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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

[WoWP] What's New?

So in 0.4.1 for WoWP closed beta we will see the following (preliminary list):

- soft wipe/reset
- nicely tuned joystick (finally)
- reworked upgrades UI
- 2 new maps
- new prem aircraft

Arctic map

Harbour map


Сurtiss f-11c-2


Ar. 197

Seversky 2PA-L

Grushin Sh-Tandem

Me. 210

Bell P-77

He. 100

Bell XFL-1

Curtiss P-40 M-105


  1. Hi overlord 1 question about WOWP... Pulqui from Argentina (Im from Argetina) is in? Premium? Something?

    1. Nope, not yet. Brits are next nation to arrive.

    2. :( No Nahuel in WOT and no Pulqui in WOWP... plus the NA cluster falling to pieces for the lag... its a bad day...

    3. Nahuel is awesome. It will make it to the game some day.

    4. excuse me, but could you give us your "highly educated guess" of an ETA of british planes? :)

  2. I don't understand why you guys are keep to put in prototype aircrafts instead of the machine that saw combat
    I'm referring to XFL-1 instead of P-39
    the P-39 had a lot of versions

    1. because they need to create sufficient space between the conventional propeller planes and the jet planes. also as far as I know the p-39 is already in the game, as a Russian premium

    2. it's a premium russian plane because it was part of the lend lease program
      but there a lot of regular planes, not experimental shit, to fill 10 tiers

    3. What nation are we talking about?

    4. Using prototypes (XFL) and weidos of all kinds as prem vehicles is pretty much our concept. Well-established aircraft is used to fill regular trees.

    5. what you're telling me is that all those planes listed above are premium planes only
      but there are enough planes in US air-forces history to fill another branch

      P-47, P-63, P-38, F6F F8F, F-80 ... just a few very important planes missing from the US tree

    6. Sure thing. Not one branch, but server of them. That's in future plans. P-47 and F6F are totally a must.

    7. All in all we have got up to ~100 aircraft per tree planned.

  3. At this stage of developement I'd much rather have seen the existing trees expanded or Britain added. The current trees are really sparse. None of them have a line for each aircraft type yet and the Japanese only have one line. 11 new planes is enough for a line from 2-10 with a couple spare that could be premiums.

    1. We have enough time prior to release to add Brits and expand current trees.

  4. Based on screenshots, WoWs will be having an arctic map as well (referred to at one point as "Greenland"). Is the WoWp arctic map incorporated into the WoWs map?

  5. There is a nice shitstorm on WT forum right now and biggest insult is "Don't by like Wargaming" (grouped with that tiny little baner "WoT survivor"). Ain't that cute? Gozer Destroyer, sorry I mean SerB, have to be very proud now.

    1. Any particular reason for that shitstorm?

    2. probably because of the pay2win they just introduced with latest patch

      overall, the latest patch is the absolute shittiest patch in WT entire history

    3. Looks like a massive game economy overhaul. And UI has changed a lot.

    4. massive is putting it mildly
      a huge amount of planes got bumped in purchase price up to 80% - that's fucking insanity considering their nerfed income

      they also added a new token: "back-up plane" that allows you to play the same aircraft twice, if you get shotdown in arcade mode
      theoretically you can have 6 (!!) Migs instead of 3, 10 Meteors instead of 5 - that's some fucking scary pay2win shit

      if they go down this road and don't listen to the community, I'm afraid WG won't have to worry about competition for WoWp :)) LOL that's just sad

    5. Haven't discovered so this so far, thx. Loving X2 thingie )

    6. you love it?
      I wish time travel was real so I could get in the past and punch myself for spending money on WT

      never again I'll spend money on F2P game that's not reached full development, I made a huge mistake with WoT and now I regret having a interest in WT, good game .. moron devs

      they went full retard, and frankly I don't understand why they're pushing it when they see people are totally against it
      not only EU players, but RU players too

      they also have overpriced the EU store for up to 28%
      when confronted about it, silence

      sounds familiar? yep .. same russian mentality

    7. Don't tell me that. Heard of some western companies with unlimited greed? Microtransactions in Dead Space 3, SimCity online?

    8. didn't you heard? John Riccitiello former CEO of EA got sacked by the board because he sucked ballz

      and some funny anecdote regarding his departure: @miracleofsound
      John - Can I at least keep my EA pen?
      EA board of directors - Well technically John, it's not your pen. It's a service we provided, so ... no!

