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Saturday, March 16, 2013

[WoT] End Game

Do you get a feeling of completing the entire game after you have grinded a particular tank line up to tier 10? What's your personal end-game at this stage in World of Tanks and what kind of content would you like to see in game that would keep old and experienced players even more addicted?

Any examples count, including successful ones from other games.


  1. There should be a special company mode for people who reached at least one end tier vehicle for every nation where 15 max tier vehicles get to battle an AI-controllet Landkreuzer P. 1500 Monster. That would be awesome and something really cool to motivate people to push for end tier in each nation.

    1. So basically PvE raid and bosses. :)

    2. Uh, what would be the point? You'd have a huge slow-moving armored box that can't aim anywhere near itself and does nothing else than slowly driving around and you shoot it. Sounds like real fun...

      Tanks aren't Warcraft bosses, there is only a very limited group of actions they can do.

    3. Mr. Frank,

      This is an obvious exaggeration. Overlord summed it up into something that is an immense innovation that excites the hell out of everyone. I just hope the developers will put this together in my lifetime.

    4. and I just want to thank Overlord(s) for starting this topic, I could write about endless ideas but that would lead the WG nowhere but with collaboration we can build this community OF WGers for WG. step-by-step. I highly appreciate the expansion on these connections as does every other player.

    5. Nps, feel free to post your ideas here. Will shortlist and criticize them with passion :)

  2. IMHO: grinding a tier X is not a big challange ..it takes time. Like all mmo and any other (good) game which features some development system.
    I think there are lot of opportunities in wot regarding the endgame content...(besides CWs)
    Scenarios...both pvp or pve... long fights on big maps with some hierarchy system.(to make sure there will be strategy on the field)
    AAAaaaaanndd my favourite concept would be:
    on wot forum q&a i already asked about this and got a positive answer ...but only on long terms.
    Implementing modern tanks on a very different tech tree matchmaking and so on... this would be awsome.
    And so much more cool ideas could be implemented on this game (boss fights .. like white tiger on ru server...etc etc)

  3. The end game needs more content aimed at people not in clans. At the moment clans get CW, CB & ESL, non clan players get only randoms.

  4. Almost forgot it ...
    not specially end game content but.. would be something if implemented only on top tiers...
    Special equipments ... maybe gold equipment... or stuff which give you big bonuses (at least more than current equipments) and in exchange they have some drawbacks. example: "instable hidraulic rammer" +25% loading speed, -15%
    ammorack durability... or something like that ..

  5. i would prefer historical battles for periods: ww1 and pre war 1917-1918 1938-1939 ww2 1940-1941 1942-1943 1944-1945 and post war 1950-1953

    1. For random? companies? with PvE?

    2. i like the idea too, For companies and PVE should be fun!

    3. In this case (companies) it would appeal only to a small percentage of players.

  6. For me the endgame is not tier 10. I always wanted the Jagdtiger, so when I had one I had no ntention to get the Jagdpanzer E-100. Same applies to the E-75 and E-50. Those tanks are now standing in my garage collecting dust. I am not a clan player and randoms are, at least at tier 9-10, a bit boring. So there is nothing to do with these tanks.
    Some special achievements would be nice to keep people motivated who are not playing clan wars. Maybe some veteran status (1000 battles witht hat vehicle) which gives you some decal on your tank or 5% crew bonus.

    1. "Decal on your tank or 5% crew bonus" is a no-brainer, don't you think? Maybe 1 out of 100 players would go with the decal... and that by mistake. ;)

  7. God, please no PVE raids...

    Hmmm.... good question though. The first time I actually lost interest in the game and had a break was when I finished grinding the T110 heavy tank and suddenly, there was nothing left to do (Clanwars are not for me, because they require too much time and regular trainings, which is something I don't really want to).

    Personally, if I was to guess, I'd say the main problem with the clanwars is their anonymity. Like - sure, you can belong to a really good and known clan, but in the end, you are one of the many. What I'd like to see as endgame content would be something more individualistic, that can be played on casual basis. Let's say a combination of 2 man platoon and e-sports: a special mode where 2v2 teams meet on limited battleground (something like World of Warcraft 2v2 arena). I'd even say 1v1, but I have a bad feeling that would require a massive rebalance, as some tanks would own everything 1v1. Even so: no limits on crews, no limits on vehicles, no limits on equipment, gold shells allowed... a massive arena where individual players (or small teams) would become winners. The top prize would of course be gold, or perhaps - for the best of the best - a special trophy vehicle.

    1. I'm with Frank. I simply cannot do CW due to my time zone (it starts while I'm still at work) and even if I could, it is unlikely that my family commitments would allow for it on a regular basis. Smaller 2-3 man teams that DON'T have a set time (in other words a queue) allow for guys like us that want to play a little more competitively, but can't do CW. Maybe unlocking it only after your first t10 to ensure it's got veterans (I dunno??) and a ladder board or some kind of competitive compensation for doing well.

  8. I am hoping for "Mercenary" status for clan wars.

    I don't have time to be in a clan full time, but when I can play, I can add help where needed ... for a price. :)

  9. Dear Overlord

    I have some good ideas. How about adding more perks to the menu and more equipment in the game as far as laying drives and such. Appliqué armor like sand bags or extra tracks. Making them all available to only tier 8 and above.
    First you need to make tier nine and ten more profitable to play or you only have a tier 8 game to begin with. I would also like to see a new pro side to the game were tanks are not highlighted and have no icon above them. That way you have to use your eyes to spot and you can see a tank that is hidden behind the trees unless you catch there movement.

  10. Oh and one more thought - PVE direction. Not a "raid", but battles for smaller groups of players (5?) - set in semi-historical settings, something along the lines of Dawn of War 2 arena mode:

    basically you spawn somewhere on the map with your groups and a given objective ("defend this location" or "survive 15 minutes") and waves of enemy AI tanks, corresponding to the historical setting, would spawn, come at you and shoot. You kill one wave, another spawns - and so on. Hmmm just a thought.

    1. The thing is why players would want to play it? Would be their final goal in this mode apart from fun?

    2. Apart from being the "coop" mode - playing with friends against a computer? Well, this thought wouldn't be aimed at "let's create the best endgame model", more like in the "okay, we decided a part of the endgame will consist of PvE and now we need to decide how". Personally, I think PvE doesn't belong to WoT, but if there HAS to be one, this is how I'd like it. Something "fast", something one doesn't need to prepare for and something that doesn't take 20 minutes to explain (in other words: something totally opposite of Warcraft raiding).

      Well, there could be gold prizes for those who get especially far, but personally, what I'd love to see would be special vehicles for the most elite players (yes, I am saying that with full knowledge I'd never get one). Something along the lines of T5 premium vehicles (visual reward) /special T10 vehicles (functional reward). That could be the ultimate prize. Actually, hasn't WG thought of this in general? Special vehicles for the best players? I know creating a vehicle takes significant amount of resources, but in the end I think it would be worth it... well, okay, maybe not on first sight (after all, "reward for the best" is from definition not aimed at the masses), but by increasing the chance of players sticking around after tier 5. Especially if the reward vehicles looked REALLY cool.

    3. I think, that I would love it!
      Maybe let us choose some settings! Like how good the enemys are (easy/normal/hard/you will die for sure) and the tier lvl we want to play at and the option to choose 3 tanks u want to play with would be really cool, too!

    4. This is a good idea. You can put some prize for completing, like consumables for easier games and some modules for harder ones.

    5. uiii, i like this idea. A Survival Mode in WOT.

    6. A very good idea indeed. Instead of prizes, I'd like to see crew experience going up at a certain rate- whether slower or faster than in regular game modes would be decided by testers.

  11. I've been playing on and off since beta, and I've never reached t10. A big part of this is that I max everything at once, I don't focus on a particular branch but instead aim to have every tank brought to elite.

    Nowadays I login around specials, sometimes stay a few weeks after, playing my favorite tank (T-34) and my second-favourite (M103), snagging the daily bonuses on the other ten whenever I feel like it.

  12. This might be a little long winded, so i apologize first and foremost lol. My idea would be a little bit of a take on "garage" battles and Defender. With the new tutorial you have already show you can easily create realistic military bases.

    The idea would simply be this. two start points like normal, both however start with a well constructed military base. (similiar to tutorial, but with much more volume in sense of structures). The objective of the match would be either to completely destroy the opposing base or to use up all others reinforcements.

    Now obviously the base structures would need a significant amount of HP and possibly some armour in general so they can absorb hits better. you don't want one tank like a amx 50B for example to be able to blow in, destroy a 1/4 or more of the base and run off. Also it would keep the arty from dominating the field. (this i think would require much more tactics and strategy on the playes side).

    Now on the bit about garage battles. Similiar to what they previously mentioned where. Make a structure within the base. A hangar perhaps that would be of similiar size to what the one our tanks now reside in. Allow the player to select up to three tanks within a certain tier range. I.E. tanks only withing 1-3 tiers of themselves.

    This would both lengthen teh round a bit, i would probably say 20-30minute battles compared to the normal 15 minute battles, and also give the rounds an objective. I think it would also console people that want bigger and longer battles, but also those that want something that is not as simple as "random" battles.

    Sorry so long, just a big idea that I have thought about for a while.

    1. Sounds like dota with tanks to me

    2. Day of the ancients (Warcraft mod)

    3. I beg to differ only a bit, Frank :) ... DoTA expands to Defence of The Ancients (not Day of ...) although you are right, it's a very popular (probably the most popular) mod of the RTS game, Warcraft III.

      DoTA itself has several variants released by different modders when the original creator of DoTA - Eul - didn't update his work with the release of the newer version of Warcraft III. Among these spinoffs, DoTA Allstars became the most popular variant and currently, its the "DoTA" that most poeple play. Allstars is also the variant thats played competitively at various DoTA tournaments all over the world.

      The gameplay and objective in DoTA is quite similar to the idea Brian Burris has posted here. Hence, Overlord's remark ;)

      -- DoTA summary source: Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dota)

      Ps. I am sure you won't mind my correction, Frank ;) :D

    4. kinda interesting. Honestly never knew about such games until you guys mentioned them. Still. Would seem like a sound game mod for new "end game" content in my personal opinion. And a nice change.

    5. This would be quite nice, and there might be even some PvE element (for example infantry/light armored vehicles with some kind of AT weapons, controled by AI) which would be like creeps in DotA...

      Yet that would make the endgame more like DotA or League of Legends. I don't know if it would be attractive to many players...

    6. We do think that our audience is a bit more "mature" than the one of LoL/DOTA, however some elements can be implemented indeed.

    7. You think very wrong. (:

  13. I would like he possibility to archive something by playing my tier 10 tanks. Like a legacy system with which I could unlock special emblems for the nation the tank is from or some special skills for the tech tree. (Even if this would be a major change to some parts of the game balance.)

