - Awesome Clan!

    I believe Overlord is a real person! A strange real person but a real person nonetheless. He occasionally crawls out from underneath a pile of complaints to proclaim his awesomeness and feed on tears of the trolls.

    A large ego, a craving to ban, a hatred of pink fluffy things and a love of cupcakes all form the psyche of this ‘Overlord’. Intimidating, scary and chiselled features are all words the players of WoT never use to describe him. Instead they often use the phrase ‘he is as overpowered as the loltraktor!’ well when he is around anyway :P. Summed up you could say he is complicated :).

  8. Seems I can't stop the poetry thing, so here's a little ditty revealing the bitter truth !!
    obviously aimed at the " collective " section

    Doofus - Eu server

    On forums he's most often found,
    dispensing knowledge that will astound.

    He posts so much that I now can tell,
    He's not one man but a whole cartel !

    It's true I say! Its an army of millions,
    that write his responses, like good little minions.

    And I've heard it whispered in deep darkened corners,
    Of the big stick that he uses, to enforce all his orders.

    There's ten thousand they say, steeped in programming code,
    Two thousand blonde secretaries to lighten his load !

    A team of top chefs prepare all his food,
    which is served on gold platters by girls in the nude.

    And now as I sit, my fear does increase.
    For now I await his secret Police

    For revealling this truth, I expect ban, not reward.
    And when I disappear, Just blame Overlord !

    Oh and btw "Therealjoe" thanks so much for discovering that first poem was copied mate. I owe you a debt on that one

  9. Q: in the psychiatrist's reference book this called the

    A: Sounds like a diagnosis, tho I prefer to take it a a joke.

  10. Overlord has always been a Mystery...

    Arsaneus - EU Server

    When looking into the forum and seeing how many questions this "Overlord" has to answer in the Q&A section...there is only one way this can be possible. No, he's not a computer but simply a man that uses trained monkeys to answer the questions. Each of them is thaught how to ban players and work 23 hours per day. The monkeys have no free will and simply bow to Overlord's command...as it should be! Else he would not be an overlord, right?

    I know this because one of my trained monkeys succeeded bringing me this information. He was the only one who came back. I assume the others were assimilated into Overlord's Workforce.

  11. On Overlord rise up.
    And so thousands of spirits comes up to endorse old uniforms long time ago returned to ashes.
    They armor their minds on battlefields the ligths of the sun and the moon will nether touch.
    Making disappearing tracks in the sand, the mood and the grass, they yell orders with words nobody can ear.

    And each time we start pointing gun who couldn't even arm a cloud on each others.
    Then with them we shredd our ennemies to pieces for victory, again and again for eternity...
    Because burning bridges and tanks come back to life after each defeat on our Overlord's day.

    katana666 on EU server, (excuse my bad english please, that's not my native language.)

  12. I think Overlord is a codname for a battalion of mind-controlling Hetzers!(i.e. option A).
    Their name is Legion and They Shall Know No Fear. They already control a group of developers, writing mind-control code disguised as the world’s best tank game.
    The signs are all there in plain sight. They even named it World of Tanks after their goal – world domination!
    Just think!
    Has anyone seen Hetzers get nerfed?
    Everyone says they’re terrible, and yet they’re so popular…
    Everyone thinks they’re junk and yet everyone knows the phrase: “Hetzers gonna Hetz”
    Everyone thinks they suck and yet there are so many…
    And they keep coming!
    One of them has already been sent posing as a regular Hetzer to unleash upon Los Angeles right after E3 (The invasion from “Battle LA” will seem like a picnic compared to that thing unleashed).
    The time of the Hetzing is upon us.
    SchnauzerFaust - EU Server

  13. This would be the 3rth category.

    Overlord is a greedy individual, that kept all those thousands and thousands of M4A2E4 tanks to himself. Instead of giving everyone that participated in beta one of those tanks he drives a new one each day.

    Scratching them against other tanks. (yes hes THAT guy in the game) and selling off the M4A2E4 the moment the battle ends.

    So what there are thousands of other tanks that are rusting away without an owner.
    Might as well sell them and buy chocolates, cola and extra combat rations.
    Guess that means I'm also calling him fat now.

    Zylon0 on the Europe server.

  14. My bid.. 1 face, 1 monster, 1 Overlord.

    - Overlord is in his late 20's
    - He is in charge of the poor underpaid/slave QA team. Translation, he rules with an Iron fist.
    - He posts frequently because programming is boring and he needs to look like he is doing something when the boss walks by.
    - He will probably read this in the middle of the night because sleep is optional and his office hours are relaxed.
    - Favorite food is Taco Bell
    - Drives a small Peugeot
    - Wanted to study journalism but IT paid more.
    - Wanted to go to 2011 E3 but lost in a game of "Rock-Paper-Scissors"

    mp0wer - NA/US server

  15. Overlord

    By reloader_1 , US Server

    The name “Overlord” contains the essential clues the identity of the owner. Like Operation Overlord in Normandy, one man alone cannot possibly be in charge of all the details… or can he?

    I am willing to bet that there is a primary “Overlord”, such as a General Eisenhower, but there are others who have access to his powers. Eisenhower could not be in all places at once, and neither can Overlord!

    His tireless ability to plan and execute a daring plan to assault the internet beaches with a bold new game idea greatly resembles his namesake, and gives us a glimpse of the man behind the name. Like the real Operation Overlord, this operation was planned and took several years before it was finally released on an unsuspecting audience. Thus, Overlord is a cool, careful planner, who uses all his ability to craft and devise new methods to further refine his bold creation.

  16. The name was normaly chosen purely randomly precisely so that if enemy intelligence learned one, they could not tell anything about it from the name.

    In the case of Overlord it might of had somethign to do with the meaning of the word.
    "One who is lord over another or others; a superior lord; a master"

    SmanUK - EU Sever

  17. Overlord would be a collective group with an operations commander. Mission planning and issuing of operations orders within the WOT. The front line soldiers, hitting the beachheads executing their Op orders from their Platoon leaders battling within WOT to gain ground and create and secure thier objectives. Platoon leaders taking care of the front line soldiers and insuring the execution of their Company Commanders orders and objectives, issuing frago's and directing the front lines to insure those objectives are met on time and with victorious results. Company Commanders stratigizing with the "Overlord" commander and issuing OP orders and overseeing the execution and creation of mission objectives for Platoon Leaders. Overlord is the mission and execution of WOT. If it is just one person. Then the physicological profile would be just plain ole crazy! Cause nobody can doit, shootit and destroyit by themselves. Hero's win firefights, Overlords win wars! SonOfAnarchy / US Server

  18. Overlord is sort real and unreal at the same time. A sort of quantum Chuck Norris: Quantum Norris! and only observing him causes him to have a normal behaviour.
    I know what you did last Russian Winter, Quantum Norris!!

