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Friday, April 11, 2014

[WoTB] Post Closed Beta QA for WoT Blitz

Some frequently asked questions:

Q: So, the CBT is finished. Will the game go live this month? Or will there be a second phase of closed beta?
A: The game won't be released this month. We need at least a few iterations to polish it. There might be a iOS test of some sort but not in closed beta format. Follow the news for more information.

Q: When will platoons be added to the game? There were no platoons in closed beta.
A: Both platoons and new sounds (hangar sounds, music, and new battle sounds) have already been implemented. We are testing them internally now. Both features will be added into the upcoming version.

Q: Will you be able to ping minimap? That would work for larger screens.
A: We are planning to rework minimap in one of the future updates. It will be scalable in battle with the possibility to ping particular sectors, give orders, and even draw movement trajectories.

Q: What will hi-end graphics for Blitz look like? HD tank models or smth different?
A: There are plans to substantially improve visuals for top mobile devices (like iPad Air). Features that are almost finished: high-quality 3d grass, water shader, lighting for maps and tanks, weather effects, normal maps for tanks. And some more things for distant future.

Q: What kind of social integration will be in the game?
It will be possible to share battle results, purchased tanks, and invite your Facebook friends.

Q: Will there be any improvements for iPad and iPad 2 in terms of performance and graphics?
A: First gen iPad is currently not supported. We are working on performance improvements. It's unlikely that there will be a substantial boost, however, we can get a few extra FPS. Visual improvements will be available for hi-end devices (see above).

Q: Can you tell us more how testing worked out? What changes will be made? 
A: The list of changes hasn't been finalized yet, closed beta feedbacks will be added in the upcoming two updates. Among the main things:

  • platoons for two
  • Facebook sharing for battle results and purchased tanks
  • auto-aim improvements, plus it will be possible to disable auto-aim only in sniper mode
  • Backwards movement Y axis inversion (not in the next update)
  • No cruise-control
  • Results for finished battles will be displayed in hangar via pop-up messages at the top for the screen (not in the next update)
  • Old medals and achievements removed, descriptions fixed, full info on medals and achievements in post-battle screen
  • hangar sounds, music, new battle sounds and voiceover
  • restyled garage interface
  • improved interface for iPhone, including texts and battle interface
  • lots of client options (not in the next update)
  • lots of bug fixes

Q: Will there be a reporting system?
A: Planning to use server-side message censoring as on PC. Reports are likely to be added later.

Q: Will you add cruise-control/automated movement?
A: Not going to added in the upcoming updates. It doesn't work well with vehicle micro-managment, when you need to pull up all of a sudden or peekaboo. And don't want to add two more buttons on the screen.

Q: Consumables and equipment are getting more and more expensive with each tier. Is it for balancing reasons? Why can't I dismount stuff?
A: Yup, this was done for the sake of balancing and simplification. Plus there is no depot in the game, so everything - shells, consumables, equipment is linked to its tank. Consumables and shells are sold with no penalty, for equipment - there is 50% selling penalty.

Q: Do HE shells work in the same way as on PC?
A: Yup, the same server-side mechanics.

Q: Will we see larger maps like in PC version?
A: There won't be any larger maps in the near future due to performance reasons, 500x500 is our cap for now. There are plans to try 5vs5 battles at least for low tiers.

Q: Will server selection (RU, EU, NA) depend on region settings for my tablet/phone?
A: The region is determined based on IP meaning that selected region/language doesn't matter. However in-game language will depend on device language, meaning you can for example play on EU server using RU localization if you want to. Later on we are planning to add language selection to game options. 


  1. Good that there will be a 2nd phase. Looking forward to some of the stuff mentioned, especially platoons.

  2. So wait, the android CBT is out now? Or is it still only IOS?

  3. Is this game also playable on IPod 5?

    1. Not officially, but pretty playable.

    2. Also will it be on the Itouches 4g? I know some people who have them

  4. Will Androids, and IOS devices be able to platoon when its Androids turn to test? Or will it be anther server?