    How it is right now, there are only two reasons for using T10 tanks: CW/Company or trolling in Randoms. Unlike on other tanks, you can't archive something by driving T10 tanks.

    1. a legacy system like it's done in SWToR would be interesting
      unlocking a special passive skill for a nation/branch (TD/HT/MT/SPG)once reaching tier10 and can be carried over other nations and branches

    2. Zmeul: Two huge issues with that.

      a) Impossible rebalance - a vehicle that is perfectly balanced could be overpowered with (let's say) 10 percent more penetration it would get from such a bonus.

      b) Tipping the balance between branches in general - for example, let's say for T10 Americans get +pen bonus while Germans get +armor bonus. Someone will post on the forums that +pen beats +armor and people will suddenly start to grind Americans, leaving Germans even more disadvantaged.

    3. As I said: It would have a major impact on the game balance.

      But maybe it would be possible to give other bonuses which wouldn't affect the game balance this much. Like special camoskins (ok, this would mean less money for WG...), improving of crew skills (like faster working eagle eye) or something else.

    4. who said anything by penetration, damage?
      and would be more like 1% per skill, things like terrain passability, turret/hull traverse, aim time, faster recovery time for injured crew / module

    5. It was just an example - not related that much to the "advantage" itself. However: if you make it very weak, people will whine that it's worthless, if you make it strong, you risk destroying the balance. Plus, no matter how you make it, someone will come, theorycraft the best option, which will then be heavily advertised and that respective "best" nation will see an influx of players, which isn't too good. Plus - the clans will push their players into having "the best" setup... happened in Warcraft a lot.

    6. it's already happening in CW clans, tier10 everywhere
      even it they use them mostly in CW battles and extremely rare in randoms

      my own tier 10s were unlocked for just that CW
      I played a couple of them outside CW but the "fun" melted away with the constant fuck-up WG calls balance; add to that gold ammo
      tanks that once were fun to play in randoms, like T110, MAUS, are "rusting" in the garage

    7. Frank Davis,

      good points. Can't make such bonus significant for balancing reasons, If it's not significant, its value in the eyes of players will be minor.

  14. What about something like the Mann vs. Machine mode from Team Fortress 2?

    You can play without a ticket with 3 buddys against some ai tanks with end-boss and after all you can collect some medals

    With ticket you can team up to 10 Buddys and fight even longer WITH rewards
    (xp / gold / credits)

  15. Maybe.... unlocking bonus tanks? Tanks that you can only buy when you have the T10 of the same nation and type

    1. Were thinking towards content that can be unlocked in CWs.

    2. That would be a shame, wouldn't it. I mean... raiding is cool and all that, but players should be rewarded for skill, not for the fact they put together 99 more (possibly) muppets. Plus there is the issue of blatant cheating: let's say you need 5 provinces to unlock the content. Current multidivision clans will simply have their "divisions" fight each other in fixed battles to unlock such content...

    3. Not necessarily via owning X provinces - there can be other criteria. Anyway we need more unique features for CWs, and content (tanks, maps) can be one of them.

    4. Until you make clans and clan wars more approachable, I think it would be a mistake to require CW for more end-game content.

      Clans, right now, either suck and have a low barrier to entry or they are competent and require TS3, max tier tanks + crews, practice battles, 2-7 CW per week, etc. I like this game, but there's no way I'm going to change my RL schedule for it.

    5. Special maps or tanks unlocked through clan wars would be bad for the game.

      Maps that only a few people can play would get used rarely since the great majority of the player base doesn't clan war. This means that people with the map unlocked would have few opponents.

      Tanks would run the risk of being labeled overpowered. The US server already has something of an issue where people claim collusion between WG and the top clans. If those clans got special tanks out of it you'd just make the problem worse.

    6. You need also something ELSE then the stupid CW.

    7. Inane_Dork,

      Making clan wars more approachable is also on our to-do list.

  16. I hope you come up with something. I've got, I don't know, 8 tier 10s, and I've altogether abandoned WoT for other interests. I only show up for clan wars.

    1. Good. I feel kind of silly having this much gold and no interest in spending it. I guess I'll just sit on it until Warships comes out.

      Speaking of which, light a fire under the Warships dev team for me. I want in.

  17. Replies
    1. What kind of them? Simple historical restrictions, PvE, etc?

    2. I have no special preferences. I only see endless of variations of fun :)

    3. "Simple historical restrictions, PvE, etc?" Both would be awesome, I wanna see the sexy Chaffee not the fugly one =)

  18. Some kind of 'ranked' random play, or small squad organized play would really do it for me.

    Not really into finding 14 others to play with consistently, and 'random' randoms are pretty suspect.

    Alternately, lower tier organized play - either pushing for clanwars/etc to not be 'strictly' tier10 heavies/high-end artillery, or by making tier-limited formats in some way.

    But basically, the grind at tier 9/10 puts me off a bit, at least when playing randoms almost exclusively. Maybe I just need to find a clan.

    1. Ranked random is smth we are going to pursue in future.

    2. Err..... isn't that entirely contrary to what Serb & Storm have been saying on a weekly basis: no skill-based matchmaker? Or do you mean something different?

    3. This is the best idea. It would give a level of gameplay higher than randoms but less of a time drain than clan wars.

      I like randoms, but since I have no interest in clan wars there is nothing higher for me to aim at. Even T10 tanks don't interest me. There are so many gems lower in the tree (hellcat, IS-3 etc) that I don't need to grind for T10 then grind credits to fund it. Plus the T8 arty simply isn't fun to play against.

      Avoiding T10 is more fun and there is no reward for reaching T10 other than the ability to be useful in clan wars. And thats assumeing your T10 is actually clan wars viable.

      Somewhere where I can play the tanks I enjoy in a semicompetitive environment with no time committment would really help.

    4. jediwomble,

      that's planned a separate mode for smaller companies of 7 players - can be rankings/ladders, skilled-based MMing, daily/weekly tournaments, etc

    5. I can tell you that tournaments will be highly anticipated and if executed right, much loved, in the community.

      It would be good to have weekly tournaments that are independent from outside sources, like the Go4Wot from the ESL.

      The problem i see with this, is the high number of teams anticipating.
      The last Super 6 Cup was CATASTROPHIC in terms of coordination and executuion (EU), and pissed loads of ppl off. If the tournaments are poorly set up and executed, i would recommend to dont even start them.

      Make sure you have a very good team with enough people to handle it first, and enough server capacity (many players had lags in the first 2 rounds)! I dont say the ppl that did the last tournament are bad at their job (EU), but i am sure they were too few. I think they said they are only 2, and soon they will be 3. Assuming those 3 would be enough for the ~512 that participated, which i am not sure of, you would at least need to double that group and have a staff of 6-7 ppl, if 2000-3000 Teams would participate. I think i saw like 2600 grouping for the super 6 cup, many couldnt make it cause of the teamsize requirements, so if you lower that to seven players per team, you can expect a very high number of teams! I think in detail your staff may know it even better at what to expect.

      Furthermore it would be interesting to do different tournaments, for all kinds of tiers, cause most ppl have a lot of different favorite tanks. Since not all ppl can play on the same days, it would be a good idea to make different tournaments on different days, and switch them the next time they start. Like a Tier 4 tournament on Wednesday, Tier 8 on Saturday and Tier 10 on Sunday.
      Next time would be tier 9 on Wednesday, tier 6 on Saturday and tier 3 on Sunday or the like.
      I dont know what is possible for your ppl to handle, but the more the better. :-P
      Everybody could participate in what tier he and his friends like the most.

      Some kind of ELO-Mode (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elo_rating_system) MM would be nice too, but i dont know how that would turn out, or what your idea is for it.
      The devil is in the details normally.

    6. Our idea is elo-based tournament mode not related to outside activities like ESL or smth, 100% built-in-client.

  19. I have noticed that usually endgame modes/ideas focus around tier X, but I find more fun in lower tiers, so I will try to propose smth for lower tiers fans.

    I would like to see

    1. Historical random mode (yep I've become quite boring recently :)). I just like to have possibility to virtually recreate WWII battles (can be also Korean War battles, Middle East wars battles). For me personally it would be endgame. I was grinding many lines in last almost 2 years, only to unlock some historical tanks waiting for historical battles.

    2. I was also thinking that I would like to have some single player mode. Playing with those random teams is sometimes really painful and I am not interested with more proffesional playing (CW, e-sports and similar). I know that there are problems with offering so many maps on server to support single player battles, but it could be single player mode, which you could play on your PC only. You get no XP for this (so to disable grinding this way) and you have to pay for ammo, repair, consumables. Income from such battles should be lower then in PvP fights to limit grinding credits this way.

    It can be historical recreation of battles, where you are one of tanks in AI controlled environment. You use tanks from your account, but with historical setup (no 128 mm in Ferdi and so on) in missions with strong historical background - for example, you are one of PzIII during invasion on USSR or one of T-34 defending Moscow and so on.

    Such mode could be accesible for example only for players with given amount of battles, or grinded X tanks, or under some other conditions. it could be also on servers but with some limited acces (like tutorial). For example, you elited your T-34 so you gain ability to make mission Battle of Moscow, you elited Hellcat, and you get single player mission Battle of Bulge. In Patton III you can get for example some Middle Eastern battle from 1960's. Or the price for the mission could be even higher, you have to elite your tank and make with him another 25k XP to get this mission.

    For making missions in such mode player can earn some special decals, markings on his tanks. For example - you successfully finished Battle of Moscow mission in your T-34, so you get decal Za Rodinu on turret of this tank (in other place then buyable decals). And anyone in randoms see that you finished that mission. Your crew could get some special perk (for example: Patriot, +2 prc to all skills), there can be some medals hanging in your garage or you cen get some other rewards like special camos different from the buyable ones.

    1. Some tank lines and even entire nations would suck at this mode. And definitely huge PvE element would be required.

    2. So, if I understand correctly, there is no place for strong, interesting historical content, because you introduced lines with never build or never used in wars tanks?

      Big part of players came to this game only because they are interested with WWII and tanks used in this war. Historical battles are one of the most awaited features since beta. People whine that there is too many paper tanks since beta (I've joined this whining just recently, cause I do understand that some blueprint tanks are needed to make balanced 10 tier-lines, but I can't understand why there are lines without even one tank used in war, or with only 1-2 such vehicles in whole line). This growing amount of fiction and prototypes caused that I have stopped grinding and I play much less. Even triple crew experience in this weekend event can't make me to play more, while a few months ago I would surely buy some gold for 3 days premium to improve my crews. Now I do not care. Fiction kills my fun. In last patches there was almost no historical, used in wars tanks. Even Pz I do not look like mass produced Pz I cause top turret is an experimental turret made for it during Spanish Civil War and it was never used by Wehrmacht, so again I would have to make turrets swap like I did in many other tanks. But I stopped to care.

