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Monday, November 19, 2012

[WoT] Tankville Crew Cartoons

Just recently have found those:

Soviet edition

German Edition

British Edition

The new poll is up. Let's vote!


  1. Saw it yesterday on WOT news, great job! I hope that project will be continued with some funny story plot like cartoon from plagasRZ.

  2. Your votes are great but oftel lacks versatility... I like the premium ammo for credits, however at the same time I am against the extremeties of premium ammo. IS-4 heat going straight through front armor of Maus and Maus turret is pretty discouraging :-/
    But I do like the option to buy for credits and I am sure your company will gain on it over time.

    1. I don't want to make many options to water down the general perception, there always can be "yes, buts" and "no, buts".

  3. I think premium ammo for credits dumbs down the gameplay.

    Angled the armor of your E-75? Fine, I will shoot through your turret.

    Carefully navigated your T-30 into a hull down position? Will shoot straight through your turret.

    List could go on for some time. I have been penetrated through the gun mantlet (!) of my T-30 several times since this patch and it is quite discouraging. Were distances over 200 meters as well.

  4. i dont have problems with apcr ammo, since the beneftis it has is more or less balanced against the increased cost. But heat ammo, is way OP for some tanks atm. if some off those penetration values would be nerfed, i would be delighted

  5. AGAINST prem ammo in randoms!

    @overlord: does it just look like or is this a sttempt to further punish the german tank driving ppl?

    Tell me how they are supposed to compete in future? More pen, faster tanks inc makes them totally screwed up and useless due to a non useful benefit.

    Alot of guys would apprechiate to see hints on how you wanna fix this, it destroys the game! Take it serious!

    1. Yup 42% (+23% undecided) versus 34%. Clearly majority of players likes premium ammo on random. Also better penetration factors supports german top tiers which got big problems with standard amunnition penetration.

    2. That's because 42% people are idiots, who are too stupid to realize that this feature actually introduces more pay to win rather than eliminate it. Think of it, using premium ammo on a free account means if you're good: you won't earn any money and if you're bad: you'll be constantly using it. How to counter this? ACTIVELY BUY PREMIUM! That will allow you to earn money so you can actually advance.

      And on topic: I couldn't care less, just fix howitzers. They're the major annoyance at the moment, and as much as I enjoy annihilating enemy teams, it's simply wrong.

    3. Well you got one chance to make good impression and you waste it calling people idiots.
      On your argument - disagree. premium ammo is last chance rescue kit when some big bully pushes you in attempt to get free frag and instead he receives a nice suprise, only people who buys it exstensively are premium tank players who can afford such expense.
      Howitzers - 100% right.

    4. I'm here to tell my message, not make a good impression. If you get thrown off by my words nobody forces you to answer.

  6. Many thanks for sharing the cartoons Overlord. They are awesome.

  7. Hey overlord, thanks, really thanks i am who ask for captured T-34 and other captured tanks :)

    A lot of time i not enter to this blog and a lot of new information :)

  8. LOL Careful Using -Ville Word will be sued By ZYNGA

  9. According to premium ammo, I still think that it should be removed from random battles. Premium ammo is still much easier to get for paying customers.

    Premium account owner can use it in many guns as the only ammunition (mainly slow firing with huge damage) and still do not get negative income from the battle. So thanks to real money he is making his tank much more powerful. And to be honest it is now much easier then in times when premium ammo was only for gold.

    1. Negative on that.
      - premium players must earn silver on new tanks, on T8-T9 its very slow process, defeats on standard ammunition (aprox. 30-40% of battles) are unprofitable, simply repair costs ruins budget, with used premium money its even more ruining.
      - gold ammunition doesn't increase profits in visible way - skilled player got few dings in whole battle, even more, he got for sure less dings than zero shots (especially on spaced armor on T50-2), only one factor would make dings more often than dings and make gold ammo more profitable - removing armor from modules to count all shots in health pool loss.
      - amount of player which grind one tank and use it whole time didn't grinding rest so they keep all their money to use gold ammo is very small.

    2. "amount of player which grind one tank and use it whole time didn't grinding rest so they keep all their money to use gold ammo is very small"

      Tell me it once again, when Churchill I 4 times in a row penetrates mantlet in my KV1.

      I never wrote that gold ammo increase profits. It is just unfair advantage much more easier to get for people, who pay money.

      I tested premium ammo on some tanks. In T34, in Type 59 and in Hetzer in most battles I earned some credits. And I was testing without premium account.

      And first of all, you are discussing with minor arguments forgeting about the most important one. THIS IS STILL PAY TO WIN FEATURE. Player who pays money can use much more premium ammo, so he has advantage.

      And I am not jealous. I have VIII tier premium tanks and today started one month premium. So I see how much premium ammo I can use. And I see that I can use it whenever I want. Even on Comet where one shot with only 145 dmg cost 2800 creds. One ride with Type or T34 and I can play 3 such battles in Comet. Never ending flow of premium ammo. Only because I paid some money. Player without premium tanks and without premium account has no chance to do that.

    3. @"Tell me it once again, when Churchill I 4 times in a row penetrates mantlet in my KV1."

      Cause viceversa is just fair? WG fails on balancing some aspects of game (like T10 TDs or french revolvers) and I found gold ammo as a nice way to rebalance chances.

      @"I never wrote that gold ammo increase profits. It is just unfair advantage much more easier to get for people, who pay money."

