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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

[WoT] 2014 Game Modes

Check out the new WoT dev diary video
  • New things to do for clans apart from CWs - Fortifications mode
  • Long-awaited Historical battles
  • Garage battles


  1. I like that you started to focuse on real new modes. I was whining about HB since 2011, so happy that finally they are coming and they are very close to my dreams about that mode.

    I treat current form of HB as some kind of alpha version to test it on life server (as we know testing server is far from perfect for testing). Mentioned changes can make them more interesting. I think that you go in right direction. On current test it was visible that many people just want to use HB as "pawn all mode" using OP tanks like Tiger II or ISU (it was funny when people started whining in the battle chat that they do not have BL-10... ).

    Respawning of smaller tanks will surely make people more eager to use those tanks that were most numerous in real life and make HB more realistic and also help to balance battles. I was also wondering about making repair costs of some tanks higher in HB to make "wanna-be-pawners" less eager to play HB.

  2. Three new modes, I guess many will like that but I would have preferred to have garage battles be a feature of historical battles and fortification battle be a part of CW as i see the problem of fracturing your player base (try to get a company battle on EU server these days to see what I mean...).

    1. I agree... On EU servers it is ridiculous to split up the company and 7v7 teams between servers when the amount of them are so low. They should all be merged into 1 server as well as all random battles should out of peak hours...

    2. Old and unpopular modes will have to die, I guess. E.g.
      Clan Wars - Garage battles
      Fortifications - Garage battles
      Historical battles as a random submode
      Team battles
      Random modes

    3. Well if they die, it's because of bad design on WG side. Most modes are confusing to use. Some, like companies appear in a tab on the bottom, others like team battles are at the top under the battle button. Separate stats pages etc... It all leads to new players being overwhelmed.

    4. Nah, it's because companies have no other use and advantage other than a training ground fro Campaign or CWs these days. T4 is nonexistent, T6 is full of KV-1S/Hellcat spam and T8/10 is full of teams, most of the time fairly good, training for CWs.
      And you get only increased profit (supposed you win) for it. Not really worth it for trying to get 15 people online to form a team.

  3. Hey Overlord,
    For the fortification mode, I know in the video it stated that not for clans with one member, but avialible for small clans or larger. Does that mean clans of a dozen or more members or is there a set number clan members required to use this mode?

    1. The exact limit is to be decided during testing. Would make little sense to join it unless you have 15+ active players

  4. Is that fortification mode a facebook game? It looks like one :(

    For something that significant WG could put a bit more effort to actually make a good looking interface, and not a flash game :(

    1. Why facebook? It's client-side mode, the visuals are still in development.

  5. the only im interested in is the garage battles, but there is a question about it... 30 ppl will respawn and fight for how long on those tiny maps?

    1. You don't really need larger maps for garage battles. Otherwise it would be even longer.

    2. yes, but this way if a good spotter TD can see the enemy spawnpoint you will die before even realize that you've been respawned. also, the most interesting point of the garage battle would be exactly that its longer. 15 min isnt even enough to die once sometimes...

  6. Really like the fortification mode preview, because CWs are really stale exactly for the reasons mentioned in the video. Hope this will give clan a little more incentive for clan meetings (Hey, guys, if you come Saturday afternoon and play for a bit, we'll launch a special).

  7. Personnaly, I don't like fortifaction mode. It will enforce players to join a clan to have advantages and everyone want to go in the clan that give the biggest advantages. Then, I see no reason to attack other clans' fortifications. I predict each one will make is own one at his side. Why attack an other can's fortification? Can hold and manager more than one? If yes, biggest (best) clans will bring all and there will be the same problems than in actual CW. If not, everyone will stay in peace.

    About garage battle, definetely the biggest mess. I hate respawn in War Thunder. When I die, I want to start a new game, not to be in the same battle. And with unbalance between teams in WoT, this game mod will definitely be a complete disaster with a lot of rage quit.

    Abot historical battles, the current ones are very unballanced and borring. There is nothing interesting on it, it's just a new name for confrontation mode but always with the same map. Developpement annonced seems good, but isn't. Tank balance just for HB mode? Really? Players will be confused why the tank is totaly different in HB than in random. You will better to copy WT and make remove module from tech tree and swith it by equipment (and then split some tanks between ealy/late models) and balance the tank exactly how it was historicaly. Then, if there are some unbalance in random, adjust with MM weight and spread. Decrease alpha of all guns, increase precision and decrease hitpoints differences between tanks. Like that a Tiger I will not be a lot more difficult to kill than a Pz III if you hit vulnerable part, maybe 5 shots instead 3 for exemple.

    World of Tanks progress but in the wrong direction. Instead of become more and more arcade, please give us more realism and try to compete with WarThunder. Or at least, make an "realistic" or "historic" mode for the part of your players base that want realsim and try to avoid them to leave to War Thunder because for the moment there is no comparaison, War Thunder in alpha is a lot more interesting and fun to play than actual "made for noobs" WoT even with all the bugs and balance issues.