    Darro - EU

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  20. Operation overlord was a great undertaking involving hundreds of thousands of people and millions of tons of armor. While only the men storming the beaches are usually recognized, there are still thousands and thousands of people that aren't considered into this undertaking. Such as the people who designed the plan, the naval soldiers aboard the battle ships, all the way down to the people in the factories back at home producing the weaponry and equipment that made this all possible. For this reason I think that the name overlord is synonymous with a group rather than a single individual. It is a term that encompass a mass and so I think that, in this case, overlord would have to be a group of developers, rather than a single individual. Plus, lets be honest, one person updating the community would go insane.

    Nickname - Ghawain
    American Server

  21. Aenir_bEPU - North American server
    This is for the second category.
    Overlord, like the famous Operation Overlord, is all about deception. His profile says that he is "currently involved in game design, QA, community and support stuff." Like Operation Overlord, he claims to be doing much more than he actually is. While he may claim to be involved in the actual designing of World of Tanks, he is not. What he does is watch over the forums and his blog. While he is trying to mislead us with misinformation into thinking he is a group of people, he is but one man. And like the famous Operation Overlord, he has big objectives: of annihilating a German Maus in a Japanese tank. And that, my friends, is why there will be Japanese tanks. Not to just bring in more exotic tanks, but so that Overlord can destroy people with them.
    Aenir_bEPU - North American server
    This is for the second category.

  22. Hi, every time a person uses some name, that is suposed to represent something "magnificent" like overlord, kolossos, titan...its bcos of huuge personal issues. U could have been an abused child, or sufer from deep emotional trauma cos your dick is short .-)
    Ithink u are a person, yes, but also a group of people. I love the game but think you should show more customer respect, especialy 4 paying customers and GIVE gold and other stuff, not charge less on special acasions-cos, remember this -we are paying you real money for imaginary stuf...but its REAL money after all, and since your asses make a free living on the labour of our hands...you should reward us more often.

    And in a way you are like a druglord, you give the first drug for free and then you suck all the cash out of your customers once they get adddicted (beta gold was free)-so much for the rage part.
    Now - honestly, i think you shouldnt have done this event, cos that takes all the fun out of the cat and mouse game we play on the forums. You should keep a high profesional level, and not degrade yourself to an retarted level by dumb comments and crosed over funny words, for gods sake man grow up!

    And stop wasting time with mindfuck events and get that E series in game, E 50 too. Soon.

    So much from me...now where s my gold :-)
    Druglord , Eu server

  23. I think the overlord is comprised of a group of all the developers or the high up devs and are finding these most often comments hilarious comming from fellow tankers.I think yall like are in the tier 8s ingame and are only in invite only matches and have secret tanks that are not yet released.My name is Mercforhire on the North American server and would be happy to face you all in a match and I would pwn yall with my many gold plated shells made with antimatter.Remember 1 tablespoon of it could destroy a town the size of new york city so imagine what TWENTY pounds would do to yall.

  24. LordCabbage- NA server

    (Category #1)

    “Overlord” is not a real person. It is simply forum account. At the Wargaming office, the developers draw straws to see who has to be “Overlord” for the day. No one wants to do what he is tasked to do. Who wants to patrol the forums and sift through thousands of posts each day? Who wants to be forced to read a million threads on how the matchmaking is terrible and that the spotting system is broken? It is almost as painful as grinding through the Hetzer. Don't they have computers for this now? There is no way that one person can be paid any amount of money to do that day in and day out. “Overlord” is simply a title. A title of a task that no one man can do alone.

  25. http://www.pollsb.com/photos/o/64130-joseph_stalin.jpg

    this is overlord imo based on his "russia > rest" thinking

  26. GeneralClark- NAserver

    Seems to me Overlord is a single person, male by his profile status. An extremely patient game designer,who takes the time to read and reply to posts on his blog. Seems like a great guy to me because he listens to the people, maybe not how we might want,but none the less he listens. Gotta be a little crazy, and probably has like a tank tattoo across his chest or something like that. WOT RULES!!!

  27. Q: Now - honestly, i think you shouldnt have done this event, cos that takes all the fun out of the cat and mouse game we play on the forums. You should keep a high profesional level, and not degrade yourself to an retarted level by dumb comments and crosed over funny words, for gods sake man grow up!

    A: It was made just for a change. Plus I've got 30k gold to give away. Don't want them on my account.

  28. Q: http://www.pollsb.com/photos/o/64130-joseph_stalin.jpg
    this is overlord imo based on his "russia > rest" thinking

    A: And your name/server is ... You know, your gold awaits ..

  29. MR. Overlord is/are the caring developer(s) who would only like to see WoT very successful and eventually come out with a "spin-off" with tanks from today and not just WW2... oh and the mighty MR. Overlord(s) probably look like this


    (underneath all that beauty) or...


    or finally.......


    (I am leaning more to # 2 and 3 the most)

  30. oh last comment was me



  31. Name: DemonicSpoon (US server)

    Overlord is the grandson of a Russian tank designer who stole a prototype T-44 and drove off into Germany. Using this stolen tank to steal Nazi gold, they drove off and hid, changing their identities.

    Overlord inherited the remains of this Nazi gold, using his fortune to construct an evil empire, using his minions to create tank-based gladiatorial combat. The gold used by the combatants as currency was minted from Overlord's original inherited stash.

    Overlord personally oversees each match, taking the top tankers for his personal army. It is expected that within a few years, Overlord will have entire divisions of the best tankers, equipped with the most modern of post-WW2 tanks, ready to take on the world.

    To those of you who would call this story absurd, I ask you...Could anyone named "Overlord" really be content with anything less than global domination?

  32. Overlord =

    O - Oversees (to survey or watch, as from a higher position. )

    V - virtuoso (a person who has special knowledge or skill in a field)

    E - Egotistical (excessive and objectionable reference to oneself in conversation or writing; conceit; boastfulness. )

    R - Remarkable (worthy of notice or attention. )

    L - Leadership (an act or instance of leading; guidance; direction)

    O - Omnipotence (having very great or unlimited power )

    R - Respondeat Superior (Medieval Latin, let the superior give answer)

    D - Dictatorship (absolute, imperious, or overbearing power or control. )

  33. Reklaw - NA Server

    June, 1944. The first moon in many nights - or, the first they had noticed, since the invasion. Tempered, weathered soldiers tend a campfire, retelling origins, dreams. The rotation stops. A vagrant soldier. Nameless. His tags, hidden; his uniform, caked in blood.

    Quick, sarcastic words spill from him. He amuses only himself, easily. Amidst ramblings, the others piece together a history. The soil, his mother; war, his father. “I am their bastard,” he reveals. “Overlord.”

    With greater fervor, he reveals his dream: “An electric world. Tanks - only tanks. A world of them! Always war. No loyalties. And gold! Oh, the gold!” He crumples paper between his fingers, imagining. Scratched symbols and intricate designs - machines of war - lie on the pages.

    They leave him, unsettled. Two generations later, the madman's passion finds their children. Only they will understand his madness, amidst their own frothing curses.

  34. Overlord, I know who you are.

    - You are a dark-haired male, of average build and rather tall.

