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Sunday, July 28, 2019


Well, as warned, last week the house move fun and games has been quite substantial. Could it go wrong? Then yes it has! My car broke down last weekend, with a terminal prognosis, so I had to go buy a new one in the middle of everything. Can anyone explain why I have so much rubbish in my car, including a pack of four CD games from 1999 and a 10m Ethernet cable?

Anyway, to history! I did get a couple of hours free last weekend, and I tried to make an article on the Shallow Water Attack boat, or SWAB. However, there is no real source material out there, apart from one website. but there is enough (such as hits in books) to confirm it seems to have existed.

So with nothing extra to ad, I'll just direct you to this guy's article, for one of those fun, but very very silly ideas in naval history.

Fabulous Flops of naval Engineering.

No idea what I'll be doing next week either, as that's the week of the house move. I should be back online on Saturday afternoon though.


  1. good luck for the house move and with the car (RIP) probably your unconscious kept the game CDs there if the car breaks down and you stuck somewhere you will not bore yourself to death?

    1. Would need a PC to play them... but its a better answer than I have!