    1. WoT doesn't really need more realism as it is. Only a minor part of the audience is actually interested in such a thing. It's too small of a niche to compete for.

    2. Yeah, I think the same. I am waiting for HB third year, but I do not want realistic mode. I just want random battles but with historical vehicles, not full of prototypes or half-fakes. And even current (IMO alpha) version of HB already gives lot of historical feeling when
      teams are from one nation and they use historical tanks that were on battlefields in the same time.

      Also, John Messias, I think that adding second stats for tanks that are only for HB is much simpler then changing whole balance of game, damage of all guns and tanks HP just for HB sake. Redesigning whole game just for one mode is quite strange idea.

      If you want more realism, you can always play WT :) WoT devs tested such realistic mode (as we were told) a few times and decided that it would be boring and frustrating. Also I have seen some footage from WT alpha... Tanks look nice, but battles seems to be very boring. I am afraid that people there will learn very fast that camping is only good thing you can do, cause even in the biggest tank you cant risk too much when one hit can ruin you battle. And then it will be so funny...

  8. No Sherman Firefly and how can the Historical Battle Mode being perfect

  9. It is nice to see WG are trying to add new modes but I don't think the proposed ones are really going to add much except historical but that needs a lot of re working.

    Clan wars is dominated by big clans and doesn't offer much to newer/smaller ones. Neither will fortification mode. If you had some 'npc' invasions staffed by clans with no territory or a mix of claners online that would get people involved and also shake up the bigger clans.

    Garage mode is a bad idea. The maps are not designed with spawn spots in mind , neither are the objectives . Expect griefing , lots of griefing. If you did some new objectives then it may work but again map changes would be needed.

    HB mode. This one has potential. The use of set HN only tank set-ups is a good one, takes people out of their comfort zone and gives a challenge. Again though objectives need to be changed, no mutual base capture. Encounters or Assault would be fine but new ones would be better. Small tank respawn ? Best bin that idea , doesn't fit in with historic mode and you get kamikaze waves of attrition till 1 life tanks die, not fun and certainly not historic.Could easily be abused to create piles of tank wrecks for cover or to block routes.Numbers of x tank should be restricted to avoid teams weighted to one or two tank tank types.
    Also you want this mode to have wider appeal . Well don't require them to have any of the tanks involved. If they don't have a tank they cannot earn xp and any credits earnt just pay off the loan of tank ( prevents freeloading). Those with tanks, mm will try and find battle with spot open for that tank but after x mins will assign you a tank . xp and credits go towards tank initially selected.

  10. "Best bin that idea , doesn't fit in with historic mode and you get kamikaze waves of attrition till 1 life tanks die, not fun and certainly not historic."

    IMO it fits, it is just another platoon/company send to fight, when first line failed. Something normal at war. And I doubt that respawning will be unlimited so "kamikaze waves of attrition" will be rather stupid tactics.

    "Could easily be abused to create piles of tank wrecks for cover or to block routes."

    It would be possible only when team was coordinated. I have never seen coordination in randoms. Losing one tank (from 2 or 3 you can use in battle) just to block way or get partial cover.... Rather dumb tactic in my opinion.

    IMO respawning is quite good idea. It will increase amount of lower tier tanks in HB battles, where one of the biggest problems will be people, who go to HB only to have easy pawn with Tigers II or SU/ISU. Limited respawning will recreate realism of WWII - a few powerful Tigers II against hordes of Shermans or T-34 and will make people more interested in using weaker tanks in HB. It will make easier balancing teams and also make queues in some types of tanks shorter cause there can be more Tigers II (or other historically OP tanks) in one battle.

  11. I think introducing new game modes are great. It gives the players more options and variations beyond the usual grind.

    I think this is great for modest clans that don't have the time, energy, and manpower to participate in CW. I just hope the barrages don't kill the FPS. Perhaps there will be a way to repair/"heal" and recover/"respawn" tanks during battle?

    Historical Battles:
    I think this will be the play-for-fun mode away from the grind of random battles.

    Garage Battles:
    The video showed and stated that the tanks selected must be of the same "type". I know it's still too early, but I think having an "escalating" battle would be better. Players pick a bottom, mid, and top tier and everybody starts at bottom tier and respawn with the next tier tank. Games are in tiers II-IV, V-VII, and VIII-X divisions. It's better than being stuck in bottom tier for the whole battle.

    All in all, it's definitely something I look forward to. Keep it up ^__^
    - JarvisXV

  12. The new historical battles look good the only addition I'd like is allow platoons for bottom tier tanks only.

    I don't think Garage battles will be a success unless they are developed to be quick and fun, don't allow heavy/td/or arty.

    Something like: pick a tier 3&4&5 light tank, each tank has 2 lives matches are 12 minutes long, each time you die you get to direct an arty strike before respawning. It would be great fun and encourage aggression. After 2 weeks/month of that you could move to other tiers or mediums, Some maps will need an optional spawn point.

    If you start putting heavies/td's in there the gameplay will slow down and people will camp & pin down more eventually you get griefing, it'll be harder to setup and offer not advantages over no randoms. Keep it quick and light.

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