      I have recently seen WT proposed tanks trees. They are 100 prc. historical. If they release them before WG introduce interesting historical mode, you will lose players for sure. At least me :)

    3. Sorry Overlord for so many whining posts recently, usually about the same thing, but I was patiently waiting for historical mode since April 2011. It will be 2 years soon and we still have nothing, not even promise that it will be released these year. And during these 2 years random battles became much less historical then they were at the release.

    4. I'm not saying it's impossible. Hope you understand that we don''t want to make historical mode cheap or appealing for only minority of players (5-7%). There have been different concepts in the air - company-based historical battles consisting of a series of battles (e.g. best of 5 or 7), heavy PvE content in dota-style, historic random with restrictions, etc.

      Understand your feelings, Dead_Skin_Mask, I'm also looking forward to this mode even regardless of how it is implemented.

  20. Extend the map, more physics (new way to take out enemy tank like blowing up house in top of them, more object you can destroy also is it possible to change the game engine when you blow up part of a ground it will slowly regenerate like battlefield 3?) and add more interesting features.

  21. here's one thought, something I never seen done in a lot of time
    RvsRvsR - meaning 3 races/teams vs eachonther

    10 tanks per team; 3 spawnpoints, teams A, B and C; capture the flag mode, or other game mode

    I believe it can be done randomly and especially in tiered companies

    1. additionally
      for wining by capture, you have to hold the other 2 teams flags (bases) a set time - example: team A has to capture and hold team's B and C flags simultaneously

  22. One event that I organized on GTA, its called "Death arena" :)

    So.. you research any tier X tank and only then you get an access to play "Death arena" under the Battle mode. Mode is simple to understand, 30 [ Maybe 15? ] tanks fighting each other until one is left standing alone on the pile of wrecks. Player could participate with any kind of tier X [ Even artillery when it comes haha ].

    - You would need one special map [ For the start ], that would be totally symmetrical so that everyone gets same starting position.
    - Tanks could be stripped out of their additional equipment [ Gun rammer, Vertical stabilizer etc ].
    - Crew on the tanks should be stripped out of their experience [ Everyone would have crew set at 100% ] so that everyone is equal.
    - There would have to be unlimited ammo due to the very nature of the battle mode [ Without the gold one ].
    - Every player could equip/or be automatically equipped with consumables [ Medic/Repair kit and Fire extinguisher ].

    Basically.. the point is that you have 30 players in one arena with same level of tanks and their level of upgrades.. the only thing that would count is skill and great amount of luck! :)

    As for the economics and rewards.. well that's for you to decide

    Hope you like it! ^_^


    1. I just found a perfect name for the medal - Gladiator! Shield with a carved head of Russell Crowe on it LOL

      It would be hard to get achievement.. something like that thingy from mangled metal event [ I think that was the name ]. There could be also one global event [ Like that mangled metal ] where there could be a massive amounts of players fighting to be the best! :)


    2. Sounds like a nice idea!

      I like it. But i would let the tanks as they are, just all in the same tier and branch (HT/MT/LT/TD), and it would require highly specialized maps, so that not all players hide till half of the tanks are wrecked.

    3. Glad you like it! :)

      Well, yeah.. it could be passed on to all the other tiers.. in the beginning of my WoT "carrier" I even imagined that I will be fighting the tanks of same level but then A20 nailed me.. xD

      Yeah, maps would have to be pretty "clean" and highly symmetric. They could maybe be even split into sections so that the "killing process" is simplified. Think of something like those Warcraft maps :)


  23. As somebody who is unable to dedicate the time to CW any kind of end-game centred around CW would turn me away. I would be more interested as some of the other above have stated, in have access to semi random games restricted to players of a set level of experience be it in tier of tanks or games played etc whatever balances best.

    Working on the basis that the restriction should be such that it weeds out the majority of those who seek to ruin games for people (Anyone with a tk'ing history better just start a new account) or the just downright incompetent, then I think more relevant games modes could be introduced. As a for instance I would love to see the following as incentives.

    - Larger maps with larger team perhaps 1.5x maybe 2x larger but with 20-25 a piece and longer game time.

    - Set objectives to capture and hold on those larger maps. (perhaps tie in with some historical map ideas)

    - Random generated platoons based upon similar vehicle types with additional bonuses applied for assisting platoon members and staying within a set distance of each other to foster teamwork and combined manoeuvres.

    - Additional meaningful rewards for competing on said maps and rewarding teamwork and leadership(no ideas for that one).

    All of the above I believe would be appreciated by tankers who really enjoy "playing the game". It gives a level of more rewarding gameplay to aim for rather than a grind to tier 10 which results in nothing more than you running out of new tanks to go for and has no appreciable game play reward excepting losing money when you decide to field them.

    Anyway that's my 2 pennies worth

    1. Random generated platoons.. I would love that one!


  24. Hello Overlord,
    thanks for your question. I am waiting for changes in this are for a long time.
    first of all I agree with previous comments about loss of interest when reaching Tier X.

    One idea I can think of is to add some kind of "Commander options/perks". These could be something like:

    - Call in an air strike
    - Call in an off-map artillery strike.
    - Call in resuppliements (Repairs, crew, ammo)
    - Call in Panzer grenadiers
    - Call in air recon for parts of the map
    - Call in Paratrooper
    - Select a fighting doctrine for the duration of the match for the whole team that gives certain abilities/bonuses (much like in Company of Heroes)
    - Enable "Command" or "Meta" perks that effect the whole team

    Thanks for reading.


  25. To make people want to play tier X tanks, there is a simple solution: make this tier the most fun to play. Currently... I don't want to grind any of my tier IX tanks to tier X because I simply don't see any fun in facing more and more tanks with alpha and pen constantly climbing (and leaving german heavies trailing behind, but I won't come back on this, it's obviously a deliberat choice at this point). My ideal game is when the top tank is tier VII or IX... One or two tier X heavy (or even med)can be fine ; but tier X TDs simply don't add any fun as opponents ; they are just a huge camping incentive.

    A game where the warning shot when you attempt a move costs you up to 60% of your health in a single shot is simply no fun. Fix that, and then, maybe, you can start thinking about adding something else for end-tier.

    Oh, and historical battles as well as new maps would indeed be nice, but this isn't particularly specific to tier X ; especially historical battles which would stop at tier VII-VIII for a WWII setup...

  26. I know this idea has been mentioned before, but commander variants of tanks would add a lot to CW I think. For example each tier 10 would have a second variant (or perhaps a re-searchable module) that would reduce their combat effectiveness (possibly in some cases downgrading the cannon) and in exchange you gain a commander top down view, the ability to draw arrows straight on to the mini map OR click tanks and a desired location and have it appear as a way-point for them etc.

    Other abilities such as air strikes could be a possibility i guess although i suppose that comes down to how you would balance it.

    I see these tanks being an option only available in CW and TCs.

    1. This game is to fast for this. People need to know what to do when an order is given. + We would not use that tank, one gun is worth more.

  27. ok, this is actually something i been thinking after some time.
    im a +20k player in EU Server (Nick: ephex) and a veteran on the game.

    WG has been talking about promoting esports thru 2013 and i think its a good
    idea, i just dont think that current path is the correct one for the huge amount of players interested in it.

    - Current leagues are ONLY for an elite and dont involve majority of interested players, that tend to alienate that majority.

    - A clan league system that involves smaller clans and everyone should be put in place. Actual format of clan wars is also very demanding to keep territories and defend them... that also alienates smaller clans. Maybe a divisions oriented league with many divisions.

    - A rating system mirroring what XVM is trying to do will keep older players interested, i confess improving my stats is what keeps me going on. Currently exists many flawed ratings but an official one would tend to make everyone interested and wouldnt alienate casual players that only are in WOT for fun.

    - COUNTRY ratings, ie not only an overall list of names...dominated by a few game gods, but country based ratings. You might not be in best in game but you would be able to fight to be the best of your country... this would keep many interested.

    MARCOS aka EPHEX in EU server

    1. We are planning to promote competitive play within the game client with improved ratings and tournaments.

  28. How can you make end game PvP ?
    You can't, if you introduce player vs player that is nothing but ESL platform, you need some casual gameplay options,like PvE - but then you have a problem because people will want to grind top tanks for CW trough PvE

    Problem is I can think of nothing that can go side to side with random battles, because if people could grind tanks outside of randoms I would be first to do so
    Also why only end game conted for t10 tanks, they have at least CW, tier1-9 tanks don't even have spot in cw

    It would be fun to implement some gameplay mods for TC with more restricted tank choices
    - like capture the flag mode where both teams start on lower corners of map ( like prohorovka ), flag is on upper base and to capture you must bring it to lower base ( could be restricted to lt with 1 med per team only - infinite respawn on live team mate of your choice , after say 15 mins team with more captures wins and gets capture the flag medal - no credits / exp reward but hero medals included with ctf medal )

    - encounter with higher number of basaes ( depends on map size )that : 1) allow respawn of tank types - heavy base, medium base, td base, light base ... and maybe no arty base
    2) give different number of points when captured - team with highest point score after say 10mins win - respawn/game_time variable

    - conquest style battles ( big map ) - you must capture series of nodes bethween bases to unlock base of other team before capturing it ( it would require new maps so I would not recomend but would still be nice to see )

    - raid batles - 2 teams, 1 must defend strategic objects on map ( bases - fule dump, factory, bridge, .... ) other capture primay objective, there could be secondary objectives that increase attacker time or give battle bonuses in xp/credits

    - Dynamic campaign scenarios - CW alternative for low tiers, example
    player would be able to join a going campaign like Africa1942 ( El Alamein ) and select faction germany/british ( maybe Italian when they get introduced )
    Map - Cw like map with more provinces for specific scenario ( just North Africa part of CW map with more provinces )
    Provinces - every province carry strategic resources ( restricted tank types )
    Tanks - historic period tanks ( some unlimited, some restricted ), example pz2f pz3f unlimited, pz3j pz4f1 pz4f2 restricted

    CW features :
    Battles and owning provinces - there would be one battle per province, battles could come in 3 types - conquest( assault, frontline ), encounter, raid
    Now to explain - provinces are owned in % based on how long does a faction holds a province, example if british own frontline province with x%:
    a) x<50% they are not entrenched and you can engage in encounter battle for province ( when province is captured it is owned 1% and increasing over time if you hold it )
    b) 50%70% you must do concquest battles
    d) both factions attack - if frontline provinces are owned with x>70% you play conquest frontline battle ( every team has a base that represents factions province ) else faction with over 70% owned province can do conquest assault on enemy with <70% owned province ; explanation of conquest battles - frontline ( double assault - each side has main base which represent owned province , else see conquest battle template above ), assault ( one team assaults defenders base which represents owned province - assaulting team cannot loose their province )
    Battles and tank roster - infinite respawn of unlimited tanks restricted respawn ( numbers_of_tanks_in_battle ) of restricted tank types
    Battles lasat till you have a winner so ppl can join open battles ( for open campaigns )

    This could work for CW ( faction = clan) but would be difficult
    Biggest problem is how to start 1 battle per province on open campaign ( who can do that ), haven't worked that out yet

    I have more ideas/wishes but we would like to know what has WG come up with

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. for some reason it wont print what I write under b) and c) but you get this screwd line

    3. PVE content could gain credits but not xp would be the simplest way.

  29. I'm sure you've seen Garbad and others doing 100 game challenges on the forums. I recently completed my first 100 game challenge with the Lee. This got me to thinking that this would make a great new game mode. Each month WG could offer 100 game solo challenges with different tanks/restrictions. The system could be automated to ensure no platooning and enforce the rules of the challenge. At the end of the month prizes could be awarded for the top 3 win rates in that months tank. It would add a bit of end game content for us and profile different tanks each month! Giving us some competitive solo content. By automating the system it would require much less effort on WGs part and it would ensure no cheating. In the drop down menu by the platoon option. "Join Challenge" could be added as an option. This would allow players to join the challenge and be tracked.