    - You are well-dressed and often seen wearing a suit.

    - You are a college graduate and fluent in several languages.

    - You are sophisticated, you have obvious charisma and confidence, and you prefer a mixed drink over a beer.

    - Hobbies? You have a passion for fast cars, beautiful women, and living dangerously.

    - You have spent many years in the former Soviet Union but you actually are from a country more than a thousand kilometers away.

    - You have been sent by Her Royal Majesty to spy on the World of Tanks development team, as well as the games' players, and you've been given a license to kill.

    That's right, Overlord. You are agent 007...Bond, James Bond.

    Bulcsu - NA server
    Vajk - RU server

  35. What is an Overlord? An Overlord is a organic flying creature developed by the Zerg Swarm. The Overlord serves the purpose of transporting troops across the battlefield as well as upgrading your population cap. The Overlord can also spew out creep allowing ground Zerg creatures to move quickly across land. The Overlord plays an important part in the Swarm and without it, the Swarm would be having a troubled time maneuvering.

    The Overlord has a wide array of upgrade options including the ability to morph into an Overseer. An Overseer helps control the Swarm. The Overlord can also upgrade it's pneumatized carapace to maneuver faster across the battlefield. An Overlord can also upgrade it's ventral sacs to carry units across the battlefield. The Overlord is truly a high point at Zerg evolution. It is rumored that an Overseer may soon replace the Overlord.

    North American server

  36. In short terms without kissing ass, alright, I'll try:

    You're the link between the community and the developers, with you beeing one of the devs.
    You're often seen as a scapegoat when something goes wrong, yet you're only doing your job. None the less people like you more than others developers, because you keep the community updated. One thing I think should be changed in your / WoT behaviour is the acceptance of constructive criticism.

    Hypnotoad (now) / HypnotoadProductions (after the namechange) - EU Server

  37. Q: http://www.pollsb.com/photos/o/64130-joseph_stalin.jpg
    this is overlord imo based on his "russia > rest" thinking

    A: And your name/server is ... You know, your gold awaits ..

    A: This was ofc joke, based on a lot of threads, whines about 'Russian bias', which I don't really see but I won't post name/server because that would probbly end in a ban ;P Cheers Overlord and keep the good job ;)

  38. Overlord is from Wargaming.net team, currently involved in game design, QA, community and support stuff.

    kpratanak US server

  39. On many a walk by the WOT HQ bunker in Victory Park I wondered just about the question you raised. Who (or what) was that entity known as "Overlord"? Somewhere deep on the 9th underground level there is a, so I'm told, a rusty vault from the forties. And on many a moonless, rainy night you can hear the hungry growl of a tank engine from behind the steel door. That is the omnipresent eye of Overlord, half tank, one quarter man and two-thirds penguin, waking up only to post his dreams of new tanks, maps and tech-trees. Dreams the terrified staff of WOT tries to put into existence before he turns his guns on them...
    Zlikowski - EU Server

  40. Random battles are like a box of Overlords; You never know which one you're going to get.

    /Forrest Gump

    XNoArchive - NA.
    *Answer is a slight variation on submission option #3.

  41. Short: a kick ass developer, now community manager

    Long: When the project started he was a developer or a project manager and advanced to QA manager. As a QA manager he knows a lot about the game and has super decisions powers( he must be a shareholder). In the spare time of managing QA testers is acting as a Community Manager.
    In my humble opinion Overlord can't be a group of persons, he knows too much details about releases and his answers are fast. If it was a group of people, they have to ask around, wasting time of developers, not productive

    scristian EU Server

  42. Overlord - the mystery revealed

    In my opinion OverGold is a single real man. I do not mean that he is not married, although this is highly possible due to work dedication. If so, hopefully this comment will bring some more female attention to him, and respectfully some gold to me. In detail, I imagine Overlord at about 40-45 years at most, having the thing that the Google guys or even Steve Jobs have - creativity and thinking out of the box. Unfortunately there is a price to pay, for example long hours in front of the monitor, still when it brings pleasure, it is quite ok.

    ZloboMiR, RU server (Moscow)

  43. Overlord is a real person who has a grudge.

    Codename Overlord - Former FSB agent.

    At the FSB shooting range angry shouts could be heard.

    "It bounced! #%@###!!!!"
    "Ricochet! @##@%%!!!!!"
    "That one didn't go through! @##%%%!!!!!"
    "We hit them hard! No damage ##@@%!!!!"
    "Critical hit! @##@%%!!!"
    "Ghost shot! @##@@!!!!"

    Sorry Comrade Overlord, you have failed to pass the shooting requirements. We suggest you find a new career, perhaps with video games?

    blocks, NA server

  44. Psychological portret of Overlord.

    Overlord, the person? Group? Or perhaps both?

    Overlord is certainly a phenomenon of strong character like the dogma of the church. He does not give to manipulate, has an opinion on each topic. He knows what is good and what is wrong. And the bad is all that is not good in Overlord opinion, why? Because of his nickname. A man can say a lot on the basis of how You titles yourself and how you are called by others. Anyone knows a better nickname than the Overlord? Maybe Batman. But Batman is a fictional character! Overlord is like good sheperd- cares for his charges, is forgiving.

    He is a man of high intelligence and you can speak with him on many subjects ... related to the World of Tanks. Probably knows wines, but prefer water mixed with gunpowder, as any decent demon war. All have for him the great awe, everyone loves him. He is always the soul of the company, tells the best jokes.

    Overlord quickly built a friendships and combats enemies, He is tough and unyielding. He died a dozen times already, but in hell does not want him, the Devil does not want to leave his throne. Overlord is someone who everyone want to be.

    It is almost as fantastic as I am ...

    George_Patton, EU server.

  45. i think over load needs to get off his but and do some usefull shit im tired of waiting fro the E-series it was supposed to come out in 6.4 now its 6.6 when are you ever gona put somthing out on time or for that mater in a timely manner now as to who you are im not sure nor do i care because the

  46. more time you spend responding to this crap and the fourms means more time we have to wait for new content so heres a helpfull hint give us new stuff or lose money cause the post about you making money on us is ture ive spent 500 dollors on gold and im extreamly fed up that i dont have the germen E-series yet it was due out almost 2 dam months ago

  47. Overlord? He is... he is... ohh i know! That is soul of World of Tanks :)

    Gazpacho from EU

  48. Either - cDa , frozendreams , or armsandlegsguy.

  49. Q: ... hopefully this comment will bring some more female attention to him ...

    A: Most curious trend of thought. :)

  50. Q: i think over load needs to get off his but and do some usefull shit im tired of waiting fro the E-series

    A: Going to show some of E-series vehicles very soon. Thanks for the appreciation btw.

  51. Overlord is eviltwin of Victor Kisly and he has no real job and no skill to play wot.

    Overlord steal all info about game from his brother Victor Kisly and post on forum and blog.

    He becomm so famos that wot team says he is 1 of them but in real they self have no clou who is Overlord.

