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Sunday, July 3, 2022

A Tanks Future [competition]

Last week I asked if the tank is dead, which it is not. However, I suggested the shape of the tank may well change. But change to what?

Well we can all take our guesses as to what a tank will look like, so why don't we? Lets have a competition.


I have sitting on my book shelf, five brand new copies of the second edition of Forgotten Tanks & Guns. This is the paper back version of my first book. As it is the second edition it has some corrections in it, and I've gotten new artwork done to harmonise a lot of the drawings. In the first edition the artwork didn't get done on time, so I was sitting there drawing stuff, which led to the rather terrible plan drawings in some chapters. Well these have been replaced by the cracking 3d drawings from Andrei Kirushkin.

I can of course sign the books before dispatch, or include a message. Just be aware my hand writing is terrible, so you have been warned on that score.


To win one of these I want you to design a tank (or other AFV to do the role of a tank). For this I am defining a tanks role as to move weapons about the battlefield in a protected manner, and to close with and destroy the enemy with firepower, manoeuvre and shock effect.

A note on technology: I'm going to limit it to an in-service date of 2040 (when the current crop of MBT's are due to out of service). So ideally the technology will be roughly the same as now, with maybe limited advancements, of course where you think technology will be in a decade is entirely up to you.

How to Enter:

Entering is easy!

Get your designs together and email them into: historylisty-general@yahoo.co.uk (I hope I've set up that email account correct! If not, yell down in the comments, and I'll set it up again).

Now, don't worry if you can't draw. I can't either so I'm not judging anyone on their art standards. But a very rough plan allows me to understand what you are thinking. I'm also used to finding terrible sketches in documents as designers try to sell their ideas. Equally, with the abundance of modern graphics programs you should be able to get a basic outline done, which is all you need.

You'll want to include some text to describe what you're thinking as well, but this could be notation of the drawings, or some paragraphs. As long as its legible I'm not fussed by English ability (also something I'm terrible at!). Remember, previous competitions I've run for writing a whole article have been won by non-native speakers. 

Deadline for this will be 1st August. After this date I'll pick the top five designs which I think are best, and contact you on the email address the entry was submitted from. I'll then post the books to the address you give.

I look forward to seeing your designs.


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