    I also think there should be monthly platoon ladders. These again could feature a tank or tier of vehicles. Think of the like mini tournaments for platoons.

    WG really needs to do more for end game. CW has such a limited scope of interest. Adding additional features for solo players and platoons would help fill in what's missing.

    1. That's an awesome idea bat... way better than all these PvP/MMO ideas that just don't really fit tanks well.

      They're already moving this way with the Art of War style events, so this might be a winner

    2. The funny thing about CW is that it would have been more fun at T8 than T10. T8 is a lot more interesting which is why many tournaments have that format.

    3. Bat21zing,

      is it a kind of competition for showing best performance out of N battles?

    4. It consists of 3 parts, garbad wants to show off how good he is, garbad wants to proof that WR is not luck and he gets rewards for achieving certain winrates eg http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/131649-the-kv5-challenge/

  30. I would like to see CW that works and is fun for as many as posible.
    As it is now is a good base for the good players.
    But riots was a big fail, you could get to many fights even with 3-4 provinces. It need to be strategy, planing can not be messed up buy random events.

    And to cater for smaller clans add more areas with lower gold or even credits only. Keep northern part of the map high income for the better more commited players.

    An other option for the smaller clans/casuals might be battels poping up every few hours that is 15v15 or 7v7 and give a little gold to the winners but is not on the map at all. It will need some sort of limit so it can not be farmed to much.

    Wot is a team game so all 1v1 or low player counts should not be added, same for PvE it's a PvP game.

  31. I have two ideas. Here they are in order of simplest to most complex:

    1) Alternate Historical Battles: Similar to Historical Battles, but with engagements that could have/almost happened (such as the Maus defending its facility, as some think might have been the case prior to its destruction) or purely speculative battles held along axis/allies divisions (Maus, JagdPzE-100, and E-100 versus T110E3, E4, and E5, for example). Nothing much else to it.

    2) Give owners of the Leopard-1, T-62A, M48 Patton, and other Tier X prototypes of main battle tanks an option to stop being placed into the matchmaker with tanks tier IX and under, in exchange to let their vehicle become a "New Tier I," if you will. That would entail becoming the lowest-tiered tank in the matches they play in that Tier X vehicle, but having additional modules to research (including new turrets, smooth-bore guns, and so on), and more modern tanks to be able to earn!

    1. About your 2nd idea.

      For me it sounds like you are thinking about Prestige like in Call of Duty? I like the idea :D


    2. Here it boils down to extra content: modules and tanks.

  32. i would like to see "renting" chips from other non land holding clans for use has mercenaries

  33. I'd love an ability to have either smaller scale companies or 1 vs 1's with rewards (i.e. not training battles).

    Lately as I've gotten more of the tanks I have been wanting for a long time I have:
    a) Started playing more tank companies
    b) Which has lead to an increased interest in clan wars from the clan
    c) Play the tanks I like in randoms when nothing else going on.

  34. a survival mode like endless wave of tank couple tier below yours and the goal would be to survive as long as you can

  35. heh... going to tier X ISNT'T the achievement of the game. Just find your tanks and enjoy them.

  36. I am a beta player, I have around 42 tanks (tier 2-9), and I think I may the kind of player you are directing this question towards as I only play on rare occasions. Keep in mind, this is how I see things and my opinion:

    The problem is how WOT is structured. When you are a new player, you have all kinds of goals to work towards. You want this tank and that tank and that is what drives you to play. Once you have completed your "grind" you either have Clan Wars (what I see as the current endgame) or you wait until the next tank you like is put into the game. If you can not or do not desire to play CW, then you are left running random battles, which is fine, but with little sense of accomplishment, it gets old and you burn out. I think there needs to be something there to give a player more sense of purpose. Why am I running all of these random matches?? At least in CW you can see some sort of progress.

    I think Historical Battles is a great idea, but the question is how to implement it?

    Here are just some thoughts on Historical Random Battles that I put together after pacing around my living room deep in thought. lol

    Historical Battles would be a new game mode that you can select. When you enter, you see a map, sort of like clan wars. You can see the countries involved and what year it is. The year maybe progresses, say every two weeks. Historical tanks and modules can be selected. If the year allows for two different guns, then the player may chose either. Now the map has different Providences that must be captured. The player queues up with his tank, and a random providence is selected (or they are preprogrammed to be played out in a certain order). All players in queue fight out a battle. If France wins, they capture the provenience and the next battle, they are the attacker and Germany the defender. If Germany defends, they are the attacker. Back and forth until the map is taken, in that instance the map resets and we have another "war".

    While not perfect and there would be a lot of things to hammer out, but I think something like this might give people insensitive to play "end game" after they have collected all of their tanks.

    Thank you for bringing up this issue and giving us this platform to speak up.


  37. I have one idea for tier 10 tanks. Make a special mode that is switched on when you wonna participate with your tier 10 tanks in the ranking battle. You play 100 battles in your tier 10 tank against players who also chose this mode. That way you have in MM players who strive to be their best. All your exp from those selected battles adds up. After 100 battles the sum of your exp is put on the list of players who are also played 100 battles with this tank and accomplish a certain number of exp. In this way you can compare your self with other players and have the motivation to play tier 10 tanks. For this mode there is no restrictions and anyone who has a tier 10 tank can participate. WG just has to do MM which will allocate these players in a common battles and when the results are added together to post them on the official list.

    p.s. Sorry for bad english.

  38. Don't really care whatever new game mode you barf up.
    As long as the matchmaking system continues to give me 14 unskilled/untalented/moronic teammates, I refuse to play your game.
    Fix it (make the MM skill-based as well as double-tier-only) and I'll consider coming back.
    Tanks in warthunder just can't come fast enough to kick your butt into gear to solve this, really.

  39. Hello Overlord.
    I think "Historical Battles" should be more like "Alternative History Battles", one team would be made of tanks of allied nations (e.g. Soviet & Chinese / British & French) but up to tier 10!
    You would choose only the game mode and a tank (Alt.Hist.Bat., Lorraine 40t) and matchmaking would roll a scenario + made two teams consisting of 2-3 nations, maybe one big nation vs 3 small ? Maps for this are already there, we have american maps for soviet invasion scenarios etc.

    Also i would love to see maps with many basepoints to capture, just like the custom maps of Red Orchestra, only not thaaat big and suited gor tanks of curse.

    KTZV_ D86

  40. How about all v all deathmatch battles where all the players start off in a basic (say tier V) tank with 100% no perk/skill crew. And like a classic FPS game they have the ability to 'pickup' various equipment and perks scattered across the map or even be able to become a different tank for a brief period of time or until they are killed.

  41. First of all You have to notice a difference between a late game and the end game.
    Late game should give ANY use for tier 9 vehicles. These are at the moment one of the most underestimated units in the game, and often are just sold as soon, as You grind a tier 10. That's BAD in so many ways that I have no idea where to start. T10 and T9 are in terms of parameters so close, that 2 level steps should not apply here. We have tier 4, 6, 8, 10 dedicated companies, but 9 deserve a special attention here as those are just as fun as tiers 10, but much cheaper to play. that is ONE thing.
    Another one is a new way of using T10. We need something different from CW and tank companies, these both are game modes that require a full 15 players, so a big organized group of players with a commander and a lot of time spent on gathering and so on. We need a way to make T10 usefull in smaller groups, so that we can give players a way to play their tanks also in quick matches of some sort. Maybe a daily PVP ladder with 3v3 and 5v5 divisions would be nice. Players can be graded in these ladders with ELO rating (that would be doable for small teams, and would do great in ladder team matching), and with a hard limit of 5 or 7 ladder battles (with a less battle time) per day You would be capable of keeping this playable on daily basis.

    Third thing is rewards for that end game play. At the moment You get exp and credits (yeah, right ... credits LOL :D), but since You do not have any higher tiers to grid, part of Your exp is going for Your crew, but most of it just goes to waste and You can not do anything with it. Maybe some sort of "elite levels" (that would also apply to lower levels if players wish to grind) would be a nice addition. It's a bit like item levels and gear in MMORPG games. In WoW You can go around in a rare gear, or if You raid a LOT, some sort of EPIC gear. Your character is the highest possible level, but You can still level up by Your gear. So maybe some sort of sidegrades (unlocked after You reach ELITE tank level)? So that You can spend exp on extra modifications that do not affect the tank to much. Like what You may ask? Let me give You some examples:
    - Standard tracks that can get a sidegrade to: widened tracks (smaller penalties on rough terrain, but lower tank rotation speed) or crude tracks (higher risk of track breaking on terrain, higher repair speed)
    - View ports that could upgrade to: spotting optics (higher view range, but in a narrow cone of view - like a tunnel vision of some sort) or larger view ports (higher "x-ray" spotting range through walls and bushes, but at cost of smaller general view range)
    - Gun that can be researched to: advanced muzzle tip (smaller detection chance on gun fire, but smaller shell speed)or precise barrel (higher accuracy, but smaller firing rate)

    And so on for engines, for turrets, for radios, for HULLS (that have no upgrades now!). It's just a matter of finding a GOOD balance between value added and penalties of each sidegrade. IT IS WORTH IT, and people will finally feel that they have influence on their machines, that they can fit their tanks to their play style. Of course this would most likely be a GIANT amount of work, but it is the only way to give players a reason to keep on grinding, keep on playing, and keep on going until they make their tanks exactly what they are looking for without having to add 178 new tanks that are almost the same with just some little tweaks.