    Victor Kisly please dont be to hard on him just give him 7 days read only ban and sand over.

    klosar78 EU

  52. Overlord is a person of course.

    But only I know Overlords true face.

    The sight of her face could only be described as seeing your first sunrise by the sea after 100 years of living in total darkness.

    Her hands,with skin as smooth as silk,feel like a refreshing wind when they caress you.

    The gentle breasts are big and firm but playful when she runs to my room to bring me my favorite coffee.Their touch makes you want just to lay down your head on them and enjoy the simple things in life.

    Last but not least,she has the arse of a superstar.JLo got nothing on it!Alexis Texas got nothing on it!You-name-it got nothing on it!It's a love-makin',spank-it-when-near-it,sin-provoking work of god!

    And did I mention she likes tanks?

    Tr3iz - EU server

  53. Overlord is a woman of blonde hair, she is so hot cuz she gous to a jim every day to workout when she gets home she plays WOT and gives a hard questions to us men that like this game, she is on diet cuz she doesnt want to get fat and ugly so that men can say she is a good woman prolly around earlly 50 divorced and looking for fun, so she feels cared when we comment her news.

  54. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  55. Just spent half an hour of my short sad excuse for a life looking at this damn comment box and thinking of a nice way to kiss MR or MRS, or both, Overlord guy/guys ass, for the damn 10k gold. I can't damn well afford 10k gold or 40 euro, I'm a student, I have to drink and eat, and drink, and smoke(lots of stuff)... I see in your profile, ur from Minsk...you probably know what poverty means, so why are u doing this?Why this contest?Why not a quiz or something?Why throw a bone to a hungry crowd, becouse surely you know mostly poor bastards will mash their brains into a pulp thinking of a funny or ass kissin', or both way to get their hands on the gold, so they can enjoy 4 months of premium(cuz i bet my 8,8 cm, they aint gonna buy premium ammo or tanks or items).

    Becouse you are sick my friend, you have a sick sense of humor and you need help, fast. And next, I describe you in words like:fat, four-eyes, greasy, low-life, narcissist, egocentric, egomaniac, depresive, sorry excuse for a human beeing etc etc(in my frustration that you have accomplished something with your life and i'm complaining like a bitch)... but I won't, fearing the almighty ban-gun on your big bad ban-tank(which i'll get pwned by anyway). BUT(time for ass kissin) you probably are responsable for one of the best MMORPG's the world has ever seen, so you probably are smart as you are arrogant so i'll give you that.

    Yeah, oh, and, I don't give a crap about your 100-150 words rule. You will read this, and you will like it, and you will give me my 10k!!!

    Wrt - EU Server(the poor east side part of it)

  56. Who is Overlord? He's the most interesting man in the World [of Tanks].

    He once destroyed a Maus... With a LOLTRACTOR.

    He once scouted with a Lowe.

    Even his enemies name him as their emergency contact.

    He's not a wallet warrior, because the premium tanks can't afford HIM.

    Your tank will track itself out of respect for him..

    He uses the burning wreckage of his enemies to light his cigars.

    The Mountain Pass wasn't created by a glacier, Overlord had to take a leak.

    Even his beard got Steel Wall...TWICE.

    He doesn't always ban people, but when he does, even their parent's kick them out.

    TxSheepdog- US Server.

  57. Behind every successful Overlord is a suprised woman. Overlord is unique, just like everybody else. He's so clever he could probably eat Alphabits and crap a better description but I had to try. Behind every successful Overlord is a suprised woman. Hard work never killed anyone but why take a chance? He's so clever he could probably eat Alphabits and crap a better description but I had to try. Afterall, in Overlord we trust, everyone else has to pay cash.

    Nithy - US Server

  58. What is Overlord?

    Overlord is a peon of the Russian Government, he is our pawn, he takes it up the ass. Overlord under our control at all times and if he does not do as we say, we send our hordes of radioactive mutant Russians from Chernobyl when he doesn't do as we demand.

    Overlord is under orders to not make any buffs for German tanks, he must buff Russia at all times and if he doesn't, he gets beaten by radioactive midgets.

    Also, Overlord is black, in case you didn't know. Therefore if he leaves the cotton field that is WG's HQ we will demolish his existence by putting watermelon in front of him. You see, he will eat himself to death.. he once won a watermelon eating competition at KFC after eating all the wings.

    You see, Overlord is more than just a person.. he is a vile, disgusting servant of the USSR.

    Power to Putin!


    Vladimir Putin

    Lord_Pete - EU Server

  59. (hpat)
    Overlord...An utterly respectful person who is universally liked by everyone from me to the silicon based aliens from the planet Zog because he (it can be deducted that overlord is male because Adolf Hitler was a male, and overload shears many personal quality's with him, including, but not limeted to: Clinical Madeness,Scizifrina, and Alzheimer's disease).. Oh... you're getting board... anyway... because he had the utter lack of faith to redesign the excellent pangoriki map in to the... Oh, wait, you just threw your computer out the window, didn't you, Overlord?

    That's my entire
    from Hpat.

    P.s if you ban me i will punish you by not playing world of tanks anymore:)

  60. Overlord – The Russian Overmind Collective by MasterWolf

    The Entity known as Overlord is collective hive mind entity created by the finest soviet scientists in the late 1970’s and placed in status until his discovery and recent re-activation by wargaming.net.

    Overlord is made up of several minds – most notable of which are.

    • An Orthodox Bishop, with patience and understanding for the stupid, the downtrodden and the misunderstood
    • A Soviet Commissar, determined and focussed in the unrelenting pursuit of wargaming.net’s goal. Willing and able to shoot trolls, bots, spammers and other traitors without flinching
    • A Chess Master, cunning and devious, able to take the long view on all things, and explain even SPG and matchmaking mechanics to functional idiots

    Lastly, and most obviously, the curious and mischievous mind of a 13 year old lad sentenced to eternity in the hive mind for some devious practical joke (probably involving fireworks and a senior government official’s lavatory)

    All of these combined make up the mysterious entity we know as OVERLORD.

  61. Masterwolf - NA ServerJune 8, 2011 at 10:42 AM

    opps forgot to mention im on the North American Server (not a yank - a kiwi so don't hold that against me)

  62. Buflak_bacsi - EU serverJune 8, 2011 at 10:52 AM

    Given that there is a game dedicated to him, this one is pretty easy...

    I present you Overlord and his "minions":


  63. "Overlord" is a new type of Intelligent Digital Form (IDF).

    He is always on right place and right time. Know answer for every quastion.
    Created to control mob and keep peace in the world.