    9. EA did make profit. Would be naive to think they will change their strategy 180 degrees.

    10. apparently they lost a lot of cash the time Richitiello was at the helm, that's why he got sacked

    11. They are a public company - http://files.shareholder.com/downloads/ERTS/2378535364x0x590179/108820DF-CD66-41CA-9DBD-0D18119A4CD5/2012_Proxy_Statement_Annual_Report.pdf

      However don't pick on that particular examples - there are many more of them like selling almost the same product annually, disc-based DLCs and other.

    12. the general consent from the board of directors was that the company was poorly managed
      they closed a lot, and I mean a fucking lot of studios and subsidiaries in the time Riccitiello was in charge

      Medal of Honor: Warfighter was a cluster fuck of epic proportions, so much in fact they decided to put the franchise on hold

      a lot of people from the creative department(s) left to "the enemy" with no one replacing them

      another clusterfuck was the StarWars: The Old Republic launch - they had to monetize it to keep it alive

      Zinga - facepalm

      Mass Effect 3 ending - another facepalm

      there are even rumors that Dead Space would not continue!!! because it sold under projected numbers

      the last straw was the "you need to be online because we say so" SimCity, that was discovered to have a hidden offline mode already in

      on top of that, after his departure, EA dropped ~8% on the market

      ps: the proffit .. not so much+ http://images.vg247.com/current//2013/03/ea_profit_big.jpg

    13. Well, EA makes games for it's investors.

      They are racing with Nintendo and Square/Enix for the first place on how many games of a series they can produce in the shortest time possible.

      More games = consumer has to buy the new game if he wants to keep up = money.

      Add DLC to it and you got something that'll keep profitable for quite a long time.

      That's why I'm pretty sure the next Half-Life episode (or even Half-Life 3) will bomb every other shooter that comes out before it and will become the next big hit.

      People are starving for more.

      There's currently two ways for big companies that make standart games (neither free2play nor mmo games) to make money.

      Make a new game for each series each year, and pump it full of DLC.
      (Buy these 5 maps, of which 3 are your favourites from the prior games with a new look for 14€!)

      Make one game (maybe with some addons) every couple of years.
      Use the years in between for other projects and throughout developement, keep a good look at how the gaming market developes and wait for the right moment to publish a new game of the series.

      I myself prefer the later style of developement and publishing.
      As a consumer I want a finalised game, that has both my fun and their wallets in mind, and the chances of getting that in case 2) is higher.

      Yeah, I know we waited years for Sim City, but by now EA is just looking for new games to destroy.
      Just wait for summer and winter this year, looking forward to Sim City addons in the Sims style.

      As for WT:
      The "Backup plane" thing looks fishy to me, and that's sad because I like the game so far.

      Then again I also dislike how fragile the planes currently feel,
      just yesterday I had to land 6 times in a few minutes with the same plane, cause either my wings, my engine, or both were badly damaged.
      Even flying some planes feels "weird" right now.

      I loved flying the japanese biplanes for the giggles, cause all I want is to login, and have some fun.
      After the patch it seems like they do even less damage then before
      and it became really hard to actually hit something.
      (Then again I'm still trying to figure out the new ammo system)

      However all planes I have seem to fly... I'd say less arcady and more realistic, but tbh that's not what I want from the arcade mode.
      I didn't really care about UFO-like Yaks trying to one-shot me, cause I could compensate that with my crappy flying skills, to either loose them or start in a situation preferable to me.

      But that might just be a scrub pilot whining about loosing his arcade-like flight system, after all I always sucked at games like IL-2 or any other flight sim I tried.
      The only game I really could fly a plane was BF1942.

  6. My friend tried the 0.4.0 patch, and he said it still takes forever to shoot someone.

    I think this damage model you have may break the game, i already heard it from someone else. It is what makes the game not fun.

    Would you consider to change that completely?
    There was a lot of comparison in the past, and it seems WT has a more accurate and fun system.

    Maybe a WoT like damage model is not the right thing for the game.

    1. Damage/HP will likely to require rebalancing after we have finalized controls.

    2. Thumbs up, i hope you guys get it right.

      Planes look pretty good so far.