    1. You can go further! You can give all sidegrades a property do that each module can have a set of two "general modifications" and an additional third mod that is specific "vehicle class based", so that You can give a tank destroyer a weak spot highlight for optics (maybe that would require a several seconds of aiming to start popping out), or give arty some modification that affects the shape of ground hit zone as a gun modification (like having a triangular, or trapezoid aim zone shape instead of a standard circle).

      Finally the ultimate upgrade could be enabling the alternate gun fire, so that You can unlock the heavy duty "badass" gun on French B2 as a vehicle specific sidegrade for hull (same with Churchill 1), or allow arties to deploy their supports as their vehicle specific hull modification for higher accuracy (that does not allow to move instantly after a shot, but would require some time to "undeploy again). There are SO MANY possibilities to give players variety, that it's almost limitless.

      And to give another example where is this used? Maybe DOTA 2 and other moba games. Depending on what You do, and what are Your gear choices You can turn Your character into a support, or just focus on grinding as much gold as possible, and end up as extremely powerful carry. This depends on Your equipment, and the same "equipment" (sidegrade) based development could add SO MUCH DEPTH to WoT, that I can only dream of it.

      Imagine that You simply allow for 1 sidegrade per module on tiers 1-6 (+vehicle specific of course), and full range of 2 sidegrades +vehicle based class sidegrades (3 total) for each module of high level tanks. How many possibilities does it give You? Tens of possible versions of each tank, You can specialize Your machines for specific tactics as CW commander, or as a player just fit in to Your favorite role. You can make a slower firing and steady sniper, of a rusher with high mobility and in-move accuracy, maybe just a support spotter?)

      "more addicted" is not quite the best words to describe what You are looking for, "mode DEDICATED" would sound much better, and would match what You are aiming for.

      My in-game name is Zamaszysty, so You can send me a forum message, or just take contact info from my account if You want me to send a full list of sidegrades that I have come up with so far. I might try to do a full review of all vehicles I have played so far, just as I did with maps before in the "big maps entry". It will take a while, but it will be my pleasure :)

    2. That exp can be used to train your crew, turn on accelerated crew training and it's not a waist. Module upgrades is just stupid, this is not WOW.

  42. You should check Heroes & Generals games Campaign mode.
    Its like WoTs CW but the map is "alive". Generals move troops on the map to win the war while others play battles with tanks, infantry and planes.
    The system is not yet perfect but its getting there.
    I think you would get more people to play CW if it would be happening throughout a day and not just 4-5 hours.

    Im a big fan of Co-op games and survival games like Killing Floor and Left 4 Dead so i would very much like to see some Co-op PVE modes in WoT.
    Not everyone likes it but it cant hurt to have more content in a game although it might be too late.

  43. Id love a hardcore/historical mode:
    -only historical modules and tanks
    -nation vs nation fighting
    -no hit points, no saving throws for modules except for the engine and ammorack that have a set chance to detonate per tank.
    -no med/repairkits, fire=dead, ammorack detonation=dead
    -you can only see from the crew positions(like in Red Orchestra)
    -no markers above enemies, enemies would always be visible, but no marker so YOU have to do the spotting,
    -having to estimate range and elevate your gun accordingly yourself(higher tier tanks have a rangefinder), rangefinding would replace the shrinking of the circle, you have no reticle exept in sniper(gunner)view. Each gun still has a random spread representing accuracy, but rangefinder quality will be very important too.

    I'd pay for a game mode like this.

    1. This is all good. However what would be the incentive to play it barring desire to make yourself suffer? In randoms it's grind.

    2. Imo its more fun, I also played some player-organised historical battle with a mod that removed all the target markers and stuff like that and that was huge fun to me. Its also possible to make it some sort of company battles, i dont think it would work for randoms because camping would be dominant then. Since this kind of gamemode wouldnt work with artyview we have now, some ppl might play it to get rid of arty.
      It could also be like hardcore mode in CoD where you have no crosshair and die way faster, you could call that making yourself suffer too, but ppl do play that. I will post a vidoe in a minute

  44. Make it possible to connect clans so they can share clan chat. It sucks for big clans to split up and always have to put up channels.

  45. My current endgame? Playing with low and middle tier tanks for fun and for order (on every single tank I'm trying to have exact number of battles - a multiply of 25). Also on my favourite historical tanks I'm trying to play with historical gun.
    My propositions for end game:
    - historical battles (PvP)- battles with historical tanks only (without blueprint tanks, prototypes etc.), grouped in four (or five or six) categories - prewar/earlywar, middle war, late war, post war/cold war.
    - historical operations (PvP)- players fighting for a group of maps, teams starts on middle map and operation ends when one team would push off another from series of maps. Limitations to tanks same as in historical battles.
    - historical battles (PvE) - recreation of famous battles for one player, platoon or company.
    - historical operations (PvE), series of maps for one player, platoon or company.
    - new modes for CW - light class (T1-T4), middle (T5-T7) and heavy (T8-T10), bigger rotation on maps: decreasing amount of gold from province with every day, after 10 days there is only 0 until someone new conquers that province; scorched earth - clan after conquering province could take a gold from five days leaving province unprofitable for that time; varying landing zones; generally, supporting weak clans and punishing strong clans, all that "bigger fish eats smaller" crap is an easy way to make something unentertaing (for bedtime reading I recommends a book of rules from WTCC racing class).
    - new achievemnts and medals (lets say with four classes) for historical tanks rewarded with additional xp - like Pattons killing Centurions and viceversa (or "zwierzoboj" in SU or SU for Elefant, Tiger, Panther, "zippo" in PzIV for burned shermans, "Cologne duelist" in Pershing for destroyed Panthers, "Rommel funnies" in StPzII for destroyed Matildas and "Desert Rats" in Crusader for destroyed PzIII, PzIV etc.)
    - additional parts for tanks to grind.
    - mentioned above DoTa - two players summon a new waves of bot tanks on each other.

  46. Give out rewards for being dymanic, problem all ready halfway solved with the grinding being boring.

  47. -I would love to see a massive battle with 100+ tanks in a very huge map. Then after that we may have warplanes (combination between wot and wowp may be) or even battleships.
    -Each team will have a base in which we will have HQ, tank factories, deports,airfield... . Beside the bases for 2 team we also have several point of interests that players can capture(enemy can also recapture it).
    -Each player will have a battle credit which is used to repair, resupply, or buy back if he die. The battle credit will be increase automatically (but slow), the more interest point the team has the faster battle credit will grow. Player can also earn battle credit by killing enemy.
    -The game end when 1 base got crush (HQ is destroyed), during the game if a factory is destroyed it will be re-build in 2-3 min during which player can buy back, same for deport(no resupply)and may be airfields.
    -This will put more deep into the game and create more exciting battles.

  48. Engame should be:
    1. accessible to people that don't want to do clan wars (because there are many reasons why people can't do or don't want to do clan wars)
    2. accessible at anytime. players should have the freedom to choose when they want to have fun with their game.
    3. should reward you for unlocking and playing your tier x tank. they shouldn't be xp/credit/gold farm tanks, but there should be at least a reason to play them for random/platoon orientated people. even if they seem to be "outdated" like the maus for example. maybe by unlocking new content that can only be unlocked by playing certain tank...

    so basically, don't exclude a large number of players from any kind of endgame content by focusing too much on clanwars.

  49. Larger maps with more players, less loss for destruction of high tier players, and more game modes with NPC's like gun batteries, AT traps, mines, and infantry assaults.

    I personally would love to see a david v goliath game mode where a handful of tier 10's are against a horde of tier 8's and lower.

  50. Hello Overlord

    I've been playing this game for quite a bit and currently have 5 tier 10 tanks.

    I have been very interested in the last little while with the development on the super test and other sites related to it and recently have seen what was done on the Russian server with the white tiger.

    And I also know that their are quite a few tanks that never make it past the super test. So why not take those reject tanks, make em OP and have you and the rest of the staff drive em against the community as bosses.

    Make it a mode like encounter or assault that could be switched on or off, since it would be rare have a bigger payout. it would not only give you the chance to use the reject models, but you could also show off new tanks that the community doesn't have but can get in the future.

    My other suggestion is about the tier 10 problem.

    Part of the problem at tier 10 is only a few tanks make money so its hard to maintain them, the second problem, and the bigger one is they can get exp. but there is no way to use it without gold and that might drive people away, since they can't get anywhere from their.

    tweak it a bit and i think it could work.

    1. Those tanks will be used some day, we are considering how exactly.

  51. Tier 11 heavies. The game got far worse when you introduced tier 10 TDs and med's.

    1. Because now things can kill my tier 10 heavy and I are sad.

    2. If there were tier 11's, they'd be exclusively Main Battle Tanks and thus more like mediums than heavies.

      Though, I'd be interested in a tier 11 that played SOLELY against other tier 11's. No arty, lights, TD's or heavies. Just MBT's. I might be convinced to give that a shot.

    3. Agreed for TDs, not so much for meds.
      Though fixing tier X TDs by getting alpha damage back to normal values (let's say 750-800, it's already A LOT), compensing that by RoF a bit ; and leaving them with higher pen values than "regular" tanks, giving them the pen as special attribute rather than alpha. You might want to use that occasion to lower pen values of all tier X guns by the same occasion, since they are so powerful that aiming is hardly required anymore against everything tier IX and lower. IS-8's gun, for example, can pen upper plate of a correctly angled E-75: that's just WRONG.

    4. tier 11 would be a half-measure. In this case it will be better to extend the lines up to present days. This is a feature for WoT 2.0 :)

  52. Here some of my idea of new mode:
    tug of war battle- "key cargo"will need to be capture in the middle of map.When enemy capture the cargo, it will slowly move toward the enemy spawn place enemy will need to be near the cargo in order to move it.The more enemy inside the faster the cargo move.(might suit 30v30 battle more)
    Advantage- Anti camping when cargo are moving
    End game idea:
    global pvp- everyday during clan war peak time for provinces,the province clan will need to select 1 timing (in their peak time)to "escort" their daily clan gold into their capital in one big size battle map. During this time the all player without clan will have a in game global map to let them chose which place they want to go and they can rob the clan if they want to earn the gold.As they do not know when the clan will be escorting their gold, the raider will have to search for the clan.it might be more fun if wowp can be merge into this system to allow planes to scout and bombard the cargo escort.
    advantage- more thing to do for everyone and give clanless people chance to earn gold
    (ps sorry if there are any mistake as English was not my mother language.

  53. I think you have taken some steps towards end game improvement lately. The "super six" challenges is one such improvement. Yes, it is, even if it is not tier 10. Super six games makes it attractive to let players with lower tiers only become members of the clans, Good tier 6 players are needed.

    Clans ae not only for clanwar, it is forfunplay too. Clans makes it possible to platoon with others more easily, you can do TC:s, etc. That is very good.

    If I was WG I would do everything in my power to continue that development. Develop CW. Develop super six games and super eight games. That will develop the clans.