    Used in history:
    * October 24, 1929; IDF Alpha (aka Black Tuesday)
    * 1930-1980 - confidential informations
    * October 22, 1982; IDF Snake, callsign "Rambo"
    * November 16, 2004; IDF FIMeR - First Independent Medical Robot - aka Dr. House
    * June 3, 2010; IDF Oscar "Overlord"

    JoeHenderson - Server Europe

  64. Stromal - EU


    Clearly Overlord favors churchill, and if we look at this quote we can see why :P

    A politician needs the ability to foretell what is going to happen tomorrow, next week, next month, and next year. And to have the ability afterwards to explain why it didn't happen.
    - Winston Churchill

  65. Overlord ???

    You must be the most patient man of the Wot Team
    Or you lost a bet ^^

    In both cases, you need patience to be stuck with tons of f*cking noobs (like me) asking f*cking question on every f*cking subject f*cking discussed every f*cking day on all f*cking forum of this f*cking web...

    So, finally, you are, i think, one of the most trusted and knowed 'entity' in the World of Tanks.
    You are the armored arm of the Wot communication.

    Why 'Overlord' ?

    May be because it's a constant landing of bunch of noobs on the beaches of your blog...

    Praise be to Overlord !
    Glory to Overlord !
    Antidepressants to Overlord !

    (I hope Wargamming.net is providing the drugs ^^)

    Vomito / EU

  66. iSteel, EU server

    Let the guessing begin:

    Overlord is around 40 man who does not want to grow up. He has been working about 15 years in programming, lately in customer services. He has been interested in computer games since he was about 12 years. Whole his life he has been thinking it would be nice to just play games and get money out of it. Now he is in his dream job.

    Favourite games: Elite, Impossible Mission, Doom, Diablo, Diablo2, CS, Wow. Now all that is gone and there is only WoT.

    Married, one child ~5 years. Decent car, nothing fancy though, grey. Has a house in suburban area. Quit smoking about 10 years ago. Thinking about his health but not doing anything about it.

    Did I get even close? :-D

  67. When seeing this competition it was actually the first time I thought that Overlord might be one person, before that I thought that amount of work couldn’t be done by one person, and to be honest I changed my mind. Overlord is only one person. So here’s my psychological profile of him/her:

    Patient: how can you survive all our ranting?!
    Honest: in all the posts I read by you, when you didn’t know something, you said that, and when you had an opinion you stated it, not only for WG’s needs.
    Sense of humor: from plenty of posts I read in the Q&A section, the many sharp complaints got a nice humorous but serious reply (can’t give examples since last cleanup).
    Dedicated and responsible: not too much to explain here.
    And of course Overlord cares about the community, like his/her own child. In fact I would bet Overlord has a family and children.
    Male or female? I don’t know, would guess a woman because of the dedication but a man can be responsible too…
    In the developer blog no pictures of Overlord have been publicized, Overlord might be shy…

    I am dktank from the EU server

    Oh, and how could I forget, Overlord is also intelligent, charming and handsome, and is the best person I know. Forget that, flattery won’t get me anywhere…

  68. Q: ... And did I mention she likes tanks? ...

    A: *Overlord is thinking of changing his sex*

  69. Q: Overlord is under orders to not make any buffs for German tanks, he must buff Russia at all times and if he doesn't, he gets beaten by radioactive midgets.

    A: Can I use it an excuse from now on?

  70. Q: I hope Wargamming.net is providing the drugs ^^

    A: Sometimes I wish it was providing the stuff. )

  71. 9 years ago, I had the fortune to work with a Russian developer, named Yuri. I, as a tester, had several arguments with him. His response was usually the same; Is not bug, is feature! Read manual! After this “usual” response, I had to show Yuri Commander, as we soon named him, personally what went wrong, and where. First I thought Overlord was a bit like this; mind made up, “you are wronk, and I am right, convince me of the opposite if you dare”. When time passed, I did recognise intelligence in his short - up to the point – answers in the forums, what changed my opinion slightly, and ruled-out “Victor Kislyi” as the man behind Overlord. However, it changed back to Victor after an answer of Overlord in the forums to the question “who to convince for changes in balance issues”, where his answer was: Me.

    Schnelle_Heinz (EU)

  72. ovi, u said you have gold to give away , you dont want it on your account, well its your lucky day, simply transfer it to me, Druglord , Eu server.
    I m hapy to be of service, and i wil not even charge you any real money for it, too. :-)

  73. Warning! Fiction and humor included :)
    In 1944 the Allied forces landed in Normandy. The key to their success was Overlord. http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQohopykksGydtVzJQs6NZXH9lABIGSQANuQaAwtiAIa15IFuHE&t=1
    (sorry, could only get a photo of a cheap Chinesee aftermarket one :D )
    History repeats itself...
    Now, World of Tanks will become a game where players and developers are all happy, working and having fun together. Why can it happen? Because Overlord is here again on our side! http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/user/1128-overlord/
    Overlord on your side, victory guaranteed!
    I want to tank Overlord his great job, leading the community, showing a way to behave and the huge ammount of information disclosed.
    If asked well, your question will be answered well too!
    Overlord nice, heplfull and infromative person/people. My guess goes to the prular form. A single man can not have that much energy :) If yes, then im a human i made a mistake, buth then Overlord is not someone among us... :)

    ThisNoAll_HUN from EU server

  74. Hi Ovi, are you Victors wife? You met victor as an employee, probably smart and attractive. You are his right hand. You keep the balance with customers demands and the already overworked employees of WG. The only thing you are not in control of are Victor's interviews where he is announcing a lot new stuff and the programming department didn't even start working on it, let alone finished old promised stuff. Being critical myself in the blog and forums I never had the feeling you took things personal. After all it's just a game. hans77/NA

  75. Nick: westhope

    EU Server
    clan: CSOB (Czechoslovak Armoured Brigade)

    Mainly I'm sorry for my English, I translated by Google

    Overlord is a person who is in charge of running all activities concerning the development team is in charge of teams that are responsible for running the web site as a fan or www.worldoftanks.com www worldoftanks.eu. It is the business brains that can squeeze my lemon as a child:)

  76. Start2 -NA Server
    Overlord is a consortium of personalities residing within one mind. The spawned shared experience of tank warfare is but an extension of the shared personalities within a worldwide networked gaming environment and we have all been invited to immerse ourselves within. The obsessive statistical analysis, the demonstrated historical interest, the beauty and art of the visuals of the game are all separate but interlinked facets of the mind Overlord. The possibility of a multiple of multiple personalities does exist (several minds as a collective image, and each mind further divided), however I believe the multiple layers are still of one mind called Overlord.
    While the multiple levels of personalities try to balance the artist, craftsman, visionary, student, and mathematician, with family and health to the clacking sound of the keyboard, the tick of the mouse and the whine of the CPU fan, the extension of the mind plays on, and we are pleasantly drawn into the fray 15 minutes at a time. (Press ESC to return to the garage)

  77. Magoobie EU
    Overlord is obviously a sentient server cluster.
    'nuff said

  78. xiantom NA

    Overlord can be a person, perhaps a group of people. Maybe the name is chosen because it means an all powerful lord, or even the operation. Operation Overlord is the code name for the Allied Invasion of France which began on June 6, 1944, more than 65 years ago. Maybe Overlord is the codename for the group of developers that made the great game, World of Tanks or the makers of the future game World of Warplanes. Maybe Project Overlord is the codename for World of Tanks. That we will never know. What is know is that Project Overlord is one of the greatest MMO ever made or that the people involved in Overlord made a great MMO. I would also like to say 'thank you' to those brave men who died in Overlord. You must be proud of what you accomplished. You helped free Europe from Fascism or have completed the mission your fatherland have given you. We will always remember you.