      And earlier that was an unfair advantage only for people who pays money cause only they could buy it. Do you see difference? Now all could but it, more or less but all. Some will sit in his premium tank (I guess only teenagaers got time for it, I'm on premium, I've got some nice premium tanks and I barely have time to grind money on it for new tank and you talking about money for gold ammo. Pfeeew.) some will sit in his T5 moneymaker but now all have chances to earn silver for gold ammo.

    4. Dead_Skin_Mask,

      now everyone can access a feature that used to premium only. I don't really see how it is unfair. Gameplay-wise you, theoretically, can afford the same amount of prem-ammo-for-credits as any paying player by investing more of your time.

    5. @ Overlord

      So some people tell me that even premium player can't use gold ammo often, cause it cost him too much, while you write me that normal player can use it (theoretically) as often as premium. He just need to invest time :)

      And please do not forget that I support idea of removing premium ammo from randoms (both for credits and for gold)! Current situation is slightly better then premium ammo buyable only for gold, but it is still pay-to-win feature. Premium player can use premium ammo whenever he wants, normal player can use it very, very rare.

    6. HVAP ammunition was standard ammunition equiped to Sherman tanks with 76 mm. Right it was rare but putting it into game is historically correct.

    7. Dead_Skin_Mask,

      one does not need to use prem ammo all the time - that's the tree. And excessive prem ammo for credits usage will leave you in the red anyway. Even prem tanks, eg Type 59, Lowe, are bought mostly to grind credits and not to spam with prem ammo on those very tanks. Otherwise what's the profit.

  10. Single biggest issue with premium rounds at all is that it negates yet another area where armor [you know in a game of armored combat] should be usable. The games been degenerating into cod with every major change, you move from cover to cover ... gauge how much health you have vs your target if your rushing etc ...

    Armor is very seldom even part of the strategy anymore and that's remarkably sad for a tank game. There are many occasions when the armor of the tank in actual combat was able to withstand shells fired at it by guns that in this game just pen you and eat your health pool. If that's all its going to be about, increase the health pools and remove the armor completely. That way the race car tanks with large health pools won't seem so absurd [supper scouts, elc, etc ...]. Pretty sure this falls on a deaf ear but it would really be nice to play a game where tanks really had armor and it was actually useful reliably.

    1. Can't fully agree here. Tactics and armour are still viable, right positioning and taking advantage of your more armoured parts. I can still survive battles taking 10+ hits.

      As for scout-race-cars I do partially share your opinion - there are some cons of that, however they do bring a great deal of diversity.

    2. Tactics have changed as they do when game changes are made, armor though has become less important than it should be in a game of armored combat. There are plenty of "cod" like games out there and personally I would like to see a unique tank game come out of WoT and not another CoD clone in the end. Armor needs to be much more effectively represented in the game, HE [splat derp guns] on non-artillery need to be reworked and all in all the feel of armored combat restored to the game.

      I like the game and love the new tanks, but find I less and less think of it as a tank game and more of a limited version of halo style game. In the end this has resulted in me pulling away from putting much money into the game like I had when I started out. I have even found myself advising people not to spend money on the game till they decide after 1000 or so battle if they even like it. Most of my friends that were introduced to the game have left citing they get the same play more or less from other games without needing the pc to do it. That's not really a good thing.

      This is just an opinion and I certainly don't expect it to be everyone's but its hard to sell a game to others that's not what it says it is. A game of armored combat.

    3. Almost I belive you but then I dinged with my M46 from frontal armor of IS7 with gold ammunition. Yup armor still is very importent cause you're not sitting in all-same-tiers battles but you engages better tanks and worse tanks than yours. Even on T10 gold ammo dings cause you got two factors that you're not counting - angled armor and penetration spread.

    4. With aiming comes penetration, gold makes that much easier than it should be. Never stated golds a guarantee, just makes armor less important which on any level you look at it does.

      Your sarcasm aside I am sure had you aimed for a weak point and fired a gold round you would have been rewarded with a pen that might otherwise not have happened. Again just saying the general effect of gold rounds in matches does reduce, in some case dramatically, the effectiveness of armor.

  11. There are always exceptions to the rule, luck [alias rng] has a lot to do with it. Consistently though armor has much less relevance than mobility and health pools in the present game set.

    Btw thanks for the reply :)

    1. The change doesn't add more to armour - that's for sure, but it still counts.

  12. I agree on the poster, the importance of Armor has reduced (expecially with the influence of huge Artymatches and Prem ammo) to a non existent part of the game.

    ol: you say you can withstand 10+ hits. Sure you can i can do that too.. sadly i need to use a tank which shouldnt be able to do this job due to it has alot of other pros, still is able to withstand a full pack of hits when handled properly.

    I doubt you do that often in a german armor... Arty will welcome you warmly every second game.

    To give you a actual example:
    I am actgually driving a VK45-P. (a BIG mistake!!) Last game i did with it, an obj 704 penetrated my side (front was covered behind a house) on a 80 degreece impact angle.

    Frontal armor is a big laugh, even the upper plate can be penetrated by the new t9/10 guns. So we start to sidescrape.. lol what for? Siearmor is a big laugh, too.. so what does the VK45B have as a advantage overlord?

    I could go on with tanks like Maus, T28, T95...

    Is that the future? I say, turn back before your game goes down the river...

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