    I dont think CW players needs bonustanks and such. The gold, the fight to get more land, can be developed instead. For CW players that fight will be stimulating enough.

    But apart from the CW games and tier 6,8,10 there is a need to do something to reward tier 9 and tier 10 players in random.

    I would propose that once you reach tier 9 you can participate in one on one , 2 on 2 and 3 on 3 challenges.

    I would arrange these games both so that random tanks meet but create MM o that the chance that you meet the same tank as you yourself drive increases. So that if you drive E75 in one to one games, the chance that you meet another E75 is perhaps 40%.

    These games would be arranged randomly (except for special games and tournaments) but there would be a kind of seperate xvm system for the players so that you would have lista of the best players worldwide and in each country.

    You would get xp and credits from the game as usual. As with CW you need to grind your regular tanks to get credits to be able to play the higher tier tanks.

    In that way you will have clans for tier 6 + players. Clanwars for tier 10 players and 1 on 1, 2 on 2 and 3 on 3 for tier 9 and tier 10.

    You dont need to create bonustanks and such. I think you need to open up more posssibilities.

    And dont underestimate the power of competetions. To struggle to see your name among the top 1000 players in 1 to 1 mode... :-)

    I know what CW has meant for me. Without that I would not have struggled to get my tier 10:s. Now there is something that I have to struggle for. To get a tier 10 to be able to play CW, and that is excellent.

  54. We want historical battles where us an a few friends are put on a field, say, in the battle of Prokhorovka with whatever tanks we want, in whatever side we want, and fight our way through hell and firestorms towards whatever goal we choose.

    Oh, and Overlord, don't forget the most important thing about gaming. We game for fun, and fun doesn't have to have some dreamed up point, fun can just be fun. There aren't many ways in WoT that we can just have pointless, pure, fun.

    1. The whole reason people stick around and play a game is for fun but, at some point these directed events, be they random battles in WoT or end game raids in World of Warcraft just get old, and it becomes the same thing over and over and over and over. Oh, you're fought this new raid boss. What's difference now? Oh, he uses fire to attack you instead of ice. Oh, we have this new game mode. What's different? Oh, one side is told to camp while the other attacks. It's just the same thing in different flavors. This is the problem with the traditional "endgame" thinking. The problem with WoT for me is its lack of flavor. It's just the same thing over and over again, just a little different each time.

      WoT needs a new flavor. Maybe it's time to start thinking about a persistent world, a sandbox where players aren't bound to these directed tasks. One where the players set their own goals and can play their own way, and take the world map from an old turn based concept into a real working living world. The true endgame should be a world with hundreds of thousands of players logging in every day to fight from the shores of Normandy to the streets of Stalingrad.

      Or, if that's too big of a task for the devs, maybe a large fictional map to work as our sandbox as we fight wars with eachother in our battle for resources. Any way, WoT needs to get away from directed events.

      My dream for this game is to have battles over cities, with hundreds of players on each side, tanks ruling the streets and ripping the city apart until one side drives the other back into retreat and runs them from town. Then the NPC's come in truck by truck to rebuild the freshly liberated town so it can gain resources for the winning side. No missions, no quests, just players doing what players do.

      Supply lines could be modeled, each player could have the ability to radio for a reload and a truck already on its way from the back lines can come forward and load fresh shells into the tank, but be careful, if you're extended too far into the enemy's territory there's nothing to stop that truck of ammo from getting blown to hell. The same could be done with in-the-field repairs.

      At the same time, the NPC's take up the role of a passive defense, creating already preset roadblocks and laying traps for upity tanks that think it's easy just to roll into enemy territory.

      Low tier tanks could take up supply line raiding and back end sabotage while the high tier tanks take up the main push into towns and wield their might directly against the enemy. Not to say that low tier tanks can't follow the big tanks into city fights and high tiers can't have a field day bashing supply lines. This is, after all a big sandbox world.

      All players would be able to progress in this world and earn XP by disrupting the enemy's war effort or by killing the enemy directly, but everyone would still be able to go into the familiar random battles that we all know, but with this kind of awesomeness who would want to?

  55. I just start grinding a different tree.

    Having no interest in Clan Wars there doesn't seem to be much in the way of game content for me to play my end tier tanks in.

  56. Things I think would definitely bring something more to the game:

    - ''Garage'' battles, as you previously mentioned, with given objectives and countdown timers and areas for reinforcements and max X number of vehicles per player, also another thing you could add to that would be that the map could ''move forward'' if a side pushes forward and completes a cap
    - ''Historical battles'' using only historically used tanks alongside with an update in the tech tree of special mentions in vehicle details if a vehicle is ''historical'' or not
    - Ultimate Conquest definitely has to have some kind of ''tier total chips'' so that it actually makes sense to bring lower than tier X to the battlefied (in order to save some chips for example)
    - Original tank crew language option, (I know this is not endgame but still I think it's important :)), pls at last bring in the option to have russian crews speak russian, german crews german, british crews english with british accent etc..
    - Larger maps, otherwise radio and arty range don't make any sense past tier 6-7
    - More players per match (probably it's a technical difficulty though)
    - A LADDER system option, with special categories like 3x3, 5x5, 8x8, 15x15 etc..

  57. I believe what would really "keep old and experienced players even more addicted" to this game is more premium tanks (or past premium tanks that were not previously released). The only real historical tanks are the premiums like the Panther-M10 and Ram-II. No gun or turret modules that make them look plain ridiculous (e.g. Chaffee with T37 turret, good lord).

    Was there ever such a thing as "completing the entire game"? It's not like reaching tier 10 is a must, just shoot and kill. And its not like this game has a plot or storyline either. Unless WoT has historical battles which I just can't see happening when WG pays almost no attention at all to historical accuracy on tanks. I only grinded for tanks that were my favourite before I discovered WoT, so reaching tier 10 has never been my interest.

    1. And you've gotta come up with way better gift shop offers, preferably tanks which aren't available from the in-game store.

    2. You are not very fastidious :)

  58. Fix matchmaking, I don't want to play with noobs. Most of my skilled friends uninstall game, because they were frustrated.

    1. This. When you've played the game a long time and know how to play well, it gets SUPER frustrating as more and more clueless new players join the game.

      It's not that I have anything against new players, but it means that in a battle, you can play the best you can, and still lose OVER and OVER and OVER again because the rest of your team got themselves killed.

    2. Even something simpler like a "veteran" mode MM would be helpful. I'm imagining a MM which only puts together players who have unlocked a Tier X tank, for instance. That wouldn't be looking at player performance, but it would at least ensure a certain level of experience in the game.

  59. Hello,

    current tier 10 fights in randoms plain suck for multiple reasons, but thats for a different post :p

    regarding end content, the best way would be rewards, for both playing tier 10 tanks aswell as `eliting` all stuff

    I for myself (and many other i think) would love to play all sorts of `historical tanks`, so a king tiger with 88 @ or a historical panther or IS-2 and so on.

    an nice way to combine this is implementing those `historical configurations` as unlockable premium tanks, so the reward for gaining X amount of exp with a MAUS is a historical King Tiger, an the reward for playign X amount of exp with E50m is a historical Panther. These tanks can be bought for X amount of silver, and just function as sort of premium tank. so the King Tiger will only have 750 hp engine and 88L71, adjusted mm ( depending on the strength of the tank) and perhaps slightly increased credit gain. Driving a historical King Tiger, without limiting myself (i can now also mount an 88 L71, but i will be a burden to my team and limit my own performance) would be very, very interesting...

    this is easy to implement, as most tanks needed are alrdy ingame, incase of the germans a Historical Tiger for Maus, a King Tiger for E100, a Panther for E50m a Panzer IV (with proper schurzen) for Leopard an Elefant for Jp-E100 and so on, would be very nice to have, if the tank models just differ from the `normal` versions (not only name but also unique camo) it would be very nice.

    ofc these historical tanks might need special mm to make them work (a slow tiger with L56 would be ok for tier 6, as long as it wont be matched against t4 and t8 while an t8 elefant can get same mm as Jt-88.

    These unlockable tanks would (for me) be a good motivation to play tier 10 again, since there is a real reward in doing so...

    ps: and fix tier 10 fights, the amount of scouts/arty is limiting the amount of tanks so much thats its not much fun anymore, it should be tank vs tank, having 6/7/8 arty/light means there only 8 tanks or so, most of the time some TDs and u have like 5-6 tanks which can actually move and do something. simple said, there too little TANKS in tier 10 and to much SUPPORT (td, light, arty), nerf light and give them ``normal mm`` (push them down in the mm) while either hardcap arty to 2 or strech the line to tier 10, (to divide arty over all tiers)

    ps ps: many more can be said about tier 10 (balance), but my main point is giving rewards to playing tier 10, grinding 100k exp to unlock a historical King Tiger would be a good motivation

  60. this is what i would like: (and i have 12 k games)
    -new maps
    -a better CW system where not always the same clans own land
    -more game modes
    -new medals

    this is what i do NOT want:
    -bigger and bigger guns like the 183 mm of the FV215b (183)
    -to many nations. i think there are enough
    -battles with 5 artys. 3 are max!
    -no battles with 5 scouts!

    1. What do you sugest to chage so it's not the same clans holding land?
      Since now it's the best clans when you look at strategy and player skill and diplomacy that hold land. If you add penalties to force good clans out it's an unfair game. You should not be punished for being good at some thing.

      A better option would be to educate players so they get better and can compete, but that is very hard.

  61. Mh, maybe something you can earn by unlocking the tier 10 (or tier 8 of the arty)? How about in garage bonuses? Like 10% more xp for the tank/crew, more credits earning, less repair cost/ ammo cost, etc. Seperated by nation and every tier 10 could give another bonus. maybe you could choose the special tank where the bonus coul be active or it's nation wide active.
    (I like the first idea) So for example: I like the T44 and want the bonus of the IS7 on it, then I have to unlock the IS7 and get the bonus, afterwards I choose the T44 to get the bonus. -PanzerHanz

  62. There is NO end game content for someone not interested in CW.

    New tanks/maps will not solve it. Please finally add other modes! You are over a year late with historical battles.

    1. The thing is that we don't want to add historical battles just for appearances' sake, this move has to be thoroughly devised. And we haven't come up with killer idea so far.

  63. Scares me enough the choice of word: "addicted".
    Just like I find funny that you ask about the End game.

    Feeling is that you have none. CW is just the same as companies. No in-game purpose except you gain Gold for territories in addition to credits and Xp. The whole game concept is repetitive with no objectives in random games as well in CW. Same maps, same mechanics, same objectives.

    If something could be indicated as "End game", that could only be aquiring a Tier10. Nothing else changes once you have it.

    It's years we go on like this Overlord. Experienced players and looking elsewhere already and you also know where...cut the crap and start working on something tangible.