    Thanks for reading.

  79. Overlord
    He is omnipotent and omnipresent. He is all-knowing and all-powerful.

    He is our benefactor, our giver of knowledge, and the bringer of swift judgement to the team killer.

    He said, "LET THERE BE TANKS!"

    And there was a World of Tanks...

    and it was good!

    All praise and honor and glory forever!

    Over and out.

    PrayingMantis - NA Server

  80. (going for the second option)
    Was just reading through the blog and noticed a comment in which you posted your name, saw nobody else seemed to notice it so I thought I would point it out. From the Lesta-Wargming partnership post "name is Dzmitry (Belarusian) or Dmitry (Russian)."

    I am going to put my money on Overlord being one person, a sort of public rep for the devs, a person to hold the community together.

    Zethen - NA Server

  81. Well; when I first read the name I did think of "Operation Overlord" but then I remembered this:


    I'm pretty sure WoT's Overlord is more intimidating... while inside a tank/spg.

    -Jetu/Jetuu (NA Server)

  82. FrankyK (EU Server)June 9, 2011 at 4:54 PM

    I think that overlord is this guy with very ambitious visions:


    - Boys love tanks (01:10)
    - WOT has no mistakes (03:10)
    - Estimated WOT development time-frame: ten years (04:10)

    Bottom line: We are all "boys" who love tanks and we play a perfect game which has to be improved for the next ten years. Only a real Overlord has such rhetorical abilities to make us believe this. ;)

  83. Slippery/North American server

    Overlord is a joint account used by two or more of the developers. They have a host of Interns that the developers use to sort through the thousands of forum messages posted each day. The best, funniest or most repeated ones are sent to the 'Overlord' to be expanded upon and posted as 'Overlord'. The blog is written by the 'Overlord' team as I have noticed at least two different styles of writing in the posts.

  84. Whizzzkey, EU server

    As the fog increased in density, the guide explained: "What are you going to see next, is strictly confidential. "A few visitors let out loud gasps as a massive platform emerged from the myst, dominated by a huge glass cistern with an oddly coloured liquid filled with human brains. Silent voices could be heard muttering sentences. "Must buff T-54 ... make the gold more ... expensive ... must," the voices paused, "oooooh ... new brainssss, at last." Visitors were running and screaming, trying to evade a set of huge metallic claws, but noone could escape their deadly grip. The guide, now with a devilish grin across his face, watched as their bodies were mangled and brains extracted. "Well, you've just met the Overlord."

  85. Tanks... the final frontier. These are the tales of a lonely man who has nothing else better to do. His five year mission (oh please don't let it be another five freaking years) is to help design over powered Russian tanks and try to piss off the entire WoT player base. To boldly roll where ever his Segway will allow him to roll and of course cry over all the hate mail he receives... Overlord!

    Lusankya, NA server

  86. Overlord is a real person.

    He is a military buff so working on this game has been quite a treat for him. He enjoys hockey and and maybe a little drink now and then and doesn't mind winter at all but wishes it was a little shorter :)

    As much as he enjoys his job sometimes the whining errr i mean constructive criticism on the boards gets to him but then he logs into an anonymous account, takes out some tanks and gets rid of his frustration :)

    Viglundr US server

  87. I’ve figured you out, Overlord! 'Overlord', as the name oh so subtly suggests, is simply a nickname that a bunch of trolls hide behind (much like Anonymous). The origin of ‘Overlord’ is simple- they wear name tags for easy identification back in the Motherland, but when translated to Engrish, it turned out to be a hideous(ly overthought) name- Overlord.

    Their identities are that of a bunch of middle-aged men that live in the northern hemisphere. They are clinically diagnosed with Tank fanboyism, and are known to have attacked E3 with a platoon of AFVs. They suffer from pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis (due to communicating way over the recommended amount with the community), “I'm-doing-this-for-the-greater-good-but-everyone-thinks-I'm-evil-which-makes-me-very-very-sad syndrome”, nerfme-buffme-etc forum spam, love of vodka, too much time on computers and an inclination to troll.

    TL;DR- Some are actually talking flower pots in disguise. Few are elite World of Tank players. But all of them are trolls.

    --RKazza, North American server


    I think Overlord is the useless, no good nephew of Sergey Burkatovskiy. Since Overlord was really really bad at school and has no talent at all he just could not get any job. And because Sergey Burkatovskiy got the job a a lead game designer, his sister just kept begging him to find a job for her lazy fat sun.(Her point of view not mine... Ok i admitt it i think so too ^^)
    So Sergey Burkatovskiy could gather him a job as a community manager. He was allowed to choose a nickname , so he choosed Overlord because he secretly is planning to take over the power in Wargaming. For this to happen he started writing a lot in the forums. But since he misses his WoW-Game(Yes he is a WoW-Nerd) he soon got bored and startet macking fun of the people in the forum by giving only short useless information and writing in riddles. Luckily for him, Sergey Burkatovskiy is a very busy man has no time to look into the forums. Because if he would find out about all the sh*t Overlord has spread all over the forums, he would kick his ass straight to hell.

    Dont bann me for this,
    bann the gold and baki502 from Eu-Server will be happy to take care of it.

  89. Overlord, are you on this photo?


    And of course, I want to say few words about you, in another way this post will be a trolling. I think, you are much more tolerant and not so sarcastic like SerB. But... fuc... if you and SerB - its one person, then its will be split personality for sure. From another point of view, some time I thinking thats you working on Ahnenerbe, and all this hate to Germany tanks just a spy legend, same shit btw about SerB... so... thats a second fact. I am really scary now...

  90. one last thing: After Overlord read my post he was like this : http://www.toptenz.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/drunk-internet.jpg

    Hey Overlord wake up u still havent transfered te 10.000 Gold to baki502 - Eu-Server!