    3. Good, you like it. We have really had a rocky start.

    4. The HP based damage system is what keeps WoWP from turning into horrible world of crits stupidity like WT. The planes might be a bit too durable but the heavier planes can vaporize stuff in seconds. It's a pretty nice overall balance in my opinion.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. @ xthetenth

      I disagree with the hit points model!
      There is enough balance in the planes themself! turning speed, speed, armament, armor and us on!
      The hitpoints model really sets it all "OFF" it uneven´s things to greater extent to a degre where a tier 1-2 plane wil have two hammer a lot of bullets in a Greater tier plane and not vice versa! all thoughe a plane from 1940 would not necessarily be "bad´er" then a 1945 counterpart except the above named!
      It provideds no sense to have the hitpoints.
      But that is why i play WT and not WoWp ! and the fact that there is no "energy" in WoWp

    7. Didnt play the game myself, so cant judge about it,
      but i heard from 2 rl friends who have the beta, that its a pain in the ass to shoot someone down.

      It could be that they are not used to play an airplane-game, and dont aim where they should. But they both are normally decent players, thats why i take their feedback seriously.

      I was some kind of "hardcore" pilot in Battlefield 1942 (and thats why i look really forward for WoWP), and i know how hard it can be for newbies, to aim properly if you dont count lag in etc. Where a newb needs 3 minutes to shoot someone down a pro maybe just needs a few seconds, so there might be huge differences and people just need to learn the game.

      The only problem i see would be, if someone is doing everything right, and cant kill another plane within a few seconds (ment is just the aiming/shooting in the back of a plane).
      So best thing would be to get some really good plane fighters,
      and hear what their opinion is.

      Oh, btw, are you guys working on the tracers to make them look better?

      Last but not least statement: Joystick rules!
      Makes such games so much more enjoyable and i wouldnt play WoWP without it. xD

    8. Planning to improve tracer effects.

      Yup, finally fixed the joystick in 0.4.1

  7. Loved the game, but it turned out to be too intensive. In WoT I can relax after a workday analyzing situations on battlefields with all the data at hand and slow game pace. In WoWP the map is not too useful since:
    -the altitude is a key variable not readily available and difficult to obtain without losing sight of you target;
    -ping must be really low - the fast-paced gameplay punishes any lags;
    -game does not forgive mistakes as easily as WoT - if an ally collides with you, you both die, and the timeframe to react for incoming collision is very short;
    -learning curve is extremely steep - the gap between a pro and a newbie is huge;
    -duels are very mundane: if the enemy on you tail does not allow themselves to be tricked out by diving or abrupt loss of speed, then there is no way of shaking them off;

    Overall: a good game, but I regrettably say that it will never be comparably as popular as WoT, at least judging by the shape I and my friends have experienced it in. It is just too intensive, too hardcore compared to WoT.

  8. Is it possible that there could be lower graphic settings or some FPS update to WoWP?

    I kinda don't feel like playing it as I'm lagging way too much and sometimes I even have to shut down the client during playing.

    1. Yes, clouds to have impact on performance. Try choosing lowest possible mode.

  9. Overlord, to give you the biggest example on how the 1.29 patch for WT screwed things up in Arcade: initial fuel amount now plays a major part in the maneuverability of the planes.

    In the first couple of Arcade games, playing the British, I realized that, for an unknown(then!) reason, the Tier 1 Gladiator was turning like a truck, when in fact, as one of the best British turners, it should be a lot more nimble.

    Reading several pages in chat revealed that the fuel amount that one starts with in battle affects the performance of the plane, and you can't set this amount in the settings, you have to change it for each plane that you select to fly into battle, right before flying.

    Anyway, I am now flying in Arcade with 30 minutes of fuel(plenty enough), and the expected agility of planes is back.

    Another confusing thing is the ammo-belt-configuration, it would be nice if they would explain clearly the purpose of each belt, only few planes have "belts for air targets" or "belts for ground targets"

    1. So i am hoping that you don't have a physics exam !!!
      The ammo belts i could agree on but a quick Wiki and you are set !

    2. Agree on belts, needed some time to figure them out myself.

  10. 1. who wants to fly such strange stupid planes like that russian one?
    2. thats not a Me-210 it is called Me-410!

    1. 1. Many would love I bet.
      2. hate wiki but - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Messerschmitt_Me_210

    2. 1. maybe collectors or people in need of moneymaking plane, like with tier 8 prem tanks in WoT... besides, you have the "Flying Pancake" and J7W1 ingame, and who wants to play those "strange planes"? Many people...

      2. It is Me-210

      On the first glance, the difference is minimal, but the Me-410 was newer, somehow longer, with more powerful engines and better handling, and it was much more successfull...


    3. damn, that happens when you want to make long answer... someone is faster :D

    4. 1. Hi! I want that plane super bad cause it reminds me of the Brigand from Crimson skies. And there you have it.