    1. CWs is a type of end game content, even though it caters for a relatively small portion of players - which is not good.

  64. What about this: When you fought atleast 500 battles with one tank, you get some kind of veteran status on this tank. This is possible with every tank on every tier, because endgame isn't restricted to tier 10, it's more a question of personal preference.
    So when you got the veteran status on a tank you are able to join a new battle type: the veteran randoms. It is completely the same as the standard random battles, with the same maps and modes. Only the playerbase is different because only veteran players/tanks can participate.
    I think that the amount of people would not be too small in this game type because nearly every seasoned player got atleast one tank which he has fought 500 battles with. So there are enough players to participate.

    This would have three benefits:
    - a new endgame content for players who don't like the clanwars/esports thingy (and I think those are a lot) and from all tiers.
    - a battle type only for skilled players or those who love their tank. This would make a skill based matchmaking irrelevant because now people can fight against good players in the veteran randoms.
    - a reason to keep and still drive tanks you really like. You can participae with your Pz III veteran tank even if you don't have a tier 10 tank. You just need 500 battles on it.

  65. CW is endgame for me. But atm. it is hard to motivate players to seek teamwork and to seek clans that offer this. CW just provides them with waiting time (in the eyes of many players). If clans can provide little for their members, players don't seek them out.

    There needs to be more motivation to seek teamwork and clans. The ideas of special content that can only be unlocked in CW sounds great. Just keep in mind that right now the gap between "trying out CW" and actually playing it (holding land) is HUGE. Smaller, CW playing, clans need a way of motivating members to join to avoid the scattering of players over too many clans.

    1. The problems with the current clan wars system are fairly obvious.

      1. Movement is not encouraged. Instead of going to "seasons" make CW winnable. For example.. The clan that takes and hold each province on the map for 3 days each wins. They get a reward and "fame" for winning that season. The map is then wiped and it begins again. It needs a victory point as opposed to gold farming.

      2. You need to rank the clans and have different leagues. It really needs to be done in 3 levels. Novice clans- Tier 6, Normal clans- T8 and Pro at T10. The clans should be ranked each season and placed where they belong. So all new clans start in T6 CW then progress as they get better each "season". (see point 1) This is important to get new players involved and to provide a training system to prepare them for each new level of play. Your performance is then what allows you to progress. Of course the rewards should be better as you move up in difficulty. T6 CW need not provide much gold at all. T8 see an improvement then T10 is as normal.

      3. Other forms of end game need to be considered. Can I ask you what percentage of players actually do CW? What alternatives could get the casuals into end game? Maybe it's something different is my point. I would suggest coming up with a list of "new end game content" and polling the player base.

    2. The rewards for point 1 need not be gold. Maybe you get a special "CW winner" premium tank that has the season you won in for all to see. These could be normal premium tanks with a special "in game" icon for bragging rights. It need not cost WG gold sales. People will do amazing things for a bit of ribbon....

      I'm an idea factory. You should really hire me. LOL

    3. The advantage of CW leagues is that teams get to learn against clans of similar skill. It creates a better learning sandbox and you only "progress" when you are ready. You are already doing this with the new competitive league and clan wars needs it to.

    4. The size of the global map could also be adjusted based upon how many clans are at each level. So if few clans are at a particular "level" only one part of the global map need be used. Bascially you adjust the size of the world by the clan populations.

    5. As an addition to point 1 maybe you only can have 3 days gold from each province. To encourage clans to keep moving. After 3 days the province is greyed out. Once the map is greyed out you win.

    6. An added benefit of this proposed system is that it devalues "chip accounts" and "A-teams". It would encourage clans to fill out with active players. As spreading out will be encouraged an each chip is likely to see many battles a night. Gone will be the days of 3 clans with 60 or so active members and the over use of only a few select teams.

    7. I'm basically saying that we have what we have because the current rule set values "farming" over "global conquest".

    8. Bat21zing,

      1. actually seasons are winnable.

      2. Agreed.

      3. Around 7-10%. At this time we are planning 2 things: 1) entertainment for clans besides CWs 2) built-in ladder and tournament system

  66. I would add a faction wars game mode.

    It would use the global map like the CW but it would play out like a random battle.

    Every day there would be a few random areas which the server decide to invade with some of the nations/factions.

    Then this area become contested.

    Players who join faction random battles with a specific tank, will fight for this territory during that day.

    There could be the current 1-3 tier difference in those battles. But it would be a faction battle. (it dont have to be historical so it could be also USA vs USSR.

    So the player start to get in battle and fight that map for a day. You can select multiple vehicles and join the fight multiple times. Also you could play the opppsite side if you want.

    At the end the server count the battles won for each side. And the one who won the most battles will get the area. Players who participate in that battle will get great prices at the end.

    I would give out equipment, consumables, or some very small ammount of gold for reward. Or even a camo coupon.

    This would give the game a new aspect, and also could point out some serious balance issues, if there are any.

    Also. To be real end game battle, only elited tanks should be able to join.

  67. What's with a Battlefield Mode? (I know, it's ab bit copying, but who doesn't do it?)

    Big(ger) maps with more than one flag.
    A ticket system and respawns.
    You can repair and resupply at flags. (for credits. of course) A counter with the current moneycount would be required.

    Now, whats happens with all the wrecks when someone dies many times. Ok, if u die once u have the wreck. If u die then a second time, your first wreck will start to glow or disappear, so that player know, that this wreck will cease to exist.

    If a player is AFK for lets say 5 Min, hi will be kicked from the game and another player can join via the MM to take his place. This can also apply if a player leave on his own.

    I know, this is still a rough idea, but it shows well what i meant... i hope. :-)

  68. Hymm well - 4 X tiers are on their way - T-62a, IS-7, JgPzE100 and BatChat 25t
    I really like world of tanks because of it's superior game style and fast tempo.
    Keep it coming, almost every tech tree is on half way to X tier so i think im pretty successful.
    But what if i achieve all X tier tanks? Well i don't know. I hate basically just to gain experience from random battles - maybe i shall join to clan and participate in clanwars>?
    Only time will tell

  69. For me End Game is three fold,

    1) collecting all tanks - including premiums

    though currently at around 130 tanks in my garage, 19 empty slots and over 830+ crew. My crew live in their tanks so I have had reports as commander its rather smelly in them. I could do with an incentive to use my barracks ?? rest crew for crew XP bonus ... wink, wink, nudge.

    2) Crew Training

    While special weekends where crew get #x times crew experience from every battle, on 130+ tanks this will be a nasty grind.

    3) Getting achivements

    This is really just self explanatory, my performance and that of the team (platoon,company,CW) included will decide this.

    While those to me is what I consider end game ... I do notice that my Barracks are unused. While I can see you can save a tank crew by storing them in the barracks after you sell a tank ... What incentive is there for me to use the barracks if I never sell a tank?


    1) Rest XP bonus , allow tank crew to get a small XP gain boost depending on Rank + current XP. So say they rest for 7 days and a crew member is a USA Sergeant (rank 3) and since there are 12 ranks , he could get some bonus to XP gain.

    3 hour crew XP bonus of +10% gain ?

    3/12 of XP to next Rank given as gift - so takes 2400 XP to next rank crew will get +600 XP win or loose in the next battle
    - think of it as cool down after fighting he then gets Debrief pointing out good and bad points.

    The next 3 battles get the crew fights in give him crew XP bonus of +10% gain.

    2) Other options , Higher Ranks in barracks help lower ranks rest full Rest XP bonus faster.

    If Sergeant (rank 3) takes 7 days to get full Rest XP bonus , a Major in barracks would cut it down to 5 days for the Sergeant.

  70. • Bigger maps - 2km x 2km at least - with a greater range of effective view ranges between nations to better reflect historical differences (e.g. Zeiss optics versus standing on the side of your T-34 with a signal flag) and give different nations' strengths a chance to actually mean something and give more variety and flavour to the different tank trees. Currently, for example, WG gives Russian tanks all their historical advantages and few or none of their historical disadvantages, whilst giving German tanks all their historical disadvantages and few or none of their historical advantages, which just lends credence to a certain well-known 'bias' theory. The PaK43 took out T-34s at 3,500 meters (David Doyle, 'Standard Catalog Of German Military Vehicles') yet the game doesn't reflect this in any way.

    • Also, many of the maps are just too small to be fun for high tiers - Mines, Malinovka, etc should be restricted to tier 5-6 maximum. It worked for Province, which is fine (if extremely repetitive in gameplay terms, since it's basically just El Halluf with a facelift) for lower tiers but unplayably awful for high tiers.

    • More city maps - war-torn Stalingrad, Kharkov, Berlin etc would be awesome. There are a LOT of calls for both bigger maps and more city maps on the forums, so listen to your playerbase already! We have far more wide-open arty shooting-range maps than closed-in brawling maps, and adding more and especially BIGGER city maps would rock; the thought of a sort of super-Himmelsdorf with twice the surface area is mouth-watering.

    • Map rotation should give you ALL maps, not just a tiny selection over and over and over and over and over and over and over again till you're completely sick of them. Why do I have to endure the miserable hell that is El Failuf 5-6 times an hour and yet never get nice maps like Himmelsdorf or Ruinberg, or whatever...? This annoys the hell out of a LOT of players on a daily basis.

    • Several new maps every patch, so that the game feels freshened up; the old starter maps like Malinovka, Mines, Redshire etc. are getting very old and boring indeed now. Maps have been taken OUT of rotation but not returned...and where are Swamp and Komarin?

    1. Map rotation is 100% random and all maps are in.

  71. • Reining in the rampant power creep that's crept in over the past year, with more and more seriously post-war tanks coming in and ruining both the atmosphere and the balance. You grind a WW2 heavy, then some late-50s or even 1960s tank gets shoved in and penetrates you with contemptuous ease from half the map away...where's the fun supposed to be in that?

    • Oh, and speaking of penetration and balance, gold/premium ammo has GOT to go. No matter how many times you yell "It's been an amazing incredible uber success, everyone loves it! YOU ALL LOVE IT!" you know deep down it's NOT been a success for the game, and that there are a HELL of a lot of players who HATE it. It's a way for trolls to circumvent the intended balance and penetrate anything they like, skill and tactics not required; what, your T-44 can't frontally penetrate a Maus? Guess what? It's not SUPPOSED to be able to frontally penentrate a Maus! That's why it has great mobility! How about flanking it, with your great mobility, and aiming for a weak spot using that 'skill' stuff you hear about? Or god forbid you might have to do something insane and weird like say in team channel "Help, guys, there's a Maus here - can some of you big heavies and TDs come deal with it?" and use that 'teamwork' stuff you hear about! It has ruined balance between tanks; that's inarguable. Please get rid of this gold/premium ammo POISON altogether and let armour, skill, teamwork and tactics mean something again.