  91. Operation Overlord was the code name… Oops, its not that. Everybody knows that Overlord is real boss of WG, but nobody wants to say this out loud. We know him also as the greatest gossip in WG. He control all the leaks from the super beta, when some tester placed leaks to the forum Overlord then runs into his blog, and quickly placed them there to look like a controlled leak. ;) Players which reads very often official forum see topic about Polish spy planes in 1PAD. The question is, from where they took the planes? I can say this. Yes! Overlord is the main originator this action, they sell us 3 planes at an affordable price: 4 women ready for anything. :)

    geralt0001 EU server

  92. Overlord does not exist! That is logical. He/she/it is a mirage, deception, someones utopian project). It is good known that WoT team is fascinated with tanks that never existed or were produced in stunning series of 2 or 3. And then, they made these (historically failed) projects flawless and owerpowered to turn every battle into S/M fest of mastodont steel beasts. So, the non-existant tanks are bullying us in every battle- just like Overlord does on the forum... sometimes :) From all this I conclude that WoT team had a need (after all those mirage tanks) to create even one non-existing overpowered forum member. Who is draining collective energy of WoT team. And who knows and can do anything and everything. Just like his non-existant (and historically failed) steel counterparts in WoT battles! :)
    And yes, you can ban/sink me (like the OP non-existant tanks are shredding me in every WoT battle), but there are more carriers waiting arround :)

    Zuikaku (existed), EU server (historically non-existant)

  93. In my opinion, it is quite clear what overlord truly is. For is it not quite revealing how we have not been told who he is by now? Overlord is no human, nor any group of such fleshy things. He is, in fact, the game incarnate. Since he IS the game, the developers are naught but his minions, doing as he commands. That is why it takes so long to fix balancing issues, for he does not like changes, and such things have to go through an arduous process before he will even consider to accept them as part of his code.

    Materie, EU servers. xD

  94. GeorgePatton - US Server

    Overlord is one person, I've talked to him in game before... and he said "I usually play on the EU server..." So I'm saying he is one person.

    He's definitely somebody in a very high position at WG... since he never seems to ask for permission to tell us something, and he's always giving us spoilers...


  95. i think, Overlord is Victor Kislyi.

    shugendo-EU server

  96. marcosuave, NA Server, Options 1 AND 3....

    I think Overlord is in fact a collective. Consisting of 12 beings in networked pods. 3 members of Overlord are: Hal 9000, Optimus Prime, Ricardo Montelban, Bob, The guy who played Randy Pitchford in the IGN Video, Walt Disney, Hagbard Celine, Karl Urban, Steve Jackson, Shaddam IV, Doctor Manhattan, and Mentak the Mind Taker, Their goal is complete domination of Online Gamers attentions......I've played for 3 weeks, and have 19 Garage Slots......They win.......

  97. boredguy13, EU server, option 2

    I think Overlord is a real person(yes,only one) and in my opinion he deserves (at least) some respect from each and every World of Tanks player. Creating vehicle models for a game is no simple task and can only be done by people with a certain qualification.

    He looks like an average person in order to pass by us in the real world undetected.However his office is far from average. His computer is one of the Pentagon's supercomputers and his monitor is 15 feet wide and 10 feet tall so that he can see every tank's pixel.His assistants are GLaDOS from Portal 2 and EDI from Mass Effect 2 who continue his work when he takes a break.

    Keep up the good work Overlord!

  98. The Overlord team may not know it, but some of them are followers of those who landed on the beaches back in June, 1944. This has nothing to do with biological matters, I'm only talking about the whole approach on an entire war - the second world war and this MMO war that's being fought these days. In Normandy, people involved in Overlord opened the road for many others to follow, while the Overlord team involved in WoT is doing the same.

    This is not supposed to be poetry, art, not even literature, it's just a side by side comparison between past and present, keeping in mind the goal of this contest.

    KodrutZ[CUZA]@EU server

    P.S. A little excerpt of a song that fits great a WoT-freak: Stripped of all sanity/Installed a new reality/Overlord supremacy :P

  99. Turby, EU server, second option, if needed i am part of clan [CUZA].

    I think Overlord is a real person which surely deserves respect, after all giving away a total of 30,000 gold is a selfless act to help others.

    The professional life of Overlord is a mystery but it is certainly a successful one because giving away so much gold means either a good job or being a wargames.net employee, which is very awesome.

    As for the personal life, i think that it is a very nice one, because this post is written in such a way that it is meant to be funny because of self-ridicule, which few people are capable of doing. This further accentuates selflessness and reveals the humorous and friendly side of Overlord. Also the mind games he used indicate that he is a intelligent person beneath all the masks he hides beneath.

    This portrait not meant to be flattering, it is exactly how i read Overlord from the post. Also if anything i say offends you please accept my sincere apologies.

  100. Q: Overlord, are you on this photo?


    A: Nope, I didn't manage to get to the E3.

  101. Q: i think, Overlord is Victor Kislyi.

    A: nah, that would be too easy ))

  102. Overlord said...

    Q: Oh well, I guess Overlord will know that an MD5 check will catch alot of "hackers" and the resulting disconnect will solve the rest.

    A: We have some other ideas on the issue.

    From this and many other comments I believe that Overlord is many people. Mighty as they are still enjoy playing the game they develop! The best kinda people in my opinion! At the same time. If he is one person that would make him one of the most knowledgeable people about world of tanks and I am thus curious if you play and would like to run with me some time! lol

    Z3hl US server

  103. Well, let's see. The grandiose nature of the name "Overlord" and the fact that building, refining and launching WoT was only slightly less challenging than the Normandy invasion itself, I think it was a case of the name choosing the person, not vice versa.
    As the bandleader, or ringleader maybe, of the QA team, I see this man as the first to arrive in the morning (thinking this will impress the hell out of Viktor) and the last to leave in the evening (because that cute new intern needs a ride home).
    I see a youngish man with permanent divots in his temples from rubbing away headaches, who looks 30, feels 50, and has the energy of a 12 year old. In this respect, Overlord is timeless.
    I see Overlord as the guy who's door is always open...it finally broke after being kicked shut too many times.
    Overlord is our go-to-guy on the forums and despite how it seems at times, we do like him.

    Ghoste NA server

  104. Who is Overlord.

    Alltough I only met this Overlord once in battle (and succesfully nuked his SU-14 with my M12 after he was spotted ;)) let me share my thoughts about him.

    I will show you that OVerlord has many simalarities with Operation Overlord commenced on that memorable 6th of June 1944:

    A. Reading through the many topics on the forum. I sometimes noticed that one specific 'developer' sometimes gave an answer 'as if his head was up in the clouds' to a normal question.
    * Fact : Operation Overlord began with an 12,000-plane airborne assault.

    B. I also noticed was that this 'developer' felt like a fish in the water with the amount of questions that had been fired upon him. He succesfully answered all of them the best as he can (Please note point A) sometimes dealing with cultural / lingual barriers.
    * Fact : After the airborne assault an amphibious assault started involving almost 7,000 vessels.

    C. Allthough being part of (and playing an very active role in) the World of Tanks community it sometimes feels as if that 'developer' deliberately is deceiving us (Please note point A and B) as he has access to more information then he is willing to share with us (he still is an employee of WarGaming.net)
    * Fact : In the months leading up to the invasion, the Allies conducted a deception operation.

    Hence my Psychological portrait of Overlord. If I was a qualified doctor my verdict would be : Schizofrenic consisting out of two (sometimes clashing )personalities.

    1. A gamer in heart and soul trying to understand and help the communitity the best he can.
    2. A faithfull employee trying to represent his company at its best.