    5. reasons to choose all the strange aircraft is that nobody really knows how they would have flown in actual combat situations

    6. don't you mean XF5U?
      it didn't made it to production and the Navy ordered the plane to be destroyed
      Vought donated the original concept, V-173 to the Smithsonian

  11. well why do you choose the uncommonly Me-210 instead of the Me-410 which had way more variants.

  12. hey overlord

    will we see more wacky german designs for example

    BV 194 an asymmetrical plane with jet engine and propellor?


    or other Luft46 planes?

    like hs p.87

  13. Played a few rounds and I must say that I'm impressed with the progress. Haven't played this for months...

    Actually, I kinda like that it takes a lot of time to shoot down enemys. It would be rather annoying to be oneshotted all the time like in WT.

    On the other hand, the camera gives me a lot of problems. It's too close to the plane and I would love to have a camera that is fixed to the horizon and doesn't spin when the plane spins. I always loose my orientation after a few spins and turns.

    1. Planning to tune the camera in upcoming updates. I dont like the current version of it either.

    2. overlord look in eu forums theres a nice camera mod from a very nice person, it makes the cameras nice

    3. can you give the direct link?

    4. http://forum.worldofwarplanes.eu/index.php?/topic/9406-mod-camera-view-035/#top

    5. I can bring my Bf1942 experience in.

      We had a few perspectives.
      In such a fast paced invironment, you want to have as much overview, as you possibly can! That is really key.
      Only a handful used this to a higher extend, but they were the best.

      The most important thing is to have a fixed front and back view.
      Some ego-view for the shooting and the feeling would be great too, but i dont know if you want to implement something like that.
      And then it would be good to have a fly by-view. First it gives a good insight in the complete surrounding, and second it looks awesome. Backview should at least be far-outscrollable as someone mentioned. If you can implement it into WoT too.

      So, that was my take on it. :-)

  14. Have you changer the icon indicators of other planes? Plz return back the brackets. The WoT style icons is very bad for planes.

  15. Right now, having played both WoWP and Gaijin's War Thunder, I feel that War Thunder provides a superior air-combat F2P game experience. Their flight model and graphics engine are nicer, the monetization is quite good, and the game is overall more enjoyable to me.

    It's good that you now have some competition, but I fear WoWP will ultimately be the inferior product, and I don't want WG.net's efforts on it to go to waste.

    So, I'm very curious to hear if you have anything to say about what WoWP will do to stand out from WT, and deliver a unique experience that's just as enjoyable in it's own right.

    1. please understand this that WT is in open beta (unofficial release state) and WOWP is in closed alpha, which means WOWP has a loooooong way to go and WT already have a head start so give it some time and see how it comes out :)

    2. But WoWP is just not able to catch up. Period.

      Wargaming is far too limited by their awful Big World game engine. Gaijin is quite experienced in making flighsims, especially since they've kind of inherited the mighty IL-2 Sturmovik engine with all its content.

      Compared to War Thunder WoWP is just inferior in every single perspective. The only reason to play Wargaming's product is because of the ability to share FreeXP within your game account. But if you're a fan of WWII air combat and aviation in general then the obvious choice is War Thunder.

  16. This is a really good game I am in the closed beta the only thing i need is to see a MIG 15, maybe in the future ;)

  17. Hi Overlord,

    When I get to Alpha Tester team, and saw how the game looks like I was VERY sceptic. WT was already around the corner, and I played it with some success while playing (testing) WoWP was a horrid experience. If you would ask me 1 year ago if the game survive, I would definitely say NOT A CHANCE. That was one of the most annoying, badly looking, unplayable on mouse game of airplanes I ever played, that is trying to use WoT success. Well a year passed, and the game changed A LOT. It's still far from perfection, but it started to be even fun, looks ok, and I can finaly play with a mouse (I'm not a fan of joysticks nor pads) and be competetive with shoting down the targets, unlike it was a year before.

    I do hope the game will be sucessfull, and enjoyable to play, I wish you all the best Wargamming, and I cannot way to play a retail version.

    1. I agree. I was very close to uninstalling the game. I am a huge fan of WoT and was disappointed by what I saw. I returned after this last big patch and am getting addicted as I am to WoT. WoWP has come a very long way and I am sure if will be a huge success. The controls are now WoT-like which is a very good thing.

      I guess that is why they call it beta...lol

  18. when you say reset do you mean that all accounts have been reseted

  19. I can't get into WOWP I find the controls really difficult to use and end up just crashing into the ground, hills, buildings, other planes, you name it I've crashed into it.

    I think WOB will be more my game -no gravity to worry about ;-)