    • Mutually-exclusive researchable add-on modules for tanks - like you could have a choice of either schurzen/applique armour (which adds a real armour bonus to your tank) OR a gun upgrade to give you more firepower, but not both. This would allow you more customisability, making you better able to suit a tank to your preferred playstyle, which would also make you enjoy playing it more. The armour and gun upgrades would be reflected by a visual change to the model, either visible hurzen/applique plates or (say) a fancy muzzle brake.

    1. Gold ammo prolly has to go, but not prem ammo as notion

  72. end game content in a on-line only game is going to be hard without creating a imbalance unless it is only for bragging rights

  73. dear overlord,
    the end game would definatly will clan wars. you can put many other features in them to make it more interesting, rioting and pillaging was one.

    but you can make many other add-ons to the game. my clan constantly does many fun activities, some have been adopted by WG with gold rewards. here are some other suggestions that you can put in the game

    1. historic battles- already discussed

    2. last man standing- you have once or twice a week, 'no cost' last man standing tourney, anybody can join with required tank and once the roster is full it can start automatically, or it can be put as a additional game mode like random/encounter/assault modes

    3. you can have a tourney system where clans, can participate in a specific number of battles for small amount of gold. (non land holding clans only). you can put tier limit, number of tank limit etc. its gonna be like a landing tourney.

    4. you can make faction battles.

  74. More visual tank customisations would be a start, grind them out after T10, unlocks, cammo stowage options etc for the T10 and maybe other tanks

  75. I have all tier 10s unlocked except those from the last couple patches. I kept playing because of the individual contests/competitions Gaea kept running on the NA server. Now that she's moved up there's like 1 MVP every 2 months, so I have to confess I've lost interest in the game. I log in occasionally to do a Lorraine '51 double and that's it.

    I had a nice stable of competitive tanks spread among the tiers, but the new focus in individual contests seem to require grinding out the new trees within a week or two of their release and that's not something I care about doing.

    I've pretty much entirely moved on to War Thunder at this point.

  76. I would love to see all ESL stuff implemented directly in WoT. I really want to play 1vs1, 3vs3, 7vs,7 and even 14(15)vs14(15) matches, gaining points for winning, climbing on some ladders, leagues and so one... but I also do hate ESL system, with endless waiting for opponent, choosing tanks, screenshot, confirmation of result and so on...

    Also, I would aprreciate more leagues and ladders than cups and tournaments... Something that more player can join. CW is exhausting because of demand of being active everyday - always between 8-11 p.m. And it's definitelly too "narrow". Only limited amount of players can join playing endgame system which is for me absurd idea... My clan as a matter of fact is present on CW map, but it demands huge commitment and spending a LOT of time to hold all provinces. Not to mention that there are hundreds or thousands of clans that can't join CW at all because off lack of skill. So how the hell they can learn something...?
    Another point is that now, when I don't want to spend so much my evening time for tanks, I don't have any other possibility to play WoT on a bit higher level that in randoms.

    I want to play when I WANT, not the game demands... My dream in 1vs1 is that I click "battle" whenever I want - like in random battles, wait 30-60 seconds, and I have opponent from my league/level/ladder (like in starcraft II e.g.), I win with him, get points, maybe some reward (not even gold, few credits will be enoough for some minor victories, just a symbolic value to make me proud of myself) and after dozens of such battles I would be promoted to some higher leagues with higher prizes...

    With 3vs3 or 7vs7, 15vs15 something similar, using the variation of platoon or company system.

    Also it will be nice to add ability to create tournaments or single battles by players - where every player pay some credits, and winner team take all, like in texas hold'em but with tanks ;)

    I know that you created CW and you thought that it will be sufficient endgame, but is not... Because like I said, Iim forced to play it everyday in strict hours, while I don't wanna play tanks only from 8 to 11 p.m. Of course I can play randoms, but after 12k battles I have a feeling that I grinded so many tanks, and they all just rust in my garage, because of abundant amount of new tanks to grind added every patch and no particular point of playing X tiers (can't earn too much credits, don't want to comit my every evening to CW's).

    In summary, my vision of endgame is competing and winning with better and better players, every other idea would be appreciated but I have to feel that I'm still somehow improving.

    1. @ would love to see all ESL stuff implemented directly in WoT.@

      - we are planning something similar to it

  77. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  78. Here is my list:

    - El Halluf, Malinovka and Redshire need gameplay changes. Too little free movement and way too much camping.

    - Unballanced maps need to be ballanced (if I remember correctly, you have alredy stated that WG is working on this?). Westfield, Fjords and Artic Region just to name some of the least ballanced.

    - Propper ballance in the different tiers. I know SerB has just stated that WoT is a game for the masses and not for statistics, but an unballanced game is not worth playing IMHO.

    - The option (like some have alredy stated) to play ranked/ladder.

    - SU-152 Taran as the Russian's T10 turreted TD. Again, I know WG just stated that it wont happen, but I just cant understand why. The brit's just got the fv215b 183 mm (according to google, they had the same penetration potential) so why cant we have the Taran? :/ It would make for such a unique TD (like a T10 hellcat)!!!

  79. Idaes taken from a successful pvp mmorpg:

    - Castle protection: Tanks inside a castle against a lot of enemies. A ratio, of lets say, 4:1, ie. more attackers than defenders. It would be time based, and the objective would be to hold the 2 or 3 layers of walls of a castle until the time ran out. Tanks defending would have special benefits like free gold ammo, npc arty, and aerial support (from planes). The tanks attaking would spawn once destroyed in a village like 2 kms away.

    - Run for the money: One map, two teams, on opposite sites, playing together to pass obstacles until they manage to get to the middle of the map where they have to hold a position for a while, in case they get there at the same time, they can fight until one team gets destoyed, or the base is captured. A lot of teamplay is necessary.

    - Hardcore game mode: Players subscribe for the mode, and one of the tanks in their garage, at random, gets thrown into a match, where everybody has the same tank, with reduced hp points (2 hits max to get killed).

    A new ranking:

    - National pride: Players would have, within each month, a special icon at the side of their tank's name. This icon, would work like a patent, and represents the players with more tanks destroyed between those who play with the tanks of that nation.

    1. I like the castle thing as an extra entertainment for clans - imagine that you and your mates need to defend your base/city against others. Plus you can build defenses and structures for it.

  80. I just play solo pub as a time killer so there's really no endgame for me. I finish a line I grind something else and if I don't feel like grinding I will just play tanks I enjoy. I have no desire to join a clan, play CW or enter tournaments.

  81. Best idea:

    Every time we get a new T10 Tank, we should get more half-naked chicks, cleaning our tanks in the garage B)

  82. Company with Random tanks (not garage battle)

    for example 10 vs 10 where you would choose "max tier" and everyone in both companies would get "premade" tank to drive..

    -Maybe something what they have played so it wouldn't be totally off (like someone never played SPG forced to play one)

    Thing what annoys me most in current companies is, that if you don't want to struggle you have to play certain tanks (10x KV-1S with premium shells)... with premade they might ramdomly be all mediums, all lights etc

  83. Hey, didn't you think about expanding to mobile plattforms? well here is some cross plattform game idea. however, this is not supposed to be real endgame material for the wot main game.

    that mobile game would be played like a very casual clan wars system, or lets say like risk the boardgame. you will be able to participate in a global war for regions and the tanks in you garage would act as your troops. the performance of your troops would be based on your ingame performance with that specific tank (WR, Average Damage, Average XP and so on...). you can send your troops to conquer or hold a region or missions like weekly challenges or something.
    the battles would be calculated based on performance, numbers and a dice roll like in risk.
    WoWP and WoBS could also be part of this mobile game.

    1. Mobile? Personally I'm very much interested into it, but that's a totally new and different market for us.

  84. Small maps, cages or arenas for:

    1 vs 1 fights.

    3 vs 3 fights. (platoon wars)

    And from here you can expand to Tournaments with different awards.

  85. My idea is play for gold.

    With the same system game of 'random battles'.
    5 gold for partecipate to battle for every player.

    Winner team take all but...for daunt bad players and reward goods (you play money after all)
    The 5 best plyers of team beaten pay only 3 gold (2 gold are returned)
    and so the worse 5 players of winner team take only 3 gold, the other pay five.
    That's all simple and fun (if u have 5 gold to point)

  86. Maybe after making elite whole russian heavy tanks tree give them extra perks, +10% to crew exp, extra slot for equipment (fourth) or consumables. Make existing equipment 100% more effective, make all guns 10% more accurate, give 15% more credit income for whole elite tree, cheaper ammo, gratis one camo skin or emblem... I could go on and on...

    It would also be nice to make some kind of equipment upgrading, something like weapons and armor upgrade in STALKER, so one can choose to upgrade their tank to be sniper, brawler or deff tank...

  87. I already wrote some words about it, but this a better topic.

    My suggestion:

    End game content for singley player:
    - grinding some achievment with tier X tank and you can have extra reward f.e: unique camo pattern. (for example: earn 10 sniper achievment with tier X TD or earn 20 steel wall with tier X heavy, etc)

    Non - CW MMO endgame content:
    Battle between 3v3 or 5v5 premade group (random enemy) You can earn rating during this event. Your rating is visible in your datasheet, but reset, if you change your group. (see: WoW arena system) During this battles you can not earn any credit and/or experience, but you must pay the fee of ammo and maintenance. This can help avoid the decreasing random-battle activity of top tier player.
    You can earn rank which is visible in your name (fe: Sergeant or General)

    Clan end - game content (not CW)
    Ranked Clan - company
    Ranked Tier VI and VIII company. Clan can earn rank during this battle. The rank generates shorter tank freeze IF the clan have area in the CW map.

  88. And what about more free experience points (or somehow more credits) from playing the Tier 10 tanks? It could make the Tier 10 final content a little bit more exciting! :)

  89. Endgame... currently I have 8 or more Tier X tanks.

    The Germans (JPZE100, Maus, E-100) not used in Clan Wars nor Random Battles. In CW I mostly use the T110E5 and BatChat 25t, or in some cases the T110E4 or the IS-7. IS-4 rarely used.

    Random battles: I never use the Germans, occasionally the BatChat and E4. Because of arties: boring to crawling behind rocks despite you are the "Top Dog".

    I play most games in tier 5-8. Quicker, cheaper, funnier.

  90. Hi,
    How about sth like this: After you reached tier 10, you are allowed to combine tank parts as you want and are allowed to drive those own-fabricated tanks against other fabricated tanks.

    I mean sth like this: Panther tracks, Pershing turret and an M40 gun :-) (ok, you could limit parts ... e.g. you reached tier 10 on the german heavy line -> you are allowed to combine parts of the german heavy line, then drive those tanks on a seperate playground).

    I would so look forward to put a GWPanther gun on my T50 ;-)