    - o0SMoOKE0o / EU Server (please don't ban me now)

  105. Overlord is Big Brother.

    Sure it may not be the year 1984, but Overlord is watching us. As of now, we do not know if Overlord is a real person, or a representation of a group of Devs. Ill probably get ban hammered for this thought crime against Overlord =(

    I personally think Overlord consists of several people. Probably with at lease 1 fine lady ;) among the ranks. The rest are probably a bunch of trigger happy guys screaming like 12 year olds on team speak. And base on the E-75 post, probably not of ,quote "Mongoloid" decent. lolz. As for the reason why they choose the big name of Overlord, dunno, maybe the guys trying to compensate for something? Realistically probably because Overlord fits with the WW2 theme and is a genderless name. Anyways, Big BrOverlord is/are doing a great job at informing us of updates, as well as spying on our opinions.

    Amethyst US server (dont ban hammer me/room 101 me >_<)

  106. FrankyK (EU Server)June 13, 2011 at 3:45 PM

    Overlord is NO real person, he/it is a Synonym or Homunculus, used by a group of WG devs.

    In my opinion, taking Overlords mood swings in his posts and finally the fact that he posted some time ago in the German forum in German language into account, I think that Overlord is nothing but a Homunculus or Synonym, which all devs and WG administrative personal can use in order to write down their opinions and in order to publish their knowledge to the EU community in the forums and this blog.

  107. Overlord is a real person although he assumes control (like some sort of gaming god) over the community and over sees it. Although he is one person his patch notes cimes from all the developpers as a whole but through his account. Therefore he is one person on the rare occasion of patch notes from the devs

    jdtherocker/NA server

  108. The contest finishes in ~ 11 hours. No submissions after June 14, 0:00 UTC, please.

  109. Mnuke NA Server-2º option

    I believe Overlord is just a person
    like most of the Wot players that enjoys blowing up
    German tanks(that’s why he have this name on wot), but instead of only killing
    tanks he got even further
    and now he creates a lot of tanks for everyone that
    want to blow tanks too on Wot community(like the most recent Kv-5,
    Lowe, etc)

  110. Overlord is the first and only AI ever created by Russian scientists for the war effort.

    Promptly after the war Stalin ordered it dismantled and took credits for the plans devised by the Overlord AI. Fortunately some scientist managed to store it into a war surplus storage before they were "taken care of" by the NKVD under Beria’s orders. The soon forgotten Overlord was left to rust until the collapse of the USSR.

    During the chaotic rebirth of Russia an enterprising janitor saw his chance to strike it rich and sold the contents of the storage to the mob. During the proliferation of Internet the cunning mobsters used Overlord to maintain their pr0n sites until they were destroyed by a rival. Overlord was sold as scrap electronics and eventually bought by Wargaming for its large and militarily useless database of WW2 war machines.

    Autocrat EU

  111. Overlord has root priviledges
    Overlord could simply end it all with a rm -rf,
    but the Overlord collective is to busy to carry out these commands Itself, therfore, Overlord created me.

    HandOfRoot, NA Server

  112. I'm going to go out on a limb and state that Overlord is definitively one person. I don't believe that the name Overlord is fully derived from Operation Overlord either; though it may have had some bearing. Overlord is someone who takes great pride in what he or she works on at the time; whether that is WoT or anything else. At some point he or she probably volunteered to be the singular voice of communication for the EU and US communties. Many would think that this is his "given" position but it's more likely that he took it on as his responsibility in order to share his enthusiasm for the project; hence the name Overlord. Delivering information with a blend of sarcasm and humor is probably the most underrated part of the Wargaming team and it constantly receives harsh criticism from the US and EUR players on the forums. I'd say we're pretty lucky to have someone (or an ethereal being) that continues to due so under sometimes harsh circumstances.

    Another plug for Overlord would be that his spoken (written) English is by far better than many of the English speaking players on the forums. I don't know if this means he is simply a good student of the language or if it's a sorry reflection of the state of our school system; maybe a bit of both. :P Sometimes you have to feel sorry a bit for someone who has to deal with the illiterate rage of some internet thugs who don't get their way all of the time.

    While gold would always be nice; it would be cool to have some pics posted of Minsk architecture through the years.. maybe some of the older based pyramid styled buildings and then some of the newer diamond ones. I was in Europe from '90 to '92 and it just wasn't a good time to be traveling in many places so it would be cool to see some examples from the horse's mouth. ;)

    U.S. Server

  113. Once, Overlord was a decent guy, well acquainted with every corner of the game. But he couldn´t bear the the ingeniousness and dignity of the beta players, and one day he has gone mad.

    Now „Overlord“ is an alias for 4 cute girls. It was pretty clever idea of the CEO. Maids don´t know anything of the game (so they can´t get mad), but they are just forwarding each question from the forum to the developers , provided with seductive smile. And you know, how the developers react - they willingly and thoroughly give answer to every, even the most stupid question, when it is put by a neat girl. Girls then just paste the answers back to the forum by using „Overlord“s account.

    P.S . One of the „Overlord“ girls is in this video ;-)

    P.P.S. Forget the gold, I want the picture !! And don´t bother to sign it please, as the sign often tends to cross the most interesting parts !!

    EU server

    Sorry for my English.

  114. Joshua_1988 EU ServerJune 14, 2011 at 1:26 AM

    I think he is the overlord of several people together (I doubt the answer would be managed every day thousands of players)
    Total bright, friendly, strict and sometimes arrogant or bound up
    His portrait looks like this:


  115. Overlord is an attempt by scientists in the former Soviet Union to create an AI that could pass a Turing test. The problem was all Overlord v0.2.8 could do was endlessly repeat how the great COmmunist Revolution would come and unite all the workers of the world in fighting to secure the means of productions, and he tended to refere to Mickey Mouse as "That horrific Capitalist Rat". Subsequent version of Overlord tried to top this, but then the Soviet Union collasped. For many long year Overlord sat on a shelf in a dingy sub-basement of the Kremlin before an employee of Wargaming.net discovered the Overlord CD-Roms and though "what the hell, maybe we can automate forum administration".

    Little did they know that Overlord v 0.3.1 contained a subroutine to fire all of Russia's nuclear deterrent forces when WoT players logged into the game hits *classified" number of players.

  116. The contest is over. Thanks to all participants.

    The results will be announced in a few days.

  117. If anyone reads this dont waste any money on this game, play as a free game, becasue the MATCHMAKING is the worst in any game anyone has ever played!

    It would be like a lvl 85 BG put they stick level 1s in. Yep as bad as that, enjoy getting out tiered in 1 in 8 matches and getting one shotted.

    And the MODS are total power crazy idiots - obviuosly not all but the ones on teh euro servers have major issues and will ban you at a drop of a hat

  118. I have bigger problems than u and this game is unfair,with this stupid banning sistem,u will see:one from my team crushed with my tank and named me***** and other things and i was banned cuz i made him only one time noob cuz i died and quit so he couldnt say me other things and i got banned,whats with this???!!!?
    U must remove this fast cuz i was banned 3 times for this thing and the other made me ***** and i didnt said these things to them and i got banned.