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Friday, October 5, 2012

[ALL] Some Igromir Pics

Below are some photos from Igromir expo held in Moscow, Russia these days (October 4-7).

WG booth

WoWP area, the one with WoT is more popular for some reason. Doubt there are still those who didn't see it in Russia.

The stage with mini-maus

MS-1 to take photo with. The MS-1. Peter (in the photo) is one of the WoT fathers.

Some branded food.


  1. Why Overlord....WHY NO GIRLS? :DD My hope got smashed :DD

    1. How no girs? There are some!

      Or you mean we had better ones on Gamescom?

    2. Go-go girls are dancing every hour (at xx:45).
      See here http://worldoftanks.ru/news/1571-wargaming_igromir_2012_second_day/

  2. I so want a WoWp Hotdog right now.... could you send one to germany please? But if you need longer than 30 minutes and it gets cold, I get it for free, no? :D

  3. Haha, I love it when you guys attend conventions! Your booths are always so over-the-top! Good on you guys: You are probably the single biggest success story in the world economy right now!

    Looking forward to when World of Warships starts claiming the spotlight next year....

  4. lol i dident eve see the mini-maus because i was to focused on the 4 girls at the corners of the stage:P

  5. So much russian scum. I want to kill all of them.

  6. @Overlord with all the money WG uses on PR events/stands why can't WG get a native english speaking person to narrate the international pr videos?. They sound like a text to speech software gone wrong Chaffiaa (Chaffee), T52 (T-50-2), Charuseele attack (Circle attack), Heem-als-doff (Himmelsdorf) and the list goes on.