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Sunday, September 26, 2021

Discovery Jet

 It's not often I get to update you with good news about making a find, but today is one such time.

Earlier this week I was at MoD Kineton, where the army has their explosive ordnance disposal training school, which has a museum. Myself and my guide were going around, and I asked a question about 5-inch chemical rockets. So my guide said there was some chemical staff over here and led the way. He glanced at something and asked 'What's an "Jet, Anti-tank"?'.

Apparently, I got very excited at that point. You and me have encountered this before, but only in documentary form:


I've never seen a picture of one, indeed doubted I'd actually find a survivor. But here we are! It's only the tank, but it's resting on the attachment points for the straps:

Looks so innocent don't she? There would be 9l worth of Zyklon-B (Hydrogen Cyanide's more infamous name) in that tank. Now the question is 'how does this work?' First let me show you the other shots of it:

Now, we know that the HCN (the gasses shortened designation) was poured into the container. We also know it was fitted with a electrically fired cordite charge, as well as a pipe to the nozzle. I suspect that the screw bolt is the filling hole, and the bottom two attachment points are the cordite charge holder and the pope attachment point. 

Anyway, that's all we have time for today. My thanks to the EoD Museum for letting my get a good look at something that was so rare, and I never thought would have survived.


  1. I hope you didn't alarm your guide! Having someone positively frothing with enthusiasm about gas warfare can be a little - unsettling.

    1. Well it's not Porton Down, which is